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Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Mortar Men or Flamethrowers
Starting out everyone seemed to be of the opinion that the flamethrowers gave the Americans a considerable edge in weaponry. What do you all think now?? I am of the opinion that properly employed the Japanese Mortar Men are the most effective weapon in the game. Curious to know your opinions.
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Starting out everyone seemed to be of the opinion that the flamethrowers gave the Americans a considerable edge in weaponry. What do you all think now?? I am of the opinion that properly employed the Japanese Mortar Men are the most effective weapon in the game. Curious to know your opinions.

For the most part I concur. The flamethrower is simply vastly easier to perform well with for the average player.

However, there are two issues which bother me still:

1. The flamethrower is really kind of ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t in 2 key ways. Firstly, losing all ability to strike back when touched by even a small amount of flame. Yes, yes, burning alive may be kind of distracting. But when I just get my leg touched by a tongue of flame and I cant do anything while I burn to death over the next 4 seconds, it kind of sucks.

Secondly, when there is a tiny bit of fire left on the ground or on a wall after the flamer is dead and you bump into it or sprint through it, it always kills you. Even when it has been there for 2 minutes. If you sprint through a tiny spot of fire on the ground in actuality..you generaly don't burst into flames -_-

2. The mortars blast kill radius is inconsistent and often does not work through light cover as it should. When you land a mortar right next to someone on the other side of two tiny boards that you can see and shoot through, they should die. I think the second point is more a bug with the damage. Sometimes I land a mortar 1 meter away from someone and they do not die. Sometimes it is 4 meters away and they do.

Overall, these things do not bother me as much as a few annoying issues tripwire has yet to fix (looking at you "cannot deploy here" ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t), but they are sometimes frustrating.

Anyway, thats my input :)
Последний раз отредактировано zero; 11 фев. 2014 в 23:05
I have an issue that the fllamer is 100% silent for me i cant hear his footsteps or weapon sound so i kinda get killed by a silent ninja. Also I hate how its actually better to die and spawn to sl with both weapons to get new ammo faster.
Mortars, because noobs will always indoor mortar and be unharmed while you and 3 others get blown to bits.
Well i playing only flamer for US and playing mortars for japanese aswell because i like it.Well it seems to me that flamer is not a crucial edge for US especially if the japanese team can care about flanks.However it doesnt requere any skill at all no discuss.I mean you must have brains even if you use flamer but the combat with it doesnt need skill at all.Its just w+m1 so if you bad you probably going to get alteast 1-2 kills per spawn.
As for mortar to get a confirmed kill you must put the shell really close to the murica or hi will be only damaged but not dead.However you will get a lot of points for support during the match.

So the flamer is not the edge untill you playing TE mode though this weapon doesnt requere any skill at all to use.However this stupid weapon ruins Campaing mode completely and the fact that you must see redicioulus animation instead being able to shoot atleast while dying is horrible.I mean its ok when you had a burst of flame right in your face from 3m and insta died but when you stepped on the small flame on the floor or was hit from big distance by a small burst you arent going to loose your equipment from hands and watching stupid animation.Btw i think if the flamer will burn a person close to him he also got risk of being damaged by his own flame.So the flamer is arcadish ♥♥♥♥ and it ruins the campaign mode thats the fact.
The mortar is higly effective for the Americans. And the Flamethrower makes it better. Because! If I dont get (by a miracle) killed by my (teamate) who sprays/prays shells, I will definetly while I run in fear of my FriendlyFireing mortar shells met some fkn american who will finnish me off in a worse, better way. IDC... FAAK!
Honestly, the reason I never play as the Japanese isn't because of flamethrowers or mortars, it's the M1 Garand. Let's face it, bolt-action japanese rifles will lose almost everytime to that semi-auto beast. Plus who doesn't want a tommy gun if you're the squad leader? Sure as hell cooler than that SMG the axis get.

EDIT: apparently shortening Japanese is worthy of being censored.
Последний раз отредактировано Schindler's Fist; 12 фев. 2014 в 18:32
My main issue with the flamethrower is the "forcefield" it projects when firing. I've landed innumerable head and chest shots on flamers facing me while firing and nothing happens to them. Secondly, from sprinting to firing there is a ridiculously short delay. This needs to be adjusted via a proper penalty. At present they remind me of Team Fortress 2 Scouts. Hero flamers are basically a joke - the easiest class to play in the game becomes even easier. You sprint for thirty seconds and point in the general direction of the enemy. Utterly morose, hence I never play it. The only "skill" I can perceive is going undetected to position yourself among a blob of Japanese before firing and killing them all. Knee mortars, when not point-blank direct-fired are the total opposite in terms of play, requiring calculation, calibration and the need to consult your map to avoid friendly fire. Obviously, the flamethrower is more suited to interiors and the knee mortar to open areas. With proper smoke deployment and experienced flamethrowers the game usually ends in defeat for the Japanese.
Последний раз отредактировано SmaSh it Up; 21 фев. 2014 в 9:29
aye its difficult but its part of the game just find a way to beat it, deny them users of this weapon their points and youve won the battle against them

whinging about it wont make it go away but finding a solution to negate the damage they can do will make things better when your facing this type of weapon
Последний раз отредактировано [RMC]Mjr VIK; 21 фев. 2014 в 9:34
I'm not whinging about it, I think flamethrowers need to be better balanced. I regularly slaughter them because they are priority targets. Part of playing the flamethrower is to go unnoticed. Any good Japanese team will zone in on flamethrowers (e.g. any sign of flames), communicate and eliminate them. But their ability to permanently sprint (they appear to be the fastest class in the game; the flame packs do not feel "weighted" at all) and insta-fire is a farce; and as pointed out, minor or peripheral flame damage in your vicinity often results in your person rapidly combusting. The knee mortar is far less generous with its blast radius, nor does it penetrate materials or deflect like the flamethrower. The game is highly eccentric when it comes to what it allows for "final actions" - getting flamed while a sword is in hand often results in your person sheathing it to concentrate on dying! Erm, can I just have one last attack instead like in a blackout death? Or is this "balanced" because knee mortars are discretely lethal, too - you either die or you don't? At least give me a one second or so window of opportunity to fire while dying from a singed leg? The elongated death sequences from flames are a waste of time and are seriously frustrating when you want to spawn again quickly, often missing respawn windows to instead watch your person flail around on fire. At least when you die from knee mortars you can spawn again quickly and aren't forced to watch a pointless death animation. Flamethrowers are a bit of a mess.
Последний раз отредактировано SmaSh it Up; 21 фев. 2014 в 9:52
i understand matey the same can be said about other weapons the missing ones for example
i bought RO2 because i thought as RO1 it was realism that was the key not game balance
germans are missing the panzerfaust mg42 light role to name but a couple
no panzerfaust cos the soviets didnt have an equivelant so lets make the game ballanced,,,,bollox
if i wanted a balanced game id have bought cod or counter strike
i wanted realismm i didnt get it so i gott a make the best of a bad situation my argument is simply if we have the light mortars and floame throwers, why not the other missing weapons and main tanks? the more i look at it the more i see something rushed to get it sold and grab the money and make it balanced as opposed to historically accurate
the latter is something i doubt we will ever see , inthe FPS world for three reasons i can think of
making a game that realism overrrides balanced sides

doesnt get the cash in their greedy pockets quick enough due to the reasearch and programming it requires

whining about balance

and cant be arsed attitude of Most game producors

so were stuck with the tripe the turn out and haved to make do unfortunately
Последний раз отредактировано [RMC]Mjr VIK; 21 фев. 2014 в 9:59
Don't get me wrong, I love the game. I feel Tripwire have almost said: "here are the tools/platform, you flesh it out with content." You have to understand they are an indie developer with only a couple dozen full-time staff as far as I am aware, cash-grabbing is certainly not their priority. As with any indie studio it is simply about turning over enough to finance your next project. You have to weight post-release patching and maintenance with building new content and new IPs, certainly a very tough position given extremely limited budgets and personnel.

So for me, the balancing of flamethrowers is a minor complaint, and as it stands you'll only ever see three or so of them on a map.
Последний раз отредактировано SmaSh it Up; 21 фев. 2014 в 10:07
Flamers and Mortars have the same issue: Noobs get to it and just run around Team Killing everyone... a Level Based Class System must be implemented!

Letting everyone grab whatever Class they want simply add more to the Mess that this game is.
i personally prefer mortar. Before shooting,always check the map to pin point the location of ur friends (or enemies if the recon is up). Sometimes i even use it to clear out the enemy inside the buildings or houses.
P.S- this grenade discharger was responsible for many Chinese and Allied casualties after the start of World War II.
Последний раз отредактировано General Generator; 21 фев. 2014 в 21:57
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