Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

This is like starting BF3 all over again, but worse.
Wow, that's all I can say. Granted i've only played a handful of rounds, but this is pretty ridiculous.

I run forward taking cover, dead. I hold back in cover, dead. I play it careful, dead. I hide behind a wall well off from the enemy, dead. Machine gun teammate holds his own from the same exact spot the entire time, he's fine, no problem. I take twenty paces to the left of spawn, dead.

I very rarely see any enemy at all before I get a bullet in my head. Is this a matter of lag, or are people just that good?

I'm really impressed with the mechanics, scale and graphics, but this is a learning curve i've never experienced if these guys are just that good.
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It's definitely the learning curve. The more you play and the more you learn the maps, it'll be easy to become more aware of your surroundings. Make sure to use your tactical view as much as you need to as well.
In the last week my game loads i get into a server and then as soon as I begin to play my ping jumps to 980 and either the gasme crashes or i lose connection. The week before everything was working fine. Anyone have any ideas?
Yes, this game is a little hard at the beginning but you will learn quickly if you continue to play. When you spawn, follow some other players to watch what they do and go. And like Moskeeto said, the tactical view will help you a lot to learn maps and positions.
Good luck and enjoy !

Begin a new thread with your problem please.
Despite this, the problem with very high ping happend to me one day too... but the next day the pings were good.
Check your FPS but IMO, it's not a problem with game but with your connection.
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Mansa 2012年12月2日 20時34分 
It's a mil sim so it takes getting used to I recently transitioned form the whole CoD, BF3 scene I like these better, but there is definently a learning curve. Just stick with it, things will change. Also helpful tip just about never run, or stand upright unless you really need the speed. and always be behind cover, or you will be shot.
Watch your corners and learn from your mistakes.
Steep learning curve, but one of the most rewarding fps mp games I've ever played. You must advance with care as one bullet often kills and the enemy could be dug in. Some tips:

Advance slowly.
Once you get to know the maps, you'll know where to look for the enemy. Once you know where they are, don't run toward them. Use flanking routes.
Always look before you move.
Never run out into wide open areas if possible.
Move from cover to cover.
You should never be standing, except for when sprinting. Always be prone, crouched, or in cover.
Stick with some team members and move when they move.
If possible, stay near your squad leader since they can lay smoke for you to advance through.

It will come with time.
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Thanks for the advice guys!

Actually, starting to get the hang of things a little better now. Enjoying the MG class very much, much as I did in BF3, along with the rifleman class. Realized that peaking your head out here and there gives you a much better idea of where the enemy is rather than looking for them like an ♥♥♥ through ironsights, as well as gauging distance and adjusting sights.

Really love the scale and pacing of the game. I was trying to wait to buy this after the expansion came out, but looks like that may be a little bit longer, glad I picked it up now to get the feel of it.
Voice chat is also good, most clans have their own Teamspeak which helps in further squad movements, and I know a bunch of the =TaT= guys use both in game voice and text chat on RO2. Like some of the above have stated, stick with your squad leaders and don't rush blindly when they throw smoke. Look for ditches or cover and prone crawl when you can to avoid detection and/or bullets. Once you play for a while on both teams, you can pick up on the sounds of the weapons being used and they can aid in figuring out enemy locations.
Getting a kill in this game is almost as satisfying as losing your virginity (only harder) :)
two tips: 1 learn the maps, flank routes 2 hug the ground, move in smoke, be scared to move
beEZ 2012年12月4日 20時49分 
Sgt. Skinner の投稿を引用:
two tips: 1 learn the maps, flank routes 2 hug the ground, move in smoke, be scared to move

That is more than 2 tips :P
My 3 tips:
- Use the lean keys all the time :D
- Using the cover system almost always gives your position away. Your rifle and/or some of your body will protrude past the cover. I rarely use it.
- Click the use button on every friendly machinegunner you see to try to give him ammo and gain some points!
Ahh the satisfaction of using the Kar 98 scoped and picking off anyone who ventures near the area and having them keep coming back over and over not knowing where you are.

Before you make a move forward, take a guess on the probability of there being someone in a window.. laying by some rubble, or low in a trench. Don't peek out and look around though, that's inviting death, just wing it. Run to the next cover point you think is safe from all angles and so on. If you feel safe in your spot just stop moving and listen, you'll soon hear somone shoot off a few rounds and will be able to home in on their position by that and take them out quickly. Hopefully before they find you.
Some tips
1.) Stay in cover
2.) Try to avoid close quarters combat alone, if possible go in groups
3.) Try to pick off enemys from range
4.) Always Resupply MGs
5.) Try to get around to the sides and flank them
ha ha ! welcome to red orchestra. i remember when i started, could have sworn everyone was hacking
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