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Why make unobtainable achievements?
So we have these utterly pointless and useless unobtainable achievements in a few games now and more are to come i'm afraid.

I think it's fair that those people that have gotten such an exclusive achievement can keep it, there is always a reason behind this and that is because you did something special for the game, so this is abselutely fair.

What i don't really find fair, is that these unobtainable achievements affects the overall Game Completion Rate, so a specific game can never ever be Fully Completed unless you have that rare unobtainable achievement.

This is a feature Steam has made so people could have fun completing their games and honestly, every game should always be available to Fully Complete for everyone that feels like doing it, no matter how long it would take them.

I don't say remove these achievements, but i say, let players keep their exclusive achievement, but atleast make it, so it won't affect the overall Game Completion or something.

This is just a minor idea, but overall it's mainly to make the developers aware and then maybe they can figure something better out that works =)

Kind regards
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That's an extremely long write-up all about achievements, which I find pointless. However, TWI have said that they plan on removing the inb4 reset achievement because those that had it already got their reward. They also said they plan on removing the campaign achievements once they can transfer them over to the single player client.
Rawex 2013年7月26日 16時33分 
Thats good to hear, but i mainly made it long to strongly get my point out here without making people angry, honestly just trying to find a fair solution for everyone, because i can understand both sides, those that have the achievement is of course proud of it, some dont care, some is sad that they missed it and some is plainly just sad they cant complete their game fully, if we dont speak up, then more and more games will make these unobtainable achievements in games and basically ruin the accomplishment of finishing the game with a 100% achievement completion :/ and i dont really find that fair to anyone.

I have shorten the text a little so it's more readable heh =)
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Rawex 2013年7月30日 19時54分 
This is mostly directed against the developers so maybe they could find a solution or something if they care about their game just a little.. not that's it's a big issue, it's just a minor issue, but if you have time, then please fix it or find some solution to this please =)
R5CYA 2013年7月30日 20時13分 
better question, why have any achievements at all? do we really need a pat on the back just for playing a game?
R5CYA の投稿を引用:
better question, why have any achievements at all? do we really need a pat on the back just for playing a game?
Only reason I like the new RS acheivements is they have pretty cool art.
every game has ones that are either hard to take long. heart breaking read though.
Legate 2013年7月30日 22時12分 
Does anyone actually have 100% in RO? Some of those achivements have like a 1% global completion rate.
Rawex 2013年7月30日 23時02分 
R5CYA の投稿を引用:
better question, why have any achievements at all? do we really need a pat on the back just for playing a game?

Truth =) but i guess they are there, so they should get fixed and in my world a game should always be able to complete a 100.

Special achievements, unobtainable ones? Sure why not, that's fair enough to those dedicated players, but that they affect the overall game achievement progress that's not really fair at all.

They should be put in a special category which wouldn't affect the overall game progress, if you understand =), i just hope the developers will see this and maybe fix/repair this little mistake.

It's not like it would take so much time or hard work ^^
Rawex 2013年7月30日 23時03分 
Hidingmonkey の投稿を引用:
every game has ones that are either hard to take long. heart breaking read though.

Yea and thats cool, hard and tough achievements are really fun to do, but having unobtainable ones... thats just plain stupid? Understandable for the special players, but really.. they should make it so they wouldn't affect the overall game progress ;)
Goose 2013年7月30日 23時47分 
i like rising storm
Rawex 2013年7月30日 23時54分 
DANTE_E の投稿を引用:
i like rising storm

Hahah +1, i think that guy got anger management issues and reading problems, maybe he just sucks the bottle little too much or trying to troll, i can't see what's wrong with this thread since it's a clear issue, but i guess im just petty and complaining with self pity, rofl...:D:
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Rawex 2013年7月31日 6時13分 
Well everyone, just post your opinions on the subject, do you agree or not agree? And if you don't agree, then why? And if it's discussable, then lets do it without offending eachother =) everyone is allowed to have thier own opinion of course.

I just want something to happen, so the Fully Completed Games Feature could work properly again and so everyone can enjoy completing achievements, without being stuck on 99% or something like that, because there is 1 unobtainable achievement.. like i've said before, i think unobtainable achievements are fine and pretty cool, well deserved by the players that got them, but really... they shouldn't affect the overall game progess :/ :steamwings:
最近の変更はRawexが行いました; 2013年7月31日 6時13分
Wish they'd fix some of the achievements to begin with. Mainly the ones that don't register correctly, or don't unlock after you complete them.
INBeforereset or whatever it is called should stay, but ONLY for those who got it. Every single person that didn't manage to get it should have it removed permanently and completely from their list. I don't have that achievo.

Unobtainable achievos are dumb beyond recognition. There should never be such as this one.
Not everyone gets the game at (more or less) the same time.
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i agree with OP
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