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SD the Elf Jan 6, 2016 @ 2:32pm
Title ranks?

I am fairly new the game, I just got past my first visit to the castle and after that segment was finished it said a title was upgraded for the princess. I checked it out and the title went from bronze to silver.

My question is, do all titles have these differant colors and are they obtained just though the main quest or do you need to do specific things for each title to unlock the next rank to it? A quick google serch only brought up the proficency but not ranks.
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Kamikaze Ice Jan 6, 2016 @ 5:45pm 
First and most important thing: Ttles effect AI tendancies (more on this later).
  • Each character has 6 titles (except one). Everyone starts with the first 3 unlocked, and the rest are unlocked via quests, skits or events.
  • Titles have three ranks (Bronze, Silver, Gold). The Rank is NOT the mastery level of the title.
    I don't think you can miss any titles, but I DO think you can miss unlocking a new tier of title ranks.
  • You need to check titles to see when they are promoted in rank, there's no notifications on reaching max rank level or when the rank of a title is promoted.
  • Rank determines the current obtainible max title level. I don't remember the numbers exactly per rank, but I think it's like Bronze=10, Silver=20, Gold=30 or something, It's just adding the max level of bronze again to reach silver and then again for gold.
  • You get AP points for maxing titles
  • Titles do NOT change what skils you learn, but there are HIDDEN values for each title that are added at character levelup that effect WHEN you can learn a skill.
  • The above point is not something to worry about. You ALWAYS see which skill you will earn next, and rarely does changing a title actually change that next to learn skill (I had learned everything before reaching the midpoint of the game).
  • You can leave a maxed bronze/silver title equiped without fear of wasting mastery points. They still accumulate points, you just can't see it. *note: I'm not absolutely 100% sure about this, but I had one character at 10 for one of their titles for a very long time and after one of the longer events forcusing on one character I went to see if their title(s) got promoted and noticed the aforementioned lvl 10 title character was sudenly 1/3 into lvl 13.
  • Again, Titles influence AI tendancies.
  • You can change titles in battle.
  • Titles to not make AI Tactics settings pointless. Titles are basically class archetypes, and they don't RTFM so they need instructions aka tactics.

About that AI:
Read their title descriptions and look at their bonuses (some won't make sense until you unlock some bonuses to them). Each title slot on every character does the same thing.
Slot 1=More likely to melee vs casting. Bonus=boosted chance attacks will stun enemies at the beginning of battle.
Slot 2=Don't know.
Slot 3=More likely to cast vs melee. Bonus=boosted damage to stunned enemies
Slot 4=More likely to be targeted, aka "The Bait".
Slot 5=Less likely to be targeted, good if you want a
Slot 6=I'm not really sure, but Lailah's #6 implies it will armatize longer or more often.

Want a demonstration? Watch this, courtesy of GrimoireOfAlice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1mnnmAxqo0

Best titles = Slot 1, 3 & 5.
Slot 1 for the character you control, but remember to change titles 5-10 seconds at the beginning of combat (increased chance to stun wears off). I'm to lazy to do this most of the time.
Slot 3 for everyone (switch to this if you use slot 1 titles. Best damage dealing title (this and lots of the skill Rangus will destroy everything).
Slot 5 for casting/healing Seraphs, and all of them in boss fights (AI is to stupid to reduce casting time for all Seraphic Artes). I have Humans@slot 3, and Seraphs@slot 5 all day 'er day.

Originally posted by BlackRaider2012:
read this thread:


Had network trouble when I originally wrote my reply (Thread was empty), so I just now saw this. It's mostly the same info.
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