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Steam Controller

Cenpai Mar 25, 2020 @ 3:49am
how to connect steam controller without dongle??
straight to the point, i lost my dongle and now i am trying to connect my controller like how i usually do when i lose it basically to press add controller and hold star and x, but the 'add controller' option is no loner available and i tried and tried even tried to connect my ps4 controller but it didnt work. and before u suggest that its a usb port problem, it does work because the controller lights up plus i use the same port for the mouse and it works

please is there a wireless option other than dongle...
anyone can help me out with this?

tip for the developer: maybe for your new steam controller design u could add a port behind the controller to store the dongle like some mouses do... bc this is really annoying!
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Vepar Mar 25, 2020 @ 4:02am 
You need a dongle to connect wirelessly. Of course it's not a USB problem, it's a "you don't have a dongle" problem. How it's supposed to connect wirelessly when it doesn't have anything to connect *to*?

You either need an original dongle, or a bluetooth dongle.
If you want to connect via bluetooth, you need to update the controller firmware with the BLE (or what's it called) update.

Then hold Y+Steam buttons when you power it on to switch to bluetooth mode.
Or B+Steam. Idk, look it up on google, there's guides somewhere how to boot into different SC modes.

That is - if you have bluetooth on your computer. Most have, so yeah...

But if you don't have a dongle, or don't have bluetooth, the only other option is to play wired.

EDIT: Also, there are CAD files for the SC, and when it was still in production, you could buy the separate dongle holder for the back plate. Personally it would bug me to have it there, but whatever, i'm glad that was extra and not a design choice.
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DaMu Mar 25, 2020 @ 10:05am 
If I remember, ExistentialEgg reviewed a back cover for the SC to store your dongle, but it sucked. The SC case or even the original box did a better job storing the controller.
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