Universal Combat CE

Universal Combat CE

dsmart  [developer] Dec 8, 2018 @ 4:41am
!alldone broadcast "GCV-LANCER HAS DELIVERED ITS CARGO" broadcast "+5000 EXPERIENCE POINTS" ep_dec,5000

# thats a decrease, isnt it? Was not too happy about that ingame ;) Should be ep_add if I'm not mistaken.

:hostile_wing vesperon military,,hw1,viper.3d vesperon military,,hw2,viper.3d vesperon military,,hw3,viper.3d

# the hostile wing is a friendly caste. Deliberately? If so it's a odd choice or statement about getting stabbed in the back by friends?

The Player will most likely not be able to complete the scenario at first attempt without proper insight. As he has to jump into the system before the GCV-LANCER, attack the (green marked) enemy to turn it red and destroy him or at least keep him occupied when the GCV-LANCER jumps into the system. Clueless, unaware and unprepaired and outnumbered you will lose against the intent and initiative of an unknown enemy.

!alldone halt off this dock paladian broadcast "GCV-LANCER TRANSFER COMPLETE, RETURNING TO BASE"

# noteworthy: player may not be aware of the fact he will still lose 2500 points after the successful transfer if the GCV-LANCER is destroyed before RTB at paladian. Escort home is required. Mission description is clear, though.

I am mentioning this because I got destracted by a fighter launch from the enemy station (after watching how the friendly fleet got blown to bits. What a waste of supplies). The GCV-LANCER managed to arrive at its home system but got destroyed there in my absence. My
fault. Still, an additional reminding broadcast from the GCV-LANCER could have helped to focus on the mission.
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dsmart  [developer] Dec 8, 2018 @ 4:57am 
ep_dec is a copy pasta bug. Will fix.

The use of hostile Vesperons is deliberate. Read their history[www.3000ad.com] and you will see why. The explicit orders to attack override their underlying AI race/alliance logic

The scenario description is accurate. The GCV-LANCER has to survive the scenario. Also the ship already sends a message when under attack. If you are distracted, that's how commanders get court-martialed.
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