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When is this commin out!
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Zibob Jun 17 @ 10:18am 
I know right, Insert: SpongeBob I NEED This meme.

I am downright angry with myself for not getting in on the early access when I had the chance. Now I have to wait with all the rest. But I am playing a lot of other drifting games and listening to all of Myrone's work (whish is also making me want to go to NAMM now too) to prepare myself for it.
Unicorn Jun 17 @ 10:10pm 
Don't worry. Only a few people got true early access. The rest of us are stuck with a build that is nearing 2 years old.

Honestly the Pre-Alpha is pretty representative. The past 3 years have just been construction some physics model to visually be more impressive than the Pre-Alpha, but gameplay wise they are dissimilar in function.
DelkoDuck  [developer] Jun 18 @ 4:35pm 
A full stable release isn't planned, but early access is when ever we throw the switch (finally). Having the game avaiable as an open alpha again will allow us to raise funding for more programmers so we can finish the game properly. We also badly need debuggers for all 3 platforms that will properly report bugs on their hardware.

A number of publishers have expressed interest in Drift Stage , and now that we have a Steam page and a complete engine, the game is considerably more appealing - and we could use the extra man power and PR resources. So thats on the table too.

I'm not against open sourcing certain parts for modders - or just allowing people to post their own mods - if it makes the game better its a good thing.

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Originally posted by DelkoDuck:
I'm not against open sourcing certain parts for modders - or just allowing people to post their own mods - if it makes the game better its a good thing.
Mod support's a BIG thing. Hell, half the reason I still play Sky Rogue is just trying out new mods.

Classic DooM still has a thriving mod scene. Over twenty years and people are still making things for it. Just goes to show what a good game with good mod support can become.
MrMang Jun 21 @ 11:55pm 
Hey Delko Duck is drift stage going to be updated on steam andtime soon because it dosent appear to have a single update since it was put on for us backers. it would be nice to see that the game is still in development and not just sidelined
knope Jul 6 @ 11:00am 
please now please
i'm bored Jul 21 @ 11:46pm 
when do you THINK that it'll come out?
Patiences I Know It's sucks to wait for along time for this game but the devlopers need time to get it right because we don't want the game suck balls or being like hunt down the freeman becasue what the last thing we don't want is a broken buggy game.
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LingFox Jul 25 @ 12:17pm 
I'm dissapointed in ALL of you.
Yet nobody has said this simple yet effective (and annoying) quote.
Oh, well, then I shall do it.
Originally posted by "BestMan in the ♥♥♥♥in' world":
when it's ready

by the way, I hope that the workshop will also support custom cars, but I hope that server hosts can change their statistics. So if someone wants to do an "all op race" is free to do so, and if someone else wants to do a civilized race, it's also free to do so without having to re-make the whole car again. but i'll be happy anyway. Especially when the track editor, "unlimited drift" [outrun much?] and "Daily drift" modes will come out.
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