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Porgnar Jan 7, 2020 @ 3:37pm
Measurement System

I have recently began to play the game, I tried out the free old version, fell in love with it, and rushed to buy the steam release as soon as I could. Thus far I have really been enjoying the game, but sadly for me the imperial measurement system says nothing. At the character generation I can see that they give me the numbers in metric too, but during gameplay I really cannot imagine what 1lb meat is, how much should I beleive I ate to be full? It is not a major problem, I'd just like there to be an option to use the metric system ingame.

If there is and I was just retarded and couldn't find it could anyone point me to where I can properly change the setting?

If not are there any potential mods for this?

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and answering!

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Night Jan 7, 2020 @ 8:59pm 
Posted this on the main forums under suggestions:
Porgnar Jan 8, 2020 @ 1:46am 
Okay, thank you, I was not sure where to post this, but seems like you helped me out! :D
Night Dec 14, 2020 @ 10:55pm 
Originally posted by Porngnar:
Okay, thank you, I was not sure where to post this, but seems like you helped me out! :D

Just wanted to update you (and anyone else interested reading the steam forums), the developer is adding this in the next patch according to a recent post on the forums.

Porgnar Dec 15, 2020 @ 12:34pm 
Oh, cool, thanks for linking! I got used to it after some time but it'll still be a nice change for when I pick up the game for the next life in the wilderness.
Enormous Elk  [developer] Dec 25, 2020 @ 1:53pm 
Yep. I'll second, although the link above says it all, but we'll indeed have metric or imperial system freely choosable from the setup in the next patch.
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