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Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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Robinson 4/out/2013 às 15:07
Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm have broke.
I greet you, person unfortunate enough to read through these lines, but I am having a serious problem with this game and seek for help from, if possible, reasonable and educated lad or lass, as I do not seek for needless insults, nor pointless argues, but only for solution.

I should probably get to the point of my problem. Until some time ago - probably since last update - everything was fine, but after him, it awfully broke. My biggest problem is, that game browser won't load any current servers, only favourites and recently played. I have tried to verify game cache, delete game configs, use Steam server browser and keep restarting Steam as I read advices here, but nothing of it works. Not to mention that it lies about number of players and height of ping, but those are only minor problems I can live with.
Next is, that optimalization became worst, if that is even possible. I am getting less FPS on same or even lower graphical settings. Same is the ping, which is ridiculously high on most of the servers - if I manage to join them. I won't even mention community, about which nobody can do anything.

I know this has been mentioned here several times, but I would like to hear proper explantation, if possible. Until about a week back, I could play Rising Storm part without any problem or restrictions, but suddenly, it says I need to buy it - again. I was NOT playing free weekend edition, since it has lasted for two or three months, not days. I have bought it with one of our gaming magazines for dirty cheap, so I am not that much dissapointed about lost money, but I am still wondering why it does happened.

Could somebody be so kind and share solution for my problems or at least point me in the direction? I would be grateful.

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Kraft ♥ Squad 4/out/2013 às 15:11 
@ empty server browser - support my thread http://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/showthread.php?t=94699
for now you can use the steam server list.

@ optimalization - nothing has changed, that problem is on your end.

@ community - depends which (and when) server you are on *RGN* :KSmiley:, also the amount of 'newbies' from the sales/weekend lowered the average a bit.

@ RS key - maybe the "dirt cheap" key from the gaming maggazine was one of these keys?
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Robinson 5/out/2013 às 0:39 
I have tried using Steam server browser, as I said, but it has a same problem. It shows only favourites and recent servers, it won't load any current.

Might be or might be not.

It is same everywhere. Pacific maps have an advantage that there is fairly less "extremists" than on eastern europe front, so matches are mostly more or less balanced.

Frankly, I do not quite understand this question. Magazine came with a free Steam copy of a game for less than half of price of the game, that is why I said dirty cheap. It added Red Orchestra 2 - Singleplayer, Red Orchestra 2 Beta, Rising Storm Beta and Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 - multiplayer games in my library.
#1 Does the open command work?

#2 It hasn't changed for anyone else or the forums (TWI+SteamHub) would be full with Threads about it, or atleast a few. Keep in mind that RS runs way worse than RO2 because of the foliage.

#3 Well, lets say action servers during the NA peak times in RS are a completly different experience than i.e. Classic RO2 EU peak time.
And clearly, some server admin(s) filter a certain kind of playerbase so that is going to affect your enjoyment too. It depends on what you consider a good community.

#4 My question hinted at the obvious.
It depends how much reputation this magazine has - but my Rule #1 would be:
Don't trust steamkeys outside of Steam. Ofcorse, exceptions. There are alot of legit sites and they will probably stay that way but if it's a random web-site, no.

Anyway, you either bought a bundle of RO2 and RS or just RO2 - prove:
RO2 Singleplayer
That would also explain why it was dirt cheap, you can buy it for ~3€ during the sales.
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Robinson 5/out/2013 às 1:39 
Do you mean connecting to a server via console command? I have not tried that.

All right, it might be a problem on my side, after all.

I am playing only realism servers, mostly at central europe evening because of work. What I do not consider a good community is a bunch of kids, who quickly hop on Axis team, utterly outnumbering Allies, and start yelling radical slogans into chat. They call it roleplay, but I do believe it is illegal. Unfortunately, nobody cares about it, nor admins nor Tripwire.

Their reputation is more than great, I really would not worry about it. As I said, I am seeking for any refunds or anything, just wondering why, after I could play Rising Storm for two months without any problems, I suddenly have to buy it.

EDIT: Well, suddenly server browser works, both in Steam and in game. I am not quite sure what happened, nor how long will it last, but it appears it fixed itself after some time.
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Kochuata 5/out/2013 às 4:39 
Well, don't know is this problem has been fixed already, or i just did something that helped to solve it. So what i did: check game cache, and then change language. And now server browser works fine. Hope this will help someone.
The empty server browser problem is not client side.
Skleeny 5/out/2013 às 5:07 
ah, ok :)
anyway, if it happens again and the steam server list does not work, copy&paste the server IP from here[www.gametracker.com], open the ingame console (f3 or ö) and type:
open *server IP* i.e.
hit enter, it'll probably take several times until you get a good server - It's annoying but it works for me.

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