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Jat  [developer] Jun 5, 2015 @ 9:44am
Patch notes - Current: 171.1 -- Upcoming: ----- Date 5/6/15
Current Version:

- Post Processing issue fixed. You can use this again!


- Fixed "Message of the Days" for hosted servers. They'll now work, specified here in the GameUserSettings.ini: --

Check above for an example, steam won't let me paste it here.

- Added Sky for Direct X 10 Shader Model 4 rendering
- Tamed dinos now look at allies when they're nearby, to increase realism :)
- Added a loading progress meter to avoid the appearance of frozen game stalls, and fixed another blackscreen/infinite load case.
- Added a "Difficulty" slider for Local/Custom Servers that scales the levels of the creatures encountered, along with the quality of loot (but not quite linearly with each other, so you can expect a tougher challenge overall as that slider goes up!).
- Added the capability to choose respawn region upon each player respawn. Set 12 spawn regions, rather than 4.
- Added code now for flyers to not follow you into water, and land creatures to have a depth limit they're willing to follow you to :)
- Adjusted various Quality Group graphics settings to increase performance on each tier.
- You can now properly apply the ARK Founders' Parasaur Saddle Skin, to the Parasaur Saddle :)
- Increased the length of time for dead player bodies/inventories to decompose, to 20 minutes
- You can now whitelist specific SteamID's that will always be granted access to your server. Even if it's full.
- Console key can now be rebinded through the Options Menu
- All Host Game options are now visible in the in-game launch menu (which also affects single player), as well as saved in INI for easy access
- Fixed an issue where sometimes no servers would return
- Server Player counts should finally be fixed in-game
- Downloading ARK Data Characters into other Servers will no longer lose them
- You can now rebind the Arrow Keys properly (strafe, turn, whatever you want)
- On your server, you can now use 'cheat' or 'admincheat' to cheat after logging in as and admin. "cheat broadcast MessageString" will now let you broadcast a server message to everyone on your server (which also force displays the chat). Note that you can also set a Message-Of-The-Day here:

Message=Hello and welcome to my ARK! :-D

- Added an option to hide the Server Name from your Pause Menu, so that streamers don't have to give away what server they're playing on.
- Your last server filter settings now save and restore
- Argentavis now has a very limited (60% reduced) targeting range for live creatures, but his targeting range for corpses has been boosted by 40%. So watch out if you've got a dead body around, you might want to get out of the way :) . In any case, this is more true to their real-world likely behavior and will make them grief less.
- Your riding character now looks in the direction your camera is facing, along with your mount.
- Fixed a silly enemy pathing case that would make them needlessly turn around a lot in tight confines.
- Reduced default Dino following distance by 50%
- You can now craft directly from within your pet's inventory
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Jat  [developer] Jun 5, 2015 @ 9:54am 
Current Version:

- Re-added network ID translation logic that should ideally fix the "black screens" after successfully connecting to a server.


- Apparent fix for most/all of the infinite loading screen behaviors


- Fixed the "My Survivors" list -- it now properly remembers the servers that you've played on, where your Survivors are at!


- Server & client hotfix (compatible with all 170.x sessions), fixes cheat commands for server admins. You can update your servers as you wish, and with this new client you can again cheat but now use "admincheat COMMAND", not "cheat"!


- Fix for the remaining black screen issue, changed how the client send its package map to the server upon connection (could cause a fail and leave you stranded in a black map).


- Fixed occasional "Fatal Error" with tooltips, by removing the loading tooltips, for now.
- Note: Tab is now a rebindable key. Tilde (~) opens the console.
- Low Memory Mode (4GB) is for people with only 4GB of System RAM. It will use approximately 2.4GB of RAM to get into an ARK as a client. Extreme Low Memory Mode uses the least memory, at only about 2GB of RAM to get into an ARK as a client, however it also has no sounds, and is mostly for debugging. In either Low Memory mode, you will get full world streaming to reduce memory spikes, so you will see more pop-in.


- Reverted the core game content loading method back o dynamic streaming, however we've now also made ALL sub-levels stream dynamically for clients to avoid memory/disk spikes (at the cost of seeing more pop-in). This is currently only active in "Low Memory" mode, so give it a try if you get black screens!


- Fixed another crash with 4GB Low Memory mode. Should be no more crashes in this mode!


- Changed how the game allocates all of its static media memory to be more efficiently packed at game startup (leading to a longer initial splash screen), likely eliminating the black screen bug! (we'll find out :)
- Fixed a mesh crash bug with low-memory and SM4 rendering options


- Added missing "Spyglass" engram (like binoculars), which also enables you to craft the later glasswares. Moved the "Scope" Weapon Attachment to level 30, down from level 40.
- Balance: Fist Damage reduced by 20%, Argentavis AI aggressiveness reduced by 25%, Tran Arrow Tranq-Power increased by 20%, Slingshot Torpidity Power Decreased by 10%
- Reduced the rate at which food spoils in the inventory of an NPC creature, by 75%, to aid long-term creature maintenance
- Implemented a "Low Memory (4 GB RAM)" and "Low Memory DX10" launch options that reduces graphics and audio effects to save about 800 MB RAM, likely enabling 4GB RAM players to get past infinite-loading screens.
- Reimplemented stylish animated-movie loading screen, fixed up some graphics on the "Play Local" menu, exposed various gameplay options to the "Play Local" menu, so that you can more easily customize your own server or local play experience.
- Added an option to hide the Server Name from your Pause Menu, so that streamers don't have to give away what server they're playing on.
- Selfie orbit cam, [K] by default, now collides with structures geometry so that you can't use it to... spy... into other players' houses... creeper!
- Added 3 "PvP-Hardcore-OfficialServers"... for the truly hardcore (you have to create a new survivor after each death :)
- Added ?MapPlayerLocation command argument for player-hosted servers, when used will display the current player location on the 3D Map. (not very hardcore/realistic ;)
- Populated small pickupable rocks across all of the ARK's beaches, not just in the southern coasts.
- Increased # of server search from 50 to 100
- Filter "password protected" servers on the Steam backend, rather than locally, to return more servers
- Fixed a Localization crash
- AZERTY French keyboards can now rebind keys properly
- Initial DirectX10 Shader Model 4 support -- ubersky won't yet render :-P. Also reduces game memory footprint by ~400 MB
- Player counts on the server browser are now correct and accurate
- Getting "Winded" in water no longer prevents you from swimming upwards completely -- you now just swim upwards more slowly, and so are less likely to absolutely drown.
- Pause Menu now lists the Server name
- Server browser now has a list of "Survivor's Servers", upon whihc you have a survivor, Favorite Servers, and Friend's Servers
- Fixed an issue where NPC's would not attack often at lower-FPS times on servers
- Broadcast Server messages now force the chat to appear (typically used to notify of server maintance)
- Bonus Item Skins (Stomped Glasses, Cowboy Hat, Noble Saddle) are permanent, locked to your character, and given again after respawn (dropping them simply removes them if you don't want them -- if you want to keep them, apply them to an item).
- Fixed some graphical artifacts with the water, waterline, and underwater particles
- Slingshot torpidity multiplier reduced slightly
- Inventory Key can now be rebound
- Arrow keys now turn rather than strafe, and can be rebound

1.608 (Client)

- Fixed the singleplayer-side post-load performance problem. At least the BIG one :) ... 15-30 miliseconds per frame saved after singleplayer load on one of our test machines. Baby steps... baby steps... :)

1.607 (Client)

- Fixed two client and server crash cases


- Blackscreen issue should be fixed! Added more official servers. Fixed a few potential chat crashes.
- Working on ShaderModel 4 support and singleplayer performance reloading....


- Full servers will still appear in server-list now


Listing/Refreshing of servers fixed


- Chatbox can no longer be opened in singleplayer games.
- Rebuilt the game content with 2K textures rather than 4K for most. This may help prevent disk and memory thrashing that could have adversely affected performance on some machines.


- Reverted loading screen to static image, might eliminate "black screen of death" when loading into singleplayer mode.
- Made a backend change that may have fixed the backend server issues. We have to update ALL of the servers to fully fix it, but we are gradually rolling that out over this night.
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Pig666eon Jun 5, 2015 @ 10:05am 
eta on the 171??
Emiya Jun 5, 2015 @ 10:07am 
how many hours before 171? :)
Zerim Jun 5, 2015 @ 10:07am 
How do you guys program so fast? Damn
le podic Jun 5, 2015 @ 10:08am 
infinite loading screen plz
Pig666eon Jun 5, 2015 @ 10:08am 
Originally posted by EmiyaKiritsugu:
how many hours before 171? :)

since it was ment to come out yesterday my guess is something is wrong...
I still can't play .. I join in a server and i see just a loading screen.. After i see or black screen or he return me to menu..
Alck4traz Jun 5, 2015 @ 10:10am 
when 1.71 because i could play with 1.70.4 but this night the auto update do the 1.70.47 and now i can't play the loading screen when joining a serv freeze or black screen when it's done , can u tel me if my config have problem withe the game :
windows 8.1
intel core i7 quad core 2.4ghz
amd radeon 2gb vram
6gb ram
AMurderOfCrows Jun 5, 2015 @ 10:11am 
Still getting infinite loading screen, but also, new and interesting problem. When launching the game, after roughly 15 seconds of the cinematic style loading screen, the screen will lag, change resolution and display the old loading screen, and the resolution change makes it impossible to use any other Main Menu option than Join ARK and Host/Play Local, I cannot access the Options or Exit buttons.
Ren Atlas Jun 5, 2015 @ 10:14am 
this patch broke my game :/
< blank > Jun 5, 2015 @ 10:15am 
We are still waiting for good optimalization. Come guys :)
Neo Blackheart Jun 5, 2015 @ 10:17am 
You guys ever gonna fix pet pathing? i am really tired of leaving my pets behind because they get stuck on a stupid rock or tree.
Bvshbaby Jun 5, 2015 @ 10:17am 
Originally posted by ▀▁▂▃▄▅▆▇█▉:
We are still waiting for good optimalization. Come guys :)
Nice croc
HxC FTW Jun 5, 2015 @ 10:26am 
Originally posted by ▀▁▂▃▄▅▆▇█▉:
We are still waiting for good optimalization. Come guys :)
They need to fix the loading issue before that.
Roter Jun 5, 2015 @ 10:31am 
Originally posted by HxC FTW!™:
Originally posted by ▀▁▂▃▄▅▆▇█▉:
We are still waiting for good optimalization. Come guys :)
They need to fix the loading issue before that.
They should ignore anyone with less then the min requirements.
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