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Morte-360 Mar 8, 2014 @ 7:11am
Help with christianity
I'm playing my first campaign as a christian (legendary), and am struggling. I own a lot of Kyushu & Chugoku excluding 2 provinces, as the Shimazu and beat the Shino into vassalage (they had 4 provinces and quite a few allies, my armies were wrecked and I was going to get steamrolled by their allies if I didn't vassalise and make peace). I was left with a lot of weakly held provinces ready to rebel and had to garrison quite heavy for so early on (I don't usually expand that quick but have had to this time, within 20 turns I owned most of Kyushu and Chugoku).

My economy obviously took a hit due to this, so I decided to convert to christianity to increase trade etc reasoning that I may as well do it while my territory was still small. However what I wasn't ready for was just how insane the rebellions are it fels like EU at the mo :), I need to place moderate stacks in every city just in the hope of keeping peace and lower taxes if not exempt provinces. The problem more troops equals higher upkeep the need to lower taxes means I'm making losses and public order doesn't sem to be climbing fast enough even with missionarys.

My Daimyo recenty died in battle so I'm considering re-converting (un-converting?) but that feels lke chickening out. Can anyone give any advice on how to more effectively deal with christianity in the game thanks :}.
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monks monks monks monks is how you quell a populace of this, also converting early helps migate the damage this will cause from rebellion, anotehr thing yo ucan do is use ninja to sabatoge armies left and right to keep em pinned in place while you deal with the fallouty, lowering taxes to minimal also helps lots and use your metsuke to your advantage: atleast60% of the time they can and will bribe a rebel army
PistolChimp Mar 8, 2014 @ 9:58pm 
I'm assuming you're playing as Shimazu. Most of the island should be at least half christian already, but priests will get it there if it's not. Building a second level church in overy other province is more cost effective than putting one in every castle. The second level churches effect adjacent lands.

Also, the Nanban port has a conversion effect, too. Lock down some trade routes, if possible, and look to take the rest of the island. Have a navy stationed to block the land bridge by Buzen and build a castle there. Build as many metsukes as you can, and put them in the cities with the highest income; they increase the tax rate and help with order.

On Legendary, your vassels will turn on you, so use a priest to start a rebellion when you can. Have an army nearby to take their castle if they leave to crush the rebels.

Good luck. I've never tried going christian on Legendary, but have beat it on VH with a similiar plan.
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