Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Writer 2014年1月24日下午2:25
Any tips on positioning and spoting enemys?
Bought this today but most of the time i get killed without even seeing the enemy. I love relaistic WWII games (big day of defeat fan) but this game is a new ground for me.. Give some tips please.
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Pte Maylam 2014年1月24日下午3:13 

Try the Concealment section, the and Movement and Cover, and Fighting in Cover sections. Then read it all, because it's excellent. I joke, but definitely check those sections.

I should write a spotting section, but:

- Look for muzzle flash, especially on the winter maps. The muzzle flash is really obvious even when the enemy is quite difficult to spot.

- Look for movement. The eye's periferal vision is very good at spotting movement, so scanning an area for movement rather than attempting to discern shapes can be surpringly helpful.

- Silhouettes: avoid silhouetting yourself, and try to look for them. Particularly walls and windows.

- Probably most importantly, look for obvious positions. People have a tendancy to use the same positions to fight from. They nearly always hide behind some form of cover if it's there, for example the trams in the middle of 9th January Square on Pavlov's House, or the tank on the extreme right flank of the church (from the defenders' point of view) on Spartanovka -- people always gravitate to it and it's easy to pick them off when they try to expose themselves for a shot.

- Allow the enemy to enter your field of view. Find a realtively decent spot and train your weapon on a likely enemy location. It gives you such an advantage to comfortably fire off the first shot when an enemy does appear and even if you miss, they have to identify your location, raise the weapon and then target you, by which time you should have been able to let off a number of other shots. Getting the drop on someone yields many advantages over meeting them equally (eg both sneaking in a building and bump into one another) or them getting the drop on you.

- Sound. In buildings, use your ears.

- Also, get to know the maps. Sounds silly to answer 'just learn the game / maps!' but understanding the maps will help you anticipate where the enemy is likely to be.

I hope those suggestions help.
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xuton 2014年1月24日下午4:45 
also play the tutorial D: it really explains a lot of things like adjusting your aim for longer ranged shots(past 160 meters you'll need this) and finding the weak points of a tank
Serge Lang 2014年1月24日下午6:48 
Try to get into a spot where you can't see anything towards where you're aiming. Then move so you can see a tiny, itty bity bit. Study for a moment, try to see enemies. Then move so you see a tiny bit more. Repeat until you think the coast is clear. Repeat in a different direction if required. Then move up. Start process again. As you get more experience, you'll learn the places where you don't need to worry as much.

Also, please note that people in this game get into hardcore tunnel vision. This is a key thing to recognize because:

A: when you notice you're in tunnel vision, exit tunnel vision

B: you can use their tunnel vision against them

A lot of the time, as in an embarrassingly large percent of the time, people concentrate very, very much on focusing on cover. They worry about themselves being in cover, they worry about finding enemies in cover, they worry about finding cover they can move to. People are cowardly dogs. A lot of the time you can, and I am speaking literally, just walk TOWARDS people and they wont see you. Like you're a ghost or something. Very often, and I mean multiple times per round, I can walk right up to people, past them, get behind them, and then get a strategic position to wipe out people. There are some players this doesn't work with, but for an alarming number of people this strategy is very effective.

I'm trying to tell you to use cover to your advantage, but don't use it religiously. Think outside the box.
Pte Maylam 2014年1月25日上午1:54 
I'm trying to tell you to use cover to your advantage, but don't use it religiously. Think outside the box.

Completely agree, I said as much in the concealment part of my guide.

More often than not, the sheer audacity you use can keep you alive for longer and help you get the drop on the enemy. If you're not in a position where they are expecting you, they often won't find you at all.
SmaSh it Up 2014年1月25日上午2:00 
Don't actually attach to cover. For example, in trenches at head height It is better most of the time to strafe behind the forward wall and crouch when you receive accurate fire. When you are fixed to cover you are screaming "headshot me at your leisure!" and I find unattaching from it quite buggy and unresponsive.
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