Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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there said it.


for those who don't know :

this feature has been anncounced since late 2009, when RO2 was still in early alpha stage, these little grey dots try to simulate peripheral vision, helping you detect thing that are moving outside your FoV.

problem is, it only works on enemy soldiers !! most of the time it feels way too cheap and immersion breaking ! you can abuse this feature and get many "unfair" kills, your enemies can abuse it as well and counter your flank with ease !

since classic mode is pretty much dead now, i suggest everybody to play on custom servers like RGN semper fi etc, 99% of custom server have this setting set to OFF, while "realism" server has this setting enabled all the time

custom servers can be still ranked and allow you to use your unlocks etc

let "realistic" mode die until they fix it !
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Well, i never saw that thing. Maybe i didn't notice even when i was playing with it, but i see this for 1st time :D
It is very easy to notice, say you see a moving enemy before he sees you, turn 90 degree to the right on purporse a nd what's that pesky little grey dot on the left edge of the screen, you can even tell how many of them are moving !!!

Very distracting on 64 man server, you get a lot of dots left and right, feels so wrong :(
I quite like it, it's a life-saver when you have a poor TL (no recon). It rewards players who take the risk of movement and are alert to threats.
they should be made to work more realistically, like 15-20m max and applicable to pretty much everything tha moves 45 degrees outside of your FoV, like grenades - friendly soldiers - enemy soldiers - vehicles.

as of now they only work with enemies and you can even tell how close they are to you judging by the size of this stupid grey dot :S
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Zobrazeno 14 z 4 komentářů
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