Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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RO2 for Ubuntu
I am a big fan of Red Orchestra Ostfront 41-45 (played since it in Ubuntu since it was a UT2004 mod), and are wondering if RO2 will come for Steam for Ubuntu as well? We really needs WW2 games on Linux.
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Moskeeto 2.12.2012 kello 11.50 
As of right now, RO2 is Windows only. I don't see it being ported to other platforms anytime soon, considering this is a much more complex engine and coding for OpenGL isn't standard.
OK, thats to bad. I gues RO2 does not use source or unity3d engine then.
Thanks for your reply.
Wikipedia says RO2 uses Unreal Engine 3, so I gues it is not even possible.
Yeah, UE3 and Linux/ Mac support is a kinda sad story... while it looked like it actually had been realized for UT3 by Icculus back in 2007, it was dropped by Epic for -whatever- reasons shortly after.

It's funny though, how Epic seems to jump back on ship lately, seeing the UDK supporting Mac and OpenGL again since September 2011 UDK release... don't know if this is related to Valve's move with bringing Steam and their games to OS-X or other reasons... but probably this market doesn't seem to be such an insignificant one anymore.
Still sad, because this slowed down the development of 3rd party games for these platforms immensly... while all this probably could have been realized in the first place, when UT3 shipped 5 years ago.

Well, with Valve's latest step in bringing Steam to Linux as well, one can only hope :) As for TWI, they always seemed to have a strong interest in bringing their games to Linux and the Mac as well and they actually do with their UE2.5 based titles :)

As for RO2, they're looking into it:

Moskeeto 7.12.2012 kello 12.49 
Yeah, RO2 uses an older build of UE3 without proper OpenGL support. They would have to upgrade the entire game to a newer build which would introduce a ton of bugs and would take 6+ months without any new content introduced into the game. I would love for them to use the newest build of UE3 because it would be much more optimized, support DirectX 11, and just look better overall. However, considering the current state of the game, it's not worth it at the moment.
After I heard about what was said about Ubuntu and that it had features for personalized ad's embedded into the OS itself I will never be using an ubuntu that has backdoors and eavesdrop features, but here i am sitting at a windows machine typing this... be not fooled.. If i could use linux i would, but muh games > muh freedumbs
BlackSkull 13.12.2012 kello 10.08 
@It was merely an act, In Ubuntu, it is really easy to turn off, no problem. But in Windows there are a lot of backdors. AND a black box so all you do in your windows box are recorded. ALL files you download, the file signature are allso send to Microsoft (thats why they know when a downloaded file is offen or rear downloaded.) I am a Windows administrator of proffession (deployment and System Center admin), and am ONLY using Ubuntu.
@sprinter yes I do agree with all you are saying about windows, but if i want my freedom it will not be Ubuntu, I am sure it is a good OS. But-- when the coder(s) already considered installing backdoors that send what you search for to their servers, so they can make personal advertisement for you, sell it onward, etc.

That Is something i and many others think is morally wrong and intrusive, it cheats and lures the ones who thought windows was bad and wanted to get away from the bs in the first place. That is a very bad thing to me, It shows that they even considered using these funtions in their OS wich is very alarming and how many other backdors did they put in when they considered writing a ♥♥♥♥ing backdoor into their OS..? Come on man.

I do not want to use another swiss cheese if im first getting away from it. The only reason I am using windows today is games, Infact I hate this OS and i do not want to use it, but as I said only use it for games.
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