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[DISCONTINUED] Base Raiding Protection (v1.3.5)

Development and updating has been discontinued.

For those who want to stick with the plugin, the source code is available. The reason the plugin doesn't work anymore is most likely because the signatures of the functions have changed. So you need to update them. Best done with Visual Studio, IDA64 and a Sig Maker plugin for IDA64.

Current Versions

Current Plugin version is v1.3.5. Released Tue, 12 Jan 2016, 22:05 GMT+1

The plugin is always compatible with the latest ARK Server version unless we (or the community) say otherwise. :D


Source Code

BitBucket Git repositories:

Also check out the Downloads section:

You need to be able to build the code.
You also need UnrealEngine 4 to build it.

The code must go into UnrealEngine4/Engine/Plugins/ARK/
Maybe you need to rename "UE4-InvulnerableBases" just simply to "InvulnerableBases". I just named the repo that way.

If you don't want to build it with UE4, it is possible to port it to a simple Win64 DLL project. Just remove the UE4 references. But keep in mind that you won't be able to use things like FString without UE4.


Players on your server go ham and cry rivers because some bandits ate their bases over night again and again?

Well, here comes THE ultimate alternative for "then go play PvE Noob LoL!"

This is a Server Plugin which renders player structures immune to all damage. This includes structures like Walls, Doors, etc. aswell as Storage Containers.

You can set the Plugin to protect bases 24/7 or configure what days and what times you want to have "Raiding Days" or "Raiding Hours".

No more crying users with molten faces! Isn't this great? But well dear Admin, think wisely. If you install this patch you have to deal with the bandits threatening you to leave the Server because it is now OMYGAWD FFS SO CAREBEAR B*LLSH@T!

Decide yourself!

  • Configurable using a simple .ini file.
  • You can Enable / Disable the plugin via the .ini
  • You can set a protection TIME RANGE.
  • You can set WEEKDAYS of no protection, like base raiding only on weekends!
  • You can set a damage modifier for UNPROTECTED HOURS.
  • You can set a damage modifier for PROTECTED HOURS.
  • DLL injection and function routing instead of hard-patching.
  • Original Function Pattern Matching, so it should be more "update-friendly".

Team ARK Bar

We're the team developing the ARKPluginLoader, as well as the InvulnerableBases plugin. We'll add more documentation and a pluggable API for everyone to enjoy later. Stay tuned and have a look at our website to get updates first hand!
  • Alexander Hagabråten, helping to solve the time logic problem
  • Daniel Gothenborg, who joined the project and his invaluable help, giving suggestions for problems and later on helped me coding when I was too tired.
  • Mario Werner (me), original idea, first InvulnerableBasesPatch, relentless searching for a better solution.

  • Studio Wildcard for this awesome game!
  • Pcchild @ Steam for emotional support and relentless testing.


Donations are always welcome to show your gratitude and support!

Click to donate[]

Thank you! <3

Donations so far: 15,- €


Shutdown your server.
  1. Unzip the into the same directory as ShooterGameServer.exe.
  2. Unzip the in the same directory as ShooterGameServer.exe.

So the directory structure looks like:
ARK\ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64 [+]-- plugins\ -- InvulnerableBases.dll -- InvulnerableBases.ini -- ShooterGameServer.exe -- UE4Editor-Core.dll -- version.dll

Restart your server. When starting you should get a console output similar to this:

Known Issues

As we found out, some game server providers do not allow DLL access for their servers because of security reasons. In that case kindly ask your provider if they enable DLL support for you and hope they are willing to do so. :D


[SETTINGS] Enabled=0|1
Defines the state of the plugin.

If Enabled=0 the plugin is disabled and will offer no protection
If Enabled=1 the plugin is enabled and will offer protection

[WEEKDAYS] UnprotectedDays=1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Defines the days of week on which the protection will be disabled according to the defined TIME settings.

1 = Mo, 2 = Tue, 3 = Wed, 4 = Thu, 5 = Fr, 6 = Sa, 7 = Su

If empty ( UnprotectedDays= ), only TIME settings will be taken into account.
If you want to allow UnprotectedDays only on weekends, set

UnprotectedDays=6 7

That means on Saturday and Sunday base raiding will be allowed, according to the defined TIME settings.

[PROTECTIONTIME] StartHour=0..23 StopHour=0..23
Defines the time range where the protection is enabled.

For instance StartHour=0 and StopHour=10 will protect the bases from midnight (0:00) until morning (10:00).
Or StartHour=0 and StopHour=0 will offer 24h protection.

Time is always based on Server Time in 24h format.

[PROTECTIONTIME1..7] StartHour=0..23 StopHour=0..23
Like PROTECTIONTIME above. But sets the protection time only for a specific weekday and overrides the general setting.

[BROADCAST] DoBroadcast=0|1 MessageProtectionOn=\n\n** PHEW! :D **\n\nAsset protection is now ON! MessageProtectionOff=\n\n** OH SH... D: **\n\nAsset protection is now OFF!
Defines if a Server broadcast will be sent when protection status changes.
DoBroadcast=1 will send a broadcast.
DoBroadcast=0 will not send a broadcast.
MessageProtectionOn and MessageProtectionOff are the messages. You do not need to add quotes! \n will add a line feed.

[DAMAGE] ProtectedModifier=0..1|N UnprotectedModifier=0..1|N
Defines the damage modifier in protected and unprotected state.

ProtectedModifier defines the modifier in protected state. ProtectedModifier=0 means 0 damage = 100% protection. ProtectedModifier=0.5 means 50% damage. ProtectedModifier=1 means 0 protection = 100% damage.

Same for UnprotectedModifier:
UnprotectedModifier defines the modifier in unprotected state. UnprotectedModifier=1 means 100% damage in terms of input = output. UnprotectedModifier=0.5 means 50% damage.

The lower the number, the more protection it will offer.
And any number above 1 will actually buff the damage. UnprotectedModifier=10 will modify the damage to do 10x normal damage.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

**** Linux Version?

There have been many requests for a Linux version. But at the moment I doubt we are able to create a Linux port. However, a Steam user sounded like he wanted to create a Linux port. But he has given no ETA so far.

Please check these posts. These will explain the issues in more detail: (+ 2 posts after that)

**** Source Code?

Yes. It is available. Take a look in the "Source Code" section above.

**** [ARKPluginLoader] Socket is not starting, missing configuration
I get this error when I launch my server. Do you have a solution?

Just ignore that. It is no error. Just a warning, related to our own RCON support.
This message will look differently in upcoming versions.

**** Is it possible that the plugin can do X? Like only protect if no tribe member is online or so?

No. What the plugin can do with the extremely limited interface to the ARK server is already implemented. Unfortunately there is no reliable and stable way to expand the functionality to provide a more dynamic behavior.


Version 1.3.5 - Updated patterns for 239.1 compatibility Tested, works. Version 1.3.4 - Updated patterns for 230.0 compatibility Tested, works. Version 1.3.3 - Test release to check 229.0 compatibility Version 1.3.2 - Fixed a bug which made it impossible to disable the plugin - Fixed protection time plan output. 24h protected and 24h unprotected had the same output (00:00). New output: 24h protection -> "FULL". 24h unprotected -> "NEVER". - Fixed a copy & paste error in the shipped default .ini. PROTECTIONTIME6 was existing twice. Version 1.3.1 - Updated patterns for 187.0 compatibility Version 1.3.0 - Migrated code base to UnrealEngine4. Unfortunately this requires the plugin to use UE4Editor-Core.dll, which is deployed with the Plugin - Added support for setting individual raid times for different weekdays - Added option to broadcast a Server message on change of vulnerability state Version 1.2.0 - Switched Console functions to internal ones Note: You need to update the PluginLoader as well. Version 1.1.4 - Modified pattern for 180.4 Version 1.1.3 - Discarded usage of all CHook64 classes and functions due to unexpected conflicts with the author - Implemented MinHook instead - Implemented different FindPattern function. Modified for x64. Credits to Forza - Added new feature: Unprotected Week Days. Refer InvulnerableBases_ReadMe.txt for configuration. Version 1.0.2 - Modified pattern again for 178.2. Should be stable and "update friendly" now. Version 1.0.1 - Modified pattern for 178.0 Version 1.0.0 - Initial release

Server List

Known Active Servers using this plugin:
Last Check: 16/01/07

  1. US | PVP!! | Active Admins | 5x Tame Rate | Longer day | 3x Difficulty
  2. [GER 24/7] TS3.BBQCAMP.DE #1 FriendlyPvP[]
  3. TPG[PvPvE][x2XPStoneFiberTame]US[]
  4. Einherjar's Custom PvPvE Ark[]
  5. [EU/NO][20xGather/Tame][Fast Night] Aku Shima Mod - Xnett org[]
  6. [AU] playark com au - AntiRaid 5xT 10xH/G 2xXP[]
  7. Orbit Ark PVP Base Protect X10[]
  8. Doublee ARK (3x Harv-9x Tame-Fast XP-Great Mods)[]
  9. VapeLand[PVP-8xT/6xExp/4xG][TS/NoWipe/RaidDays][]
  10. [UK/IRE]GaelLords PvP InstaLvL70 + BaseProtection[]

Want your Server to appear here? Just drop me a note and a link to your server on or in this thread! :)


Known Game Server Hosters providing our plugins for their ARK Servers:

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Nachbars Lumpi Jun 22, 2015 @ 3:40pm 
Bump :)
Ardus Jun 22, 2015 @ 3:55pm 
Aren't DLL injectors bannable by VAC?
Nachbars Lumpi Jun 22, 2015 @ 3:57pm 
It is Server Side DLL injection, a Server Plugin. Not client-side.

The server isn't affected by VAC, not even connected to Steam. You don't even need a Steam account to download the Server.

Everything is fine. :)
SimpleSiren Jun 22, 2015 @ 3:59pm 
If you guys trully get this going. All the PVS players will be sitting on empty servers by themselves lol.
Nachbars Lumpi Jun 22, 2015 @ 4:04pm 
Yes, we hope to get this rolling. :D

Unfortunately this thread gets drowned within 2min due to the sheer amount of posts pushed to the front page. Needs more attention. :D

Maybe we can ask the devs to make that sticky.
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This is a great idea and solution!

Thanks guys for this!
Nachbars Lumpi Jun 22, 2015 @ 4:45pm 
Thanks. :)

Yes, every bump is welcome.
Surt Jun 22, 2015 @ 4:47pm 
Yup, The idea of having protected hours mean that there will be no raid at 5am. It's a good solution to pvo. I like it.
Gankey69 Jun 22, 2015 @ 4:49pm 
lets see if u cnt get u some DEV help :P +1
The_Netrider Jun 22, 2015 @ 4:52pm 
theres a plugin already , its called stop.crying and play on pve server if you dont like something that its part of the game
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Shadowbreed Jun 22, 2015 @ 4:55pm 
Originally posted by BW NeTRiDeR K:
theres a plugin already , its called stop.crying and play on pve server if you dont like something that its part of the game

You should probably learn to read before being an idiot.
Zothen Jun 22, 2015 @ 5:02pm 
Originally posted by Shadowbreed:
Originally posted by BW NeTRiDeR K:
theres a plugin already , its called stop.crying and play on pve server if you dont like something that its part of the game

You should probably learn to read before being an idiot.
Idiots dont need to read. They naturally adopt the skill of being utter idiots... =)
Tercertipo Jun 22, 2015 @ 5:04pm 
Get it to sticky!
X Jun 22, 2015 @ 5:19pm 
PluginLoader confirmed working in v178
InvurnerableBases broke, we're patching asap.
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Nachbars Lumpi Jun 22, 2015 @ 5:23pm 
Originally posted by Xstasy:
Confirmed working in v178
^--- This.
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