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Jatheish  [développeur] 13 oct. 2016 à 20h20
ARK: Evolution Event Weekend & Important Update on Cross ARK Clusters!
Hey Survivors,

ARK: Evolution Event!

We’re running another! It will go live Friday Night at midnight EST! That’s approximately 25 hours from when this was posted.

This means that through the weekend the Official ARK Network will be affected by a special bonus, Survivors playing this weekend will get to experience the following:

  • 2x Harvesting Rate
  • 2x Taming Rate
  • 2x EXP Rate

So be sure to log in and enjoy the increased rates whilst you can!

Important Notice regarding Cross ARK Clusters

A few weeks ago we launched our first batch of Cross ARK Cluster servers. For those unfamiliar with this, these servers were special and unlike any other, we had launched before. They function differently to the regular Official Servers on the ARK Network as they permit complete transferring; of Items, Tames, and Survivors through all 3 maps. These servers were kept on their own cluster, so they could only transfer between one another. As this was opening a set of new doors in terms of the game's development, we were curious to see how this would play out and we’ve seen that many of you really enjoy this type of cluster, hence why we had launched additional ones, with some having an increased player cap. However, when launching a new feature, sometimes you can run into issues.

Since their launch we have been tackling many issues that have affected them, critical issues being related to item and dino duplicating through the transfer system. We now believe we are in a place where the system is much more stable and the duping issues have been resolved. Following the latest set of fixes, we have decided that this Friday, October 14th at midnight EST (approximately 25 hours from this post) we will be wiping all Cross ARK Clusters on the Official ARK PC.

We understand that some of you may be upset by this decision and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused however we believe as the servers were only online for a short period of time, a wipe is the best solution to providing the best gameplay experience for our survivors, following the issues that were once present. Were it not for the proactive reports from our player base we wouldn’t have been able to catch these as quickly and get them resolved.

These are the servers that will be experiencing a wipe and a fresh start:

  • NA-CrossARKCluster1-Scorched Earth
  • NA-CrossARKCluster1-TheCenter
  • NA-CrossARKCluster1-TheIsland

  • EU-TheHundredCrossArk2-TheIsland
  • EU-TheHundredCrossArk2-TheCenter
  • EU-TheHundredCrossArk2-ScorchedEarth

We are very grateful to each and every one of you for the support and feedback you provide, and each and every day we’re able to take another step in making ARK the ultimate survival experience!

Thanks and best of luck, we hope you guys enjoy the Evolution Event this weekend!

All the best,

Wildcard Jat & the ARK: Survival Evolved Team
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Well, more people headed to the unofficial servers. I hope all the Moderators have fun deleting all the rage-filled comments.
Dawg (Banni) 13 oct. 2016 à 20h32 
We could hope it does not come to that. Really that is not the best first post for this thread.
Jat a écrit :
Following the latest set of fixes, we have decided that this Friday, October 14th at midnight EST (approximately 25 hours from this post) we will be wiping all Cross ARK Clusters on the Official ARK PC.
25 hrs... After midnight its considered Saturday. If Oct 14th then that means its about 15 minutes from the time I post this.
Considering the posting for No wipe on official servers for game release was stated before, stating this because of a duplication issue could be resolved by an admin going to each server (6 total) and doing clean up. This sucks, I'm not affected but still believe the players on these servers should be given some sort of chance to save their progress (after a examination for exploits of course).
yes nice DELETE THEM i enjoy this so much this is extinction in real time, badass so true, and every 3 month wiping must be a regulation in servers to keep no politics on and no alphas
Dernière modification de psychltu; 13 oct. 2016 à 20h55
love the Evolution Event keep em coming :)
Woot woot! Keep em coming!
Well unlimited is a somewhat dreamy saying.... I still loose out on stuf i wanna bring... Like Watercanteens, Dino metal gates and the doors, polymer so might wanna check up on that...
This is actually very nice to hear haha
I was wondering how to koreans got so much stuff
does this mean xp to or just map and dinos
Thank you guys. Really appreciate it.
123 14 oct. 2016 à 0h10 
2x is ruining official servers, you might as well make it 2x all the time.
Jab 14 oct. 2016 à 0h51 
Why not wipe now? Be nice to get right back into it =)
Hey @jat

This is just great...
Could you guys please atleast make it possible that you can keep your characters lvl? So that atleast not the whole last 3 weeks been for nothing?
Some compensation would be really appreciated :((
Oh and could you guys also please make the orb areas restricted to building? So that no tribe can block of all orb AND loot drops, so no one can download / upload their stuff? This shouldn't have been your intention for cluster servers I guess/hope? :((
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