ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Fattieous Jun 9, 2016 @ 9:35am
Paddock 9 PVP Survival Modded The Center!
Paddock 9 is a New Server hosting The Center map with Mods! Were a friendly server looking for more players to enjoy our services! feel free to ask any questions about the server and join up at We also have a website being worked on it's nothing major but it's Feel free to check our site for our Discord!

server settings

Taming: x6
Gathering: x3
Experience Gain: x2

Short nights / long days

Saves every 15 Minutes

3rd person enabled
Cross-hair enabled
Player map location enabled
Flyer Carry enabled
Auto-lock enabled for all structures (fridges, smithies etc are locked by default)
All Tribute Downloads Disabled!

Friendly fire is disabled

Increased resource respawn rates (resources respawn faster)
Decreased respawn radius (resources respawn closer to foundations)
Increased egg laying rate
Decreased egg hatch / baby mature times

Custom Engram points more points at the lower levels!
Basic tools and cloth armor cost 0 Engram Points!

8 Mods!

CV's Resorce Stacks - all items stack up higher with no change to there weights.

Temp Building - Temporary building so you can figure out where to place things and how to build your base.

Armored Storage Stands - Armor, weapon, & Saddle stands!

Egg N Poop collector N incubator - automatically collects poop and eggs and helps hatch them!

No Collision Structures - Additional copys of the regualr structures with the same cost with no clip to a certian extent so you can build better!

Bridge - Wood, stone, & Metal bridges for added fun!

Ark Extra 2.0 & Ark Extra: Doors Additional Doors, Double doors!

Cooking Extras - adds jarring foods and Kitched Amenitys!

Let us know if you want any more mods and we will look into it!
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Zulamplus Jun 9, 2016 @ 10:03am 
I'm Rin on the server, I'm also an admin so if you need help let me know.:steamhappy:
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