XIII Century

XIII Century

Toonces 25 apr, 2013 @ 0:35
Has anybody defeated the Scots in Falkirk?
I've tried this battle at least 3 times, and I've also read about the battle online and gamed it in boardgames.

I simply cannot figure out how to get past this battle in this game, though.

It is probably something simple, but I'm missing it. I want to attrite the Scots with my archers, but I can't seem to do that without being attrited myself. The Scot shiltrons are impossible to penetrate with cavalry, and I can't get my archers close enough to weaken them without exposing them to counter-archer fire from Scot archers.

Any advice is certainly welcome!
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markakeen 7 jan, 2014 @ 7:41 
This thread is very old now, though in case anyone else is having difficulty, this is how I did it:

In this battle the enemy AI is pretty dumb. You can essentially treat this battle as a learning exercise on which troops perform best against which. The enemy outnumbers you 2-to-1, so you have to make sure you position your army as effectively as possible.

At the start of the battle I moved my whole army around to the back of the enemy, despatching their cavalry on the way. Once their cavalry is gone stay at range and position your archers to attack their first group of pikemen. Try not to let your archers come under enemy fire. Ammunition is limited, so you do not have enough arrows to completely destroy each pikemen group. I tried to bring them down to 50%, so each pikemen group would only have around 200 men left. For me, this wasn't entirely possible, but I thinned them out as best I could.

Next I manoeuvred my (now ammo-less) archers, pikemen and swordsman ready to attack the first pikemen group. I also prepared some cavalry to attack the enemy archers behind. By attacking with all my infantry at once I was able to break the first pikemen group, and my cavalry were able to get to the first few archer groups. Once each group were broken I ordered my troops to attack the next group along the line. It got pretty messy, and I wasn't sure I would have enough troops, but as more and more of the enemy fled, their morale suffered, and it was relatively simple to pick off the last few groups.

It took me three attempts to find this strategy, and get it to work. In the end I only lost 594 troops compared to nearly 2000 of the enemy, but it was still a near thing!
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