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Danteska May 27, 2019 @ 8:52am
PTS instructions for STEAM users
PTS stands for Public Test Server and it's where we test the updates before launching them on the live server. You get a more stable update on launch, can test beforehand if it installs/works correctly on your system, can check the new skill tree before its implementation on the live server and give feedback about it, can get access to all gear + 10M silver, 10K gold, 10k spare parts on PTS.

How to play on the public test server, with the update of Survarium 0.59c, if you have a STEAM account? Very simple.

0) Download and install the PTS client.

1) Go to the Survarium PTS folder, for instance "D:\Games\Survarium-Test\game\binaries\x64"

2) Right click on "survarium_battleye_launcher-test.exe" and create a shortcut.

3) Right click on the shortcut called "survarium_battleye_launcher-test.exe – shortcut" that you just created and choose "Properties".

4) In the menu that opens, go to the "Shortcut" tab and find the line "Target". Add this option at the end of the line (without the quotation marks)
" -use_buffering_for_logs=0 -product_name=Survarium-test -localization=english -steam"
It should look like this:

"D:\Games\Survarium-Test\game\binaries\x64\survarium_battleye_launcher-test.exe" -exe survarium-test.exe -use_buffering_for_logs=0 -product_name=Survarium-test -localization=english -steam

After entering the required data at the bottom of the window, click Apply - OK.

5) Go to the directory of Survarium-Test\game\binaries\x64. Create a text file in the "x64" folder and name it steam_appid.txt. In the file, write the game ID "355840" (just that number, without quotes) and save it.

6) Launch the game by using "survarium_battleye_launcher-test.exe – shortcut"

That's it. You can play.

P.S. To update the PTS version, launch survarium_launcher.exe

I get "Steam initialization failed." error. Why?
Enable the "view file extensions" option and make sure you didn't name your file as steam_appid.txt.txt but as steam_appid.txt
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