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share your funny RO2 moments
despite this game is about a horrific war there are plenty of funny moments in this game and the more serious the game is, the funnier silly things are.

1) a tojo was charging me with a sword, instead of trying to shoot him or run away i just stood still and as soon as he came in close just stabbed him, he littrelly skewered himself against my bayonnet.
funnily though, when i once tried to charge someone with a sword the enemy managed to sidestep and then whack me with his pistol..

2) randomly shooting the type 100 to test it's recoil and suddenly i get a 147 meter nutshot kill, that was hularious.

3) in Dzurhina, the attackers got all their reinforcements depleted but they still had a tank, it took like 20 guys killed before i managed to creep on it from behind and blow it up.
but because the game is pretty much over but there is still one guy hiding in the spawn i just started meleeing it out of sheer bordom, and soon, half the team joined it and just bashed that poor tank constantly untill it disapeared...

4)when attacking the last point before the final bridge in Dzurhina i noticed an enemy behind the house, i throw a nade at him, he quickly emerged from cover and started to run at me, from panic i just pressed the melee button even though i still had the second grenade in my hand, ended up dropping it underhanded right at my feet, when he reached me he stepped on it and we both got blew up =P
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Jolly Jew, you started your own YouTube channel yet? I'd definitely subscribe :D
Probably more face-palm than funny, but a while back on Iwo Jima I'd tossed a satchel on some barbed wire, and at the last second another Engineer on my team runs by, satchel in hand, right for the spot I'd satcheled and he gets blown away. I then space that he had a satchel in his hand, and walk right over his and get blown away.
Well jolly the game is so noob you get kills when you dont even try, it's sadness not funny:(.
I was playing gumrak (I believe that's what the map is called) today, and I saw a Russian soldier lying face down and just sliding amongst the snow. I took a screenshot but I doubt you can see it. The tank was invisible, so good thing I was on the Russian side.

This is what happens to me except it was 50 seconds longer because the enemy and I first tried shooting each other. Then repaired ourselves, after that, we started whacking each other to death.
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Just remembered a good one. As the Japanese on Otori Shima, we were out of reinforcements and I was spectating that last guy alive on our team: he's hiding on the top of a small building, sitting and waiting with his katana while the whole American team searches for him. An American crawls up the ladder, our guy charges him with the katana, and the American panics, backs up, and falls off the building to his death. Our guy then resumes waiting for the next victim. Probably not as funny reading it here second-hand, but it was a good laugh at the time.
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Jolly Jew, you started your own YouTube channel yet? I'd definitely subscribe :D

im very flattered but i don't think it will work.
i suck at editing videos and my computer is pretty crappy so i doubt people will enjoy gameplay with the lowest (almost) graphical settings.

as for the mentioned above events, there is no way i could record them, the chance of recording just at the right time is very slim.

plus im not that skilled, just 1.09 K/D, not very exciting
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plus im not that skilled, just 1.09 K/D, not very exciting
K/D isn't important in this game :P
oh just today, I was about to lob a nade in the apartments map, and an enemy charged at me and a teammate, the guy bashed me, but right before he did that... with Grenade in hand, I tried to roll it... so my teammate killed him, but I killed my teammate XD
I forget what map I was on seen a person 800+ meters away thought it was an enemy so I shot, come to find out it was a friendly and I got a headshot on him lol.

Only thing I could post in chat was sorry, but you gotta admit that was a good shot.
I remember I was a japanese sniper and I was charging at this american. He tried to shoot me and ran out of ammo. So he started running away, this happened for about ten seconds until his buddies came to the rescue and killed me. He then yelled at the mic on the public chat, "What the hell took you so long to shoot?!?!"

I think the most horrible thing about iwo jima was that you couldnt take your morning dump in privacy. I mean i feel so happy i can fart in my bathroom as long as I want.
On Coldsteel, I, as a Jerry, went around enemy lines to the building on the far right with a stairwell leading to an awesome sniper position when I saw two Russkies with Mosin Nagants in the building. They spotted me so I had to pulled out of the building as they they fired at and missed me. They ran to the door-way and were reloading, and I threw a grenade at them so they both sprinted towards me to avoid the explosion while I was running backwards. They stopped to aim again and I threw another grenade, resulting in them sprinting at me with their bayonets. That went on for about 3 seconds, whlie they chased me and I, while running backwards, hip-fired two crack-shots with my K98 that hit them both in the torso. It felt so surreal... and then I got killed while running up the stairwell getting into a melee brawl with 3 Russkies... :Nutcracker:
I was playing as a german tank commander on commisars house, I figureed it would be nice if i fired a couple HE shells into A because we were capping it. unfortunetly for me, about 5-6 germans were in the room the shell landed in -_- as you can guess, i was auto kicked for my shenanigans.

On hanto, i was playing the japs and made a banzai charge the wrng way, took me longer than i would like to admitt to realize this
I remember one time, I was a Japanese soldier in Iwo Jima. I was just a squad leader with no men that I can spawn. I came across this american, we both ran out of ammo and tried whacking each other for the past 10 seconds. It became tiring so I typed in a truce. He agreed, and told the public that I was a Japanese friend. Most of the soldiers then started surrounding me, I started giving them gifts such as my Family Heirloom katana, and all the level 50 stuff I had. But what I didn't give them is a smoke grenade, and one real grenade. So I planted the smoke and said we are gonna party hard. So everyone jumped like their dancing and then I cooked the grenade in my hand and BOOM! Seven unlucky americans died with me. Everyone on the allied side kept saying, "NEVER TRUST A JAP!" or "How did you cook grenade?" To be honest, it was quite fun to have an enemy become your friends.
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