Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Danh 2013年3月22日下午4:13
Message for New Players of RO2 including tips, tutorials, and crash help!
HI everyone!

When I was a new RO2 player, I had some trouble adjusting to the different gameplay that RO2 offered. I didn't think about going to forums or finding guides but instead I just played and played until I became better. When I had a bug or a crash, I would just search and search until I found the answer. So now I share to you my experience in hopes that the new generation of RO2 players will have an easier time learning the game as well as fixing those darn bugs you may come across.

One of the best places you should visit is the official TWI RO2 forums. There are loads of information that can help you with your problems. You can also go there to express your frustrations about the game and just maybe a TWI dev will listen to you and you can tell your friends that you are the reason TWI changed this about RO2.

Here is the link to register to the forums:

I will also provide a few subforum links that you should visit.

RO2:HOS Tactics: To learn or help others with tactics in RO2[forums.tripwireinteractive.com]

Level Design: To learn about level designing or help others or to see the latest news about custom maps[forums.tripwireinteractive.com]

As well as visiting the forums and joining the community, if you are a new player you should also take a look at the compilation of tutorials I made. These tutorials should help you adjust to the game easier and give you new insight in how the game is played.

Compilation of Tactics and Information[forums.tripwireinteractive.com]

I have also created a tutorial based on my experience that can give you insight into the squad mechanics of the game. It is a little known feature of the game but by reading it you will be familiar with it and be able to use it when you play the game.

Guide For Effective Team Work[forums.tripwireinteractive.com]

So some of you have some pesky bugs that you want fixed and you come here to complain. One of the first things you have to do is post your specs as well as give a link to your log files. Without this information, it is very hard to fix your problem.

There is also a support forums that can help you better than these steam forums. I provide the link here[forums.tripwireinteractive.com].

Also, instead of reporting bugs on the steam forums, you should report bugs on the official forums[forums.tripwireinteractive.com]. This way the TWI devs can take note of it and include it in their bug fixing reports.

Last but not least, Steam has recently introduced a new Guide feature that comes with every game. In there, you can find guides for just about anything pertaining to RO2. There are guides from basic combat training, effective teamwork, classes and weapony, as well as level designing. Make sure to check it out as you are learning to play RO2.

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Greg 2013年3月22日下午4:34 
Hello !

Thanks for all these advices !!!
We need more RO 2 gamers !
Team work needed ! If you like this way of playing games.
RO2 is hard to learn first (especially when we respawn in the line of fire, LOL),
but this game is so rewarding and immersive after a couple of hours...
specially for gamers who like team play.....
最后由 Greg 编辑于; 2013年3月22日下午4:40
Qarlo 2013年3月22日下午4:44 
Good post! I wish there had been something like this out there when I started.
Danh 2013年4月2日下午9:12 
bump for humble bundle!
Danh 2013年4月3日上午7:56 
More bumping because of all those help threads on page 1! It must mean no one read this as I point people towards the right direcetion in this thread...
Cronelius M. Greg 2013年4月3日上午10:06 
They should pin the thread.
[TW]Yoshiro  [开发者] 2013年4月3日上午10:59 
Lisu 2013年4月4日上午4:42 
Just got this game, gonna try it out soon. Got bored with Black Ops 2.
Moskeeto 2013年4月4日上午5:15 
引用自 Lisu
Just got this game, gonna try it out soon. Got bored with Black Ops 2.
Just make sure you don't play it like CoD. Try to approach this game with an open mind, play the rifleman role, and take lots of cover. Remember to hold T to see your objectives and try to make it there for maximized points.
MaxDontGetViruses 2013年4月5日上午11:58 
I really have been wanting to play a good WW2 game for a while, so I bought it as soon as I saw it was on sale. But it has given me so much grief trying to install. The RO2 redist won't install vcredist, directx, or mschart. I don't know what to do about it and I can't find any fixes online.
Jon 2013年4月5日下午3:15 
Maximus, I had a similair issue on Win7. I found the problem was because Windows Updates had updates it wanted me to install. Until I had rebooted my PC (and the updates installed) did the vcredist etc install correctly and allow me to access the game (slightly off topic sorry!)
the game rarely lags in multiplayer, when i shoot one player 3 bullets, the player seeable in one place(bullet past) then another(bullet past) and again another so try to mind how need to shoot :/
MιиιQ 2013年4月7日下午9:41 
very nice, i'm new to this game and i bought it because i love WW shooting games like MoH, but i bought the RO pack with the ossfront 44-45, RO2 and the Deluxe upgrade and i don't know if i have the Deluxe active already or i do need to do something and by the way i have a problem with my settings, i cant see game settings or sound or input, only video appear in my settings and i don't know how to re-install again or what to do because downloading the game again will be horrible.
Danh 2013年4月7日下午10:25 
you have forced AA i believe
MιиιQ 2013年4月7日下午10:35 
what that means? and what is AA xD
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