Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

So I finally bought RS/RO2 today and I've been looking at gameplay and reviews for it for a while. Let me just say I love this f***ing game! It's defeinitly not the easiest to learn, but I manage. Probably goes up there to number 2 on WWII shooters for me (2nd to BF1942), and really high up on the FPS games scale for me. What I wanted to ask was why is there not more people playing this game? It is mother f***ing amazing! I'm not saying it's hard to find a server or anything, I'm just saying that a game as good as this I feel diserves more people than the 1,000 or so peak I see almost every day on the community hub (at least that's what I feel like I see a lot). Now, if you dont like the game, why? Just out of curiosity. Not in to the FPS genre? Too hard? Don't like WWII games, into more of the modern type of stuff? I'd like to see everyone's opinion.
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It picks up around the weekend.

I agree it's a great game. I got RO2 when it was a preorder beta. Before RO2 I had never played an online multplayer game, so this one introduced me to the genre. I've tried several since but this one is still the best when it comes to tactical play and WW II.

I still play it from time to time, but I really wish there were more variety of maps. The workshop has plenty, but you have to play what servers are offering. Secondly, the game really rocks when you have commanders and squad leaders really working as a team, but I often can't find that kind of team effort at least when I'm able to play. So these days I put an hour in here or there with half-full servers where it's every man (or bot) for himself. I never seem able to get into the full servers.
The game is stellar, but it doesn't appeal to the usual COD and BF crowd (i.e. teenagers or Men of that mental age [oh who are we kidding? there are about 5 women on the planet who give a rat's ♥♥♥ about firing a Kar98k and the realism of such in a video game]). Sorry bloke about going off on a rant there but this original (2nd part game I mean) has been out for a couple years now. I applaud your enthusiasm and wish more folks felt this way. I admit sadly, that I have only played this game periodicoly, mainly because it's so ♥♥♥♥ing intense that I need a long break from it time to time.
I think because RS is not easy for "normal" players; they thought Rs is like COD or BAT and it isnt.
In time i am playing RS i have knew a lot of players who play 1 or 2 matchs and they are complain about RS is very difficult and dont have patience.
In the other way, RS community help a lot to new players but sometimes veteran players are so hard with new players. In my case, i entered in RS thanks Free Week End of Steam; i tested it and i loved it (i am come from DoD and RO1, RO2 i dont like) and i bouth the game but... In this free week-end i heart a lot of veteran players complain about the new players; in one moment i answered why veteran players dont help to new players to understand banzai or traps and i was insulted ( with grave insults) for one player said me i needed to play the tutorial (and tutorial doesnt explain nothing about this). Yes, i founded a very bad educate veteran player but i think we have to be patience with new players.
Now, i am a "veteran" player and always help new players. We need to do this to get new players to game. And please, be patience with new players in free week-end, they will be our mates in next months
Strangely, I'm one of those people who can play RO/RS, ARMA, BF and CoD (last one I'm meh at in terms of skill). This game is amazing irregardless, and I'd love to see more people play this game. But in the end its a niche game. You can't change that.

I still love it though ;P
That would mean more casuals, no thanks.
I think players nowadays looks too much at graphics and judge games by that. RO1 was far more greater than RO2( which I love) but it died because new players didnt want to try that game bcuz of graphic. They prefer games which shine and bloom like dogs balls at sunny day than rough but entertaining games.

But thanks to this I think we have healthy community.
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Hello there

I must admit I've never personally seen a dogs testicles glow, perhaps they did for a bit in the Eastern Block in the 80's, but Ive never seen it.

I think Graphics and Avatar Control are important aspects of a game, although they are not the only aspects which are important.

RO1 was a "deeper" game but it was clunky and had it's own problems as well.

RO2/RS is starting to get a bit long in the tooth graphicswise although its still passable and alot of fun.

RO2 also makes some compromises to widen it out to a larger community which has both its up and down sides.

I adore the game and am very glad its still supported both by the devs and the community.

To directly address the OP, there's quite a healthy community bgut one has to juggle playtimes and servers occasionally. That said, I rarely fail to find severa; 64 player TE servers. both single map and campaign, your mileage may vary on niche gamemodes though.

For the time being the game is very much still alive.


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Hello there

RO2/RS is starting to get a bit long in the tooth graphicswise although its still passable and alot of fun.


Graphics aren't really what makes a game that fun. I for instance, still have more fun playing CS 1.6 warcraft 3 mode with UT3 killstreak sounds versus COD 6.

In fact, i'd take a graphical hit if it meant more stuff could be produced for the game.
well CoD 6 is bad in both, graphics and gameplay
I did the free weekend thing and love it too i am plan on buying the game next month for christmas and idk y there less ppl .... all i know i am slowly hating cod cuz it a bunch annoying kids, no lifes, and cheap player for kills
the casuals don't play it because it's not casual enough, and the veterans don't play it because it's too casualized and badly designed. so basically all that's left are the older folks and the kids leaving the kiddie zone; a most bizzare niche tripwire chose.
I love battlefield a lot, cod is old, and I also enjoy the ARMA series. A lot of people said before that it's a steep learning curve, and from watching videos on it it's obviously not run and gun like cod. My biggest weekness is trying to figure out if the guy way off in the distance is my guy or not. I just love the adrenaline rush it gives when running from cover to cover hoping not to get shot. Or how focused you are when you here the gunfire in the distance and you peak your head out to try to get a clear shot. No matter how many times I die it just has a great feel to it that I don't think any WWII shooter has done for me. I do agree with those of you that said people don't like it because it's not the same play style as cod. To what you said Schimmel I am actually a teenager 17 and this game is one of the best for me. I see what you mean though. If only teens my age knew that not every game is like call of duty. Graphics aren't a big deal to me as long as gameplay is good and the graphics arent that all bad in this but like i said i dont pay attention to that.
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the casuals don't play it because it's not casual enough, and the veterans don't play it because it's too casualized and badly designed. so basically all that's left are the older folks and the kids leaving the kiddie zone; a most bizzare niche tripwire chose.

I think In Country might be enough to attract the more casual gamers (I really want to play with a MAS-49 as the vietcong), and Grabbenkrieg, if and when it comes out, will attract a more historically oriented gamer.
I play and love Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light - single player, This game looks as authentic as the Metro games - I LOVE authentic guns and atmosphere. How is it for single players?
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How is it for single players?
Don't bother for single player.
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