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TheGamakazi Aug 5, 2015 @ 6:11pm
GOG VS Steam
// I must state that I have only ever played the GOG and IOS verison of the game and have not personally played the steam version, if I buy the game and I got something wrong or you tell me otherwise I will change it. Just letting you know //

Firstly before I open this discussion I want to be clear. This game is great and I would recommend it to people despite being originally released 1999 but the question is which platform should you choose? I will be putting down the information I have and letting users discuss themselves

1) Price

Steam - £8.99

GOG - £3.89

If you purely wanted to buy this game on the price then you have your answer

2) Content

King of Dragon Pass in general is a very lengthly game acting more like a "Chose your own adventure book" with many different events & outcomes. It has enough content to last for days at the least with alot of replay value allowing you to chose between a short and long campaign.

Steam - This is the lastest version of game with all the content ported from the IOS version along with extras which include
+ 48 new scenes
+ 4 new illustrations
+ A new Lore map
+ New advisors as well as more advice in management screens
+ More treasures
+ No longer having to worry about sheep
+ The economics system is less harsh

This is along with bug fixes and the developers looking through the forums promising to fix issues that players find to make the game better.

However there is:
- No save feature instead relying on an auto save system
- No option to make more or less craftsmen leaving that aspect up to the game making it harder to be a trading clan.
- No way to see the borders of your Tula
There are also several missing options when setting up your clan in the Steam version which are:

(Your Earliest Famous Event)
- "The Battle of Exinguish Field, when Orlanth's forces defeated those of his worst enemy, Yelm the Bright Emperor."
- "When Ernalda and her daughters went to the Hidden Place, and then came back with many secrets."
+ "The Healing of Orlanth, when the merciful goddess Chalana Arroy joined Orlanth's tribe"

(Which one of them in particular did you fight?)
- This is when you are selecting the moral enemy of your clan however instead of 6 choices you are only given 5 missing out "Faralinthor, Salty Lord of the Sea"

(What was your attiude towords the dragons?)
- There is a fourth option in the GOG version to be "Negative - We would never believe a dragon" as opposed to the Hostile, Neutral & Postive present in both games

GOG - This game is the original disk version for PC. As far as I know it is no longer receiving updates. All content diffrences that I've given are above

I can't talk/ don't know about any other content issues surrounding the versions so I will leave that to the people in the comments to dig into.

3) Resolution

This is not surpising that this needs to be dicussed given the age of the game but it can be very important

Steam - From what I can gather the game can run on modern 1920x1080 monitors without an issue. There is an issue for users with 1280x1024 monitors with a black border and the screen cutting off however a tempery fix is to turn down your settings to 1280x960 until this is patched

GOG - From what I've seen this version is locked to a 640x480 resolution (because of the age) How it fixes this issue is by turning your moniter from your normal settings to the 640x480 resolution to make it the right size and turning it back when you exit the game, I can only speak from experince here by saying I could originally run it on my 1366x768 screen with no issues or black borders and the game was completely playable and it is also the same for 1920x1080 monitors however on my 1768x992 monitor I recieve a black board on the right side of the screen and on my left the game was there but the options was cut off on the screen. This is because of the forced resolution and the weird size of the moniter however it can be fixed by turning off the forced resolution in the properties of the game shortcut but that leaves a 640x480 game in the centre of your screen with nothing but darkness around it however if you can get past that the game can still be played. I will say it may also be difficult to adjust to the forced resolution if your coming down from 1920x1080 but again if you can get past that then there should be no issue

4) Style

This is obvious for anyone familiar with both version but for those who don't know there is a clear difference between the look of the Steam version and the GOG version. keep in mind both images have been inflated to 1920x1080

Steam -,zLucepw#1

GOG -,zLucepw#0

Now I believe there is an obvious reason for this as both the background image of the GOG version and the side image of the Steam version are 640x480 however the GOG version forces that resolution on you (unless disabled) making it fit the screen so it looks bigger when in reality they are both around the same size.

Now I don't believe this is a make or break issue for the game as the gameplay is the exact same regardless but I thought I would put it in

Anyway this is everything I've got on the two versions so in comments discuss or tell me I've made a mistake somewhere because I probably have :)
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david  [developer] Aug 5, 2015 @ 7:23pm 
As I recall, we removed The Battle of Exinguish Field because choosing it did not have effects that matched the other choices (no matter what the manual may have said). I don’t seem to have complete notes, but removing the buggy option seemed like a good way to simplify the screen.
Enigma Dragan Aug 5, 2015 @ 10:58pm 
As someone who also played the Original, I would say I prefer the Original over the new version, there was more management in the Original than now,

You say the Economy is "less Harsher" in this version, I say quite the opposite, back the when I had control over my traders, I was able to naturally get alot of Goods to the point I reached beyond 7k goods if you know what you are doing, easy, now because I have no control over it, it is MUCH harder to control and generate goods,

The Music, the older versions might have less quality music but atleast it looped correctly, in this Version, the music is a better quality but loops weird and breaks the mood when it happens, Old people who played it will get disappointed, new people who plays this will wonder why that is there,

Where are the Fanfares? Afte each Battle in the old version, there was fanfares for winning or defeated, now it's not there anymore, removing it hurts the game more than benefits it in my opinion,

I was given the option to control the number of Inner Patrols and Outer Patrols, but now it is removed, now whenever I go to war, or even NOT going to war, I end up getting Cattle Raided without spotting them, even when I had more than 10 or 11 weaponthanes while waring, or around 30 when not waring, even when I have upgrades and others, It makes me annoyed now, i'm either SUPER Unlucky, or the game mechanics is doing the same thing as in original, when changes happens, the guards will always be relocated to Inner Patrol, and maybe that's what's happening, it's relocating them to be Inners, and Outers are empty, seeing I can't re-adjust that anymore, I guess I am sitting Duck... or Ducks sitting on me, I dunno!

What about Relationship! When you want to improve your relationship with a clan, you DO IT! but atleast back then when you do it, you had to tick the gifting option and others, making it harder for you to make mistakes, however now, it always stays on "Demand Tribute" by default, and some people like me are forgetful, we get to forget that, and we still able to select how big our caravan and the goods we will send, which is weird, why send gifts when you are going to demand tribute... that should be removed when demanding a tribute!
Atleast Back then it was ok because you HAD to select the action you wanna do, like, %100 aware of what you are selecting,
but now you choose your gift size and embark to the clan like;

"Here's 150 Goods and 300 Bushels of Food, Now we Demand a Tribute of 30 Goods!"

That would sound stupid,
I would suggest you either remove the "Defaulting" on Tribute Demanding and force the player to select the action instead, or grey out the gifting sliders so the player would notice or be reminded that the option is ticked on tribute Demanding, you have no idea how many times I screwed over some other clans and was unable to fix it, let alone unable to reload a save (talking about saves later) sooo yeah!

The Layout of the new version... well, this is the part where I would have no real issue, I mean I understand the game was in low resolution and stretching it would make it look weird, but I dunno, it looks taaaame... atleast the older version had textures that was right for the mood you're in, especially when Waring, now, it looks taaaaame, but again, no real issue here,

The Auto Saving is the ONLY thing I am not minding, back then, Saving was exploited big time, how many of us old players had "The Perfect Clan" because they just kept reloading the game, it made the game easy and all, so removing the ability to save and add in auto-save instead kinda feels annoying to old veterans like me but understanding this is how the game is meant to be played, misfortune happens to your clan and need to endure it!
Sooo yeah, good idea with the Auto-Saves!

The Only reason why I seem to bash this game is because I care about it!
This is one of the times I would go "Why Fixing something that doesn't Need fixing?"
And hopefully the game, now in Steam, will update with new events or even perhaps a new Remake with more expansive Dragon Pass universe and interaction and options? would Love to see my clan or tribe have more interactions with the Beastfolks or Dragonewts... I mean that one event where there is Orlanthi, a Duck, a Beastman, a Praxian and a Dragonewt, asking for an Inn? Oh wow I get it! these are RPG-type adventurers! it's like those are in their own RPG epic! and we're the NPC to them! Smart! XD
Gotta agree with Enigma. I spent a good long while on my first playthrough hunting for the crafters screen. It also seems to mean that we don't see representatives from other clans sniffing around hunting for monopolies on rare resources that we find anymore.

It just seems like KoDP lost some of the depth and complexity that made it such a standout game. It also seems quite a bit easier now.
david  [developer] Aug 6, 2015 @ 7:00am 
Originally posted by imperialus:
It also seems to mean that we don't see representatives from other clans sniffing around hunting for monopolies on rare resources that we find anymore.
This should still happen.
TheGamakazi Aug 6, 2015 @ 10:58am 
I personally liked the save feature. I know it can be exploited heavily but when I've put 10+ hours into a game and then one event instantly derails all my progress it is nice to just load back so not all your time was wasted. I wish it was possible to have an Ironman mode like in EU4 which let's you turn off saving instead of forcing it on the players
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Josh Aug 7, 2015 @ 7:57pm 
After readinag this i think i might go with the GOG version instead. several good points have been made and the save feature is a big part of why I will get the GOG version.
TheGamakazi Aug 8, 2015 @ 5:42pm 
Does anyone at Herocraft want to comment on these? Like which version they believe is better and why or why there are these big differences in content between the two platforms? I've tried to be as objective as possible when talking about the two versions and the people on this so far seem to prefer the GOG version so is there anything they want to add?

Hope this isn't coming off as hostile in anyway. I just want people's opinions
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Mothey Aug 8, 2015 @ 5:53pm 
A few of my friends, including myself, are waiting to see if an update will fix things enough to buy it. That also includes borders for the clans and the ability to make more crafters. They say that the crafter thing is a bug, but most don't care. It honestly should just put back in since it was legit way to play the game in the GOG version.
david  [developer] Aug 9, 2015 @ 6:53am 
HeroCraft did not make design changes. I did. It didn’t make sense to put a ton of effort into recreating the UI code and ignore game play elements that could be changed fairly easily, based on my subsequent experience in the game industry (and with KoDP).

Obviously individual tastes will vary, but the updated game play is an improvement. Think of it as the second draft of the interactive novel. It’s tighter and more polished, but with more good bits.

(Note that the development blog discussed some of the changes back when they were made — you’ll have to go back into the archives.
Shotagonist Aug 9, 2015 @ 9:29am 
I prefer the Steam version because of the visuals alone already. With a screen as big as mine, the gog version looks incredibly ugly and I have to strain my eyes to read the font. This version is much more comfortable to play IMO.
Dunjeon Aug 9, 2015 @ 11:39am 
I own both versions of the game and much prefer the Updated one.
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Mask Aug 12, 2015 @ 3:33pm 
This makes it really awkward for me. As while I would like to try out the updated game, not being able to save is a very big problem to a game like KoDP. If there's an unofficial way to save like copying autosave files, I'd be willing to use that. Otherwise, I think I'll have to stick with my original version of the game.
ringhloth Aug 12, 2015 @ 3:46pm 
Originally posted by Mask:
This makes it really awkward for me. As while I would like to try out the updated game, not being able to save is a very big problem to a game like KoDP. If there's an unofficial way to save like copying autosave files, I'd be willing to use that. Otherwise, I think I'll have to stick with my original version of the game.
You can revert to any year at any time. You start in the sacred time of that year.
Mask Aug 12, 2015 @ 8:30pm 
Oh, that's great, thanks. It'll mean I'll need to plan ahead, of course.

EDIT: Sorry, but which are the save files I need to delete and copy? I looked, but couldn't identify them.
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Xopie Aug 13, 2015 @ 9:39am 
I'm a sucker for pleasing aesthetics, and the original game had a great visual feel, so I'm pretty sad about the changes that were made as a result of this being a mobile port. I will however stick with the new version for now, as I've yet to see many of the new events, I just hope there's a chance of there some day being a definitive version of the game that includes everything, including the original visuals.

Another missing feature you might want to add to the list is the tula graphic that shows at the start of each year, that was honestly the biggest disappointment for me.

Originally posted by Mask:
Oh, that's great, thanks. It'll mean I'll need to plan ahead, of course.

EDIT: Sorry, but which are the save files I need to delete and copy? I looked, but couldn't identify them.

The option to reset to the start of any year is implemented into the game. Just go to the saga screen and press "reset" =)
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