Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

skydancer 2014年5月6日上午10:43
[Q] SL - squad member respawn rules, need clarification.
After 500+ hours of game is still don't get completely the rules of respawn on SL.
Sometime seem that squad member can't spawn on SL but i dunno why. Seem it's something related to Capzone and if they're contested, enemy controlled or friendly controlled.

Someone also wrote that squadmembers can't spawn on prone SL. It's true?

Some expert player could explaine in a pretty detailed mode how SL spawn work?

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Moskeeto 2014年5月6日上午10:46 
The game tries to find a suitable location to spawn you into the game to be near the SL, but not inside the objective if that's where he is placed. It also checks to see if where it decides to spawn you, no enemies would see you. If it those requirements are not met, then you are then spawned at a different spawn point.

I do believe squad members canspawn on a prone SL, but I never checked for myself.
NETSCAPE 2014年5月6日上午11:08 
You can spawn on a proned SL for sure. Yesterday on phosphate I was near the top of the score board for spawn points. I had under 10 kills. I was prone 80% of the game crawling from A to B checking my map constantly to rebuild the lines lol. The American's didn't get one cap haaha.

I have noticed issues sometimes where if I'm in a concrete bunker my squad can't spawn on me or if they try it just spawns them back, way far back. It could be one of the requirements Moskeeto mentioned but I'm not sure.
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