Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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Finally bought this game. Any Tips for a newcomer here?
Finally bought this fantastic game everyone has been saying.
I forgot about this game long time ago until i checked my wishlist and saw this game.
Bought it right now.
Dam have to play this after work.
Any tips for new comers?
Like which guns?
Or other tips?

PS: I been using the bolt action like everyone is telling me. They are great.
I have a new question. What are the gun level system all about?
Do you get customized parts when level up or what?
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Use the Bolt action rifles, they are best for training, also, The MG class is the easiest one for defence, use it, just make sure you deploy it on sandbags
Use a Bolt... Get excellent with it-

Take your time. Stay with your SL's - Stay out of vital (SL+TL especially) roles until you are comfortable with maps and how they have to be played.
Thx i will try out the bolt action more.
Before you take specialist classes. DO THE TUTORIALS so you have some clue how they function.
most important tip I think I ever can give for new player: keep ur head down,strongest defence is that enemy does not see u. sniper and bolt-action rifles are accurate. :P MG is too in proper hands
Get used to the idea of dying. Half the game is knowing how to hide/not draw fire, and making every shot count. And always attack wide, on the flanks. Much easier than simply running through the enemy's prepared defences
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Servers with active commanders and squad leaders will help you see more wins. Killing the enemy helps you rack up points, but killing them while you or they are in a contested zone will get you more points for winning the game and helping you level up.
As japan, sprint (shift) + melee (mouse3). This makes you yell which of course is pretty bad when you want to sneak. However you suppress enemies close by (suppressing makes their aim worse and their screens black and white), you'll be able to take 4 hits instead of 1 before you start to bleed and your stamina reduces at a slower rate.
So it's very usefull for making ground, attack an enemy when you're unable to fire or when you're with a group because the supression stacks. Four guys banzaiing really messed up an american day if it's not in an open field.
Japan can also suicidebomb, ready a grenade to throw and then start to cook it (mouse3). It should detonate in 4 seconds. Getting a kill this way won't loose you a ticket.
Another great use with grenades for japan is to look down on a non hard surface (so dirt, mud, soil etc) and RightMouseButton will let you turn it into a mine, you'll be able to have two burried at any time, dying won't destroy it, flamethrowers and explosives will.
Yes learning the bolt actions is by far the most important skill in game. If forces you to learn to use good tactics and learn how to move smartly around the virtual battle field. ONce you master them and figure out how to stay alive and what NOT to do....your golden.

Things to keep in mind.... The more YOU can see....the more people that can see YOU. Do not expect most players to cover each other. That one screwed me up SO bad....stilll does. However, does not mean you should not do it. A set up MG for instance will be spraying away. After a vary short time people will come to kill him. Covering HIM is actually a cheap and easy way to get a kill. Also in building or any place where players will look OUT. Everyont want to look out and shoot stuff. No one ever covers their back side. You know how many kills I have gotten just covering the rear? :D Experienced players will try and get behind large numbers of guys and take them all out. I do this ALL THE TIME. Because it is rare that anybody covers the rear.
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1.Complete the tutorial
2.Dont go on servers with 99 geeks and without nicknames above teammates in your firsplaysessions
3.Choose rifleman to begin with
4.Play slow and always watch for your flanks especially if you are japanese.
5.Don throw grenades randomly.
6.Learn maps and most popular routes and flanking routes
7.Don afraid to die alot.
8.Dont trie to kill tank with usuall grenades.
And some other tips
1.Dont go infront of the windows
2.Cross open places by crouching sprint dont crouch only in some extreme situations
3.You can be shoted through some holes in the walls or benches or even through them.
4.If you see arty on point dont run in it you will not help your team but it will lose some tickets from your deaths
5.Never go left alleay in the apartament map
6.Dont fear from bayonet fights especially if you are japanese
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Play the tutorials first, the bots are pretty easy to kill - whilst you learn the maps and the mechanics of the gameplay.

Then play in servers where there are a mixture of humans and bots. The bots will still give you some easy kills, but you will get an intoduction as to how much harder it is (and more satisfying) to kill human players.

Finally try the servers which consist mostly of human players and be prepared to experience the nearest thing to a real battle without actually being there.
Read some of the guides. Some are sarcastic, unfunny jokes; but many more have been written (often with a fair amount of effort) by people aiming to give genuine advice and tips.

This game is luck in that there are a number of community guides that cover most areas on the game.
play red orchesta before rising storm better for new comer
Let us know how it went.
I been using the bolt action like everyone is telling me. They are great.
I have a new question. What are the gun level system all about?
Do you get customized parts when level up or what?
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