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POV option in game's menu
Hello everyone,

I wondered that there hasn't been a thread about this topic yet, so I wanted to start one right away.

I don't know much about POV but I guess (!) that the higher the number the better it is going to be for me in game, isn't it? A lower number means a rather narrow field of view, thus, I put the number to it's maximum.
Or will a higher number mean that my vision become less clear (especially in the middle of my view) and it's only recommended to people with large monitors?

What about POV when it comes to resolution: Higher resolution = better changes to have a good sight witth a high POV rate as well?!


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it depends on a lot of things, the aspect ratio of your display as well as the distance you sit from the screen. honestly in my experience using both a 16:9 and 4:3 display the default value is the best (it changes automagically depending on the resolution you select)
Well, I use 1920x1080 and 16:9. The FOV rate is set to 86 right now. I sit in front of my monitor at a distance of about 1 meter.... :)

Furthermore: For the sake of the visibility it's recommanded to "disable sprint key zoom", am I right?
FOV slider in menu is your field of view in degrees. Higher is better, but you don't want it too big (fisheye). You can chage it to any value you want in ROGame.ini
Thanks for your answers so far :)

What about the "fisheye" problem? I mean, it won't influence my aiming/hiting rate because the middle of the screen will always be a rather normal field of view, won't it?! So I just have to get used to it, I think?! hehe.
Because, the more I see to each side, the better I'll be seeing enemies coming... (sorry, got no time to test the option right now)
It becomes really hard to aim and see at distance w/out zomming in with really high FOV. I've got it on 90, and it's good. You see if they're trying to flank you, with the peripherial vision ovals on egdes.
I always try to set my FOV to 90 for all the games I play. Lots of games play at 65 or 75 default which is ridiculously narrow and can often make someone sitting in front of a monitor feel nauseous.
Here's a good video from TB that helps explain it:
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