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Vantage Dev  [developer] May 15 @ 12:50pm
[FAQ] Dedicated Server Setup
Okay the server is running, what do I do first?
You are taken to the server's Setup tab. What you must do first is fill in all of the required information.

- "Make the server public:" Selecting this option will broadcast the server to the game's Master Server list. Your server will appear on the master server list that all players of the game can see, so anyone in the world can see your game, and play on it. You want to disable this option if you wish to run a dedicated server only for yourself or friends, you can give other people your IP and password to login to the server, and they can manually add it to their favorites and join it at any time.

- Set Server Information: Here you must set your server name and description, IP address and password. You can find what your IP address online by simply typing "What is my IP" in a website search. It is recommended to use the default port of 39245 at this time. And of course enter a password for the server if necessary.

- Press "Update" - Make sure you save your settings!

- Server Limits Set the default number of max players for your server. Based on your server's location and computing power of the computer it is running on, this value may be adjusted, By default this number is 16, but you may change this as required. "Patch Limit" is currently not used.

- Message of the Day: Type in a message that your players will see every time they start playing the game on your server. Don't forget to press the "Update MOTD" button!

- Test your Server Connection! Make sure you and other players can connect to your server by successfully logging in.

- Chat Tab: - Selecting the "Chat" tab will bring you to the Admin chat window. Here you can send in-game messages to players while you are not in the game, and see everyone else's chat. You can send chat to three places:
- Send to Chat: Selection this option will simply out your text into all player's Chat Box, with a different color and the [ADMIN] tag next to it, use this if you wish to talk back and forth with other players.
- Send to Notify: This option will broadcast the text to the top of the players window and queue it into their "notify" text list. This appears as large text on the players screen near the top of the window. The same as when notifies for new crafts and skills for the players are shown. Use this option if you want players to see your message, but it does not impede with their game play experience.
- Send to Message Box: This option will force a message box to appear on all player's screens with your message. PLEASE NOTE: This is an action that will impede the play experience of your players as it will force a window to appear on the center of the screen that they must click on. Only use this for a VERY important message that all players must see immediately (i.e. the server is shutting down in X minutes).

What are the network ports that the game uses?
- 39245: Main Game Port
- 39246: Bug Submission port to the Master Server
- 39247: Master Server List Broadcast port

People cannot connect to my server
- Make sure that you have access to the correct port numbers if you are running through a router of firewall on a local network. The ports the game use are 39245-39247 (39245 is the main game port ).
- Also make sure your IP address is correct. The server supports IPv4 and IPv6 numbers.
- Check your router or firewall settings on your Router to make sure it is set up correctly.

I am interested in setting up a more serious dedicated server for this game on a remote server. How can I do this?
- First you need to find a dedicated server to run the game on, there are many companies that offer this service. For example Amazon has a server system which you can purchase time for. There are also many other services that offer different priced solutions.

- You can easily copy the game files to any other place and run the server executable there (VantageServer.exe). NOTE: You must copy ALL files (including client files) to the Server, as some functionality of the server can access some of the client files from time to time.

- Also NOTE!: If the game gets updated you must update your game files as well if you are running a server where it cannot be updated in a Steam account. Be careful not to overwrite your "\Account\" or "\Game_Data\World\" directory! It is always a safe idea to make a copy of your files before updating your server.

I saw from a while ago you have a world creation system! Can I create my own worlds for people to play on?
Not yet unfortunately. As of now that is only a personal tool, but I will make this public in the future! My current focus is to improve stability, game optimization, and of course new content!

What about more server functions like the ability to kick and ban people?
Yes of course. Functions like this are planned to be made post-Early Access Launch. I have been focusing a great deal on many other aspects of the Client and Server. Options like these will come soon.

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