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[Volk]TheDust Apr 24, 2014 @ 5:34pm
New RS Maps Tactics
Hey guys!
I've been wondering if you guys have come up with some viable tactics on the 3 new RS maps.
They all seem to be rather "advanced" maps, requiring even more coordination espescially from defending teams than usual.

Here are the things I got so far:

A) Phosphat Plant
Stick to bushes and the TALL grass to lay ambushes and make the marines scared to even advance. Sounds silly, but it seems to be the key here, espescially in Alpha and Bravo.
Remember the bushes thing? U can use them too! Stick to the flanks and put some MGs in the back of the capzone. Someone said today Naval Barage cooldown is only 5 minutes?? Can someone confirm that? Once Alpha and Bravo are gone, it's rather simple for the Marines apparently.

B) Ottorishima (Is it spelled correctly?^^)
Woah, this map is weird...EVERY single time I played this map the US boys ran out of tickets somewhere between Bravo and Charlie. With over 16 minutes left...It seems to me that on this map you have to SACRIFICE cap zones after, lets say, 2-3 minutes. SLs pop smoke, conceal the retreat of the entire team, set up new positions...rinse, repeat. The map is huge and you got plenty of time on your hands. But I can see how difficult this can be in pup games. Other then that...no clue :D
Just keep coming...if you know what your doing and you are not constantly charging into flamers you should be good!

C)Maggot Hill(who ever made this map, is an icon!)
Bravo seems to be the key. As long as you hold Bravo, you can safely reinforce Alpha and Charlie. Once Bravo is gone, Japanese MGs in the ruins of Bravo will just destroy you on your way to the other capzones. Other then that: use the trenches! They are there for a reason. Too many times I saw people just abandon the first line of defenses in Alpha and Delta, just to get mass-killed by arty and following banzai charge...
Just...never ever(!) stop...apart from being even funnier than Guadalcanal, it's also remarkably effective!

Thats my findings so far...what do you guys got?
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Traffic Conez Apr 24, 2014 @ 7:31pm 
Phosphate Plant

This is a real test to the attacking team because of the sheer lenth and bias towards the defenders. Generally as attackers (US) you are going to have to push very hard from the beginning to prevent the Japs to dig in.

Otori Shima

Hate this map, very weirdly designed and very open. For defenders you have to sacrifice either C or B (usually the hill) for the attackers to bolster the other.

Maggot Hill

Another very hard map for the attackers because of the temple. US have it easy in the temples as they just need to control 3 entrances to hold of the Japs. Add flamethrowers and high ground + sandbags the Japs are naturally going to struggle. After the temple isn't that bad however most players will rage at how clusterF'd it is.
[Volk]TheDust Apr 25, 2014 @ 4:12am 
The strange thing on Otori Shima was...even after we gave up Charlie and dig in on Bravo, we still bled tickets at an incredibly fast pace! And the Japanese (shame Steam cencors "Ja p s") wern't all that good either...weird
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