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For those with the Runtime error crash
Apart from the developers not handling a failure to load the video's gracefully (hence the crash), this is actually an issue with your machines either lacking the necessary Direct Media Objects (N versions of Windows for example), or the DMO's being corrupt, their registry data incorrect, etc - Or the directory path in whic hthe game is installed is too long.

There has been some confusion with some people adamant it is not their codecs because changing from LAV, back to Windows defaults, or ffdshow (or whatever) has not rectified the issue.

1. LAV uses the native Direct Media Object provided by windows (and windows N with the necessary media pack installed)
2. The error is reproducible by simply renaming the Movies folder. (this gives weight to the possibility of the directory path being too long.)

To address the former, as there is no windows utility to 'fixit', download the Codec Tweak Tool 5.9.9 or higher, and click the "Fixes" button, select the item to re-register base directshow filters and select Apply and close.

Also make sure none of the DirectMedia or Media foundation items are 'disabled' in the media foundation or ms codec tweaks UI's.

For N users, You will need the Media pack for your given version of windows:

Windows 7:

Windows 8.1:

Windows 10:
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Yeloazndevil Aug 8, 2015 @ 10:35am 
well the codec tweak tool worked, it seems to be a preferred splitter problem for me I had to change the few 32-bit source filters I saw to microsoft and the game loads fine now.
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