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Vantage Dev  [developer] Jun 5, 2018 @ 6:57am
[Update 1.1.4] Early Access Patch Notes
Update EA 1.1.4 ( January 10, 2019 )

- Foxes now correctly drop skull caps/brains on player's local servers.

- You can no longer "accidentally" drop water and have it disappear. You will get a warning message saying that you cannot do this. You can only destroy water by manually selecting the option from player inventory.

- Fixes an issue that was causing a rare server crash, and also may have solved several issues regarding inventory items disappearing and randomly being moved elsewhere. I will of course keep an eye on this.

- Animal blood and brain fluid no longer spoil (the quality no longer degrades over time and then disappears).

- You will now only gain the skill bonus/experience for optional craft items only if you have that item while crafting. For example: Herbalism can now gain experience again by using it in cooking recipes. If you use a herb while cooking you can gain experience in the skill.

Update EA 1.1.3 ( November 19, 2018 )

- Burned campfires will now disappear again. This stopped working from last update. The time burned campfires exist in the world has been lowered to only 5 minutes now.

- Added a new fire-making craft: "Ignite Tinder". With a piece of tinder on the ground and a item with fire (A lit torch or other nearby campfire) you can quickly make another primitive fire anywhere with only a piece of tinder!

- Added a new fire-making craft "Create Tinder". You can make tinder with a small stick.

- When a primitive fire is created on the ground, if the tinder was very low quality, the fire will still burn for a minimum for 45 seconds to 1 minute before it snuffs itself out. This will always give you time to put wood on the fire.

- Primitive fires now burn more slowly (they will last longer).

- Fixed a bug where animal spawns were not working since the last update. This should be fixed now. All animals should be spawning correctly again. (Thanks "up100" for travelling the world to realize this happened :) )

- Fixed a typo in craft window stating Durability Loss instead of Quality loss.


Update EA 1.1.2 ( October 24, 2018 )

- HOTFIX( Nov 6 )
- Fixed some bugs where you could manipulate the Waist and Neck objects of dead corpses.
- Foxes now drop more meat.

- NOTE: Again, although my tests have gone without incident, I have made many framework updates with this latest patch, please let me know of any issues you have.

- Customization key mapping is here! Just go to the key controls window in the game and you can change your default key settings. For now you can only bind "immediate keys" ( no Shift/Ctrl/Alt + key binds yet, and no mouse binds yet either).

- Items now "fall" off of trees! Here is a basic breakdown of these mechanics (please note this can change in later updates)
- Currently, an item can fall off of a tree approximately once every 24 real life hours.
- There is a limit to the numbers of items that can be on the ground at one time. If there are too many items on the ground as the same items looking to drop, it will not drop.
- There is also a chance on some items that no items simply will not drop in the time frame (for example, an apple tree can have a 25% chance to drop an apple every time, or drop nothing at all).
- Picking up the items near the tree that drop those items will most likely allow it to drop more of those items later

- The code that deals with item manipulation over time had been enhanced again. This should allow for better server performance. Keep in mind this is still in testing. Let me know if you experience any items not "changing over time" (losing quality over time, items not spawning etc..)

- Foxes now drop small hides.

- All medium and large hides can now be immediately equipped and worn on the torso to give the buff to counteract the cold weather debuff (you still need to clean the hide with the hide working skill to get the constitution bonus).

- Many improvements to the inventory interface:
- The nodes to open and close inventory items are now bigger.
- You can now double-click any inventory item to open/close the item node instead of clicking the node button itself!
- The right click menu font is now bigger.
- The "drop" option no longer appears on world items that are not a child of other items.

- You now move at the same speed regardless of your character's viewing angle.

- fixed brush sticks in the desert so they are all unattached.


Update EA 1.1.1 ( October 10, 2018 )

- Food decay algorithms have been reworked a little. Overall, most fruits and meats should last around 7 real-life days before expiring. These are the default values, and could be different based on your crafting results of course.

- For creating a fire, the failure chance on tinder has been reduced slightly. You have better chance of creating a fire, but with a lack of skill you can still fail.

- Boulders and large stones have a better chance of being spawned in the world.

- Weapons used for hunting have been moved into the "Hunting" section of your craft list. Components to craft those weapons ( brush patch for the sling for example ) are still in the relative material crafts sections and have not been moved.

- Fixed several inventory bugs.

- The primitive fire craft has been reworked! You now place your hearth board in the world to create you fire. If the craft succeeds, the fire will be placed at the location of your hearth board. So now you can specifically place your fire directly in the middle of your hut for example.

- Firing pottery on your kiln, and cooking now also use the fire working skill (so you can gain fire working skill as well).

- Many messages that you receive telling you about items action that fail (moving/using items, etc..) now tell you the specific items that failed to take that action.

- When you load your character into the game, the mouse now starts in "look" mode.

- The pull cart movement penalty has been reworked. You now have a 50% speed penalty overall when using it, instead of a flat speed penalty. This also allows you to move in water with a pull cart more quickly. It is still very slow swimming in water with a pull cart of course! But much better than before.

- Shadows on objects in the world are now the same darkness as on the terrain (shadows on objects are darker).

- Fixed a couple of possible client crashes regarding object rendering.

- Destroying an item no longer says you dropped it on the ground as well.

- Fixed some item tool tip bugs.

- All the traps, trap crafts, and the fox, rat, and squirrel now have help tips and descriptions.

- When cooking, your cooking stick should degrade much more slowly.

- The parentheses after item container names now show the total number if items in that container, instead of the number of types of items. Item links still show the number of immediate items of that type in brackets "[x]"

- Tilled soil should now get placed on the ground again (sorry about that!). Also, if you had this bug occur and you have tilled soil in your hand, you can now properly destroy it.

- Message of the Day (MOTD) has been moved to the character chat window, instead of popping up as a window in the center of the screen.

- The craft window item descriptions now have more symbols describing the craft effects of the items, instead of having a lengthy description in the item names themselves. You can hover over the item and see the full descriptions of what each symbol means in its tool tip.

- You can no longer search the area for items when dragging an item.

- The primitive axe and scythe now also receive a quality bonus as well as a durability bonus when crafting them. ( NOTE: I am currently still developing other ways to make these types of objects better, so items like these are still evolving ).


Update EA 1.1.0 ( September 26, 2018 )

- HOTFIX: (Oct 1) - Traps now process your offline time as well when calculating triggering. For example: If you log out for a few hours while your server is running, then log in. The next chance the game process the trap, it will take all that time into account when calculating the trap trigger event. (Before, it only calculated when you, or someone else, was near the trap ).

So if you log out of the server for the day (while the server is still running), and come back the next, there is a good chance many of traps should have "triggered".


- "Traps and Critters" content is now live! There was a great deal of work involved with this update, you can read about it more on the news post here:

- Even though there was a lot of work done. I will not list all of the small game mechanics details here in the patch notes, some are explained in the news blog linked above.

- Implemented an "automatic soft wipe" message for people's personal servers, so they have the option to manually "soft wipe" their server when I release certain updates. This is the first public test of the soft wipe, please let me know of any issues.

- Added three new animals: rats, squirrels, and foxes.

- Due to the addition of more animals. The spawn rate, chances, and locations of many animals have been altered.

- Three new items added: Hunting traps. They catch different different types of animals, and need a certain level of the "primitive hunting" skill" to use.

Update EA 1.0.12 ( September 10, 2018 )

- Crafting a sling no longer removes your tool you used to make it.

- You can now once again use brain liquid for braining your hides.

- Crafting the primitive axe now adds a little extra durability to the item while in the assembly stage, allowing it to last a little longer than other tools.

- Fixed many spelling and grammar errors throughout the game, as well as re-wrote a few tutorial pages for more clarity and outdated text.

- Fixed an issue causing triggered debuffs to trigger much more frequently than intended. Cold/Heat/Nighttime buffs should be less severe.

Update EA 1.0.11 ( September 2, 2018 )

- HOTFIX( September 7 ): Fixed a issue where the server would crash when attempting to drop an item.

- Two new items are added to the game! Hand Sickle and Hand Axe! Both are advanced tools that also give a bonus to the progress of a craft as well. Currently you can unlock them at "Primitive Tool Use" skill level 4 and 7.

- You can now drink liquids that have been combined into a generic liquid.

- Fixed a UI issue where right clicking over a tool tip would not work.

- The sun now rises in the east! Finally! ( I have no idea how this got changed LOL )

- To further improve the effectiveness of searching the area for items, all containers in the game have a 100 item max limit. This is so a max search item limit can be reached, and you can still see all the items in your containers. ( If you have a container that had over 100 items before this patch, that is okay. You will still see all of the items, you just need to remove items before you can add more. )

- The search area code has had another optimization pass. This should hopefully improve the speed of accessing items on the server even more.

- Changed the spawn time of fruits and seeds on all trees. They were currently at test values that were making them spawn quickly. Now they will take several real-life days.

- Created a Dischord group (no advanced game integration yet ).

- Improved the "Shadow Map" detection code for people who were crashing before even playing the game. If they cannot create the shadow map, you can now still play the game. Also it will try to use a small texture size if the normal texture size allocation fails first.

- The thatch work hut collision boundaries have been improved. You should be able to walk around, and select items in your huts much more effectively. (There may be some issues where you may be able to walk through the hut. This is still a WiP).

Update EA 1.0.10 ( August 23, 2018 )

- You now get a chat message when you drop an item on the ground.

- Updated some item icons.

- Updated farming tutorial pages.

- The Menu, Craft XP, and Bug window now can have their window locations saved.

- Primitive campfires now *counter* the "Cold Chill" (from being in a cold area of the world) and "Night Time" debuffs.

- You now get resource XP from extracting plant strands with a tool.

- All items that degrade over time ( mainly food items ) will now be removed from the world before they appear (the "coconuts disappearing when they are clicked on" bug).

- Updated the world inventory node system so it should correctly keep the state of the nodes when performing item actions. (Keeping the state of all your opened/closed items)

Update EA 1.0.9 ( August 16, 2018 )

- HOTFIX (August 18)
- Fixed a bug which can potentially spawn a massive amount of items on a plant item which changes from "young" to "old". I am not going to wipe the farming items, but you may see a very large performance slump interacting with these items until the food items are rotted away.

- Changed the soil drying check back to the normal interval time (was currently at a "test" time which was being called much more frequently). This should improve server performance for players with large farms.

- The terrain rendering system has been updated and optimized. Players may see a large boost in performance ( higher FPS ). I will continue to test this.

- Hide sack should now give leatherworking skill again.

- Fixed a bug with the notify chat messages (text that periodically appears at the top of the screen.

- Put extra safeguards into combat damage so that animals have a minimum wait time between attacks.

- Fixed many bugs with igniting and using torches. (Just FYI, torches are actually a very complex game mechanic and I will continue to monitor any other issues that may occur. )

- Added a message when creating a tutorial character explaining the limitations of the character.

Update EA 1.0.8 ( August 9, 2018 )

- HOTFIX (Aug 10th ) - Added a "Debug mode" option to the game. If you are experiencing client crashes in the game, run this version of the game and it will hopefully give some useful information that should be very useful to me if you experience the crash again.

- HOTFIX (Aug 10th ) - Premade character's items should no longer disappear on creation.
- Disabled the drinking/eating limit when your hunger thirst bars were full (this was annoying some people). You can now continue to eat and drink if you wish.

- BE CAREFUL! Animals that attack now know when you enter the water, animals will now run away from you, lose aggro, and any animals that spawn as of 1.0.8, will fully heal as well! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ;)

- Another possible fix for the "loading mouse cursor" issue when alt-tabbing in and out of the game. (Again please let me know if you still have this issue as I cannot reproduce this)

- Animals should no longer walk into the next "zone" when players are near the edge of the world.

- Added help tips to the left and right hand to describe to people how to make containers to hold more items.

- Animals can no longer be "pinned" against the water to avoid being attacked.

- Dead mammoths can no longer be picked up.

- Improved the "soft wipe" interface on the server.

- Added a world backup restore feature to the server. If you had a backup made from a previous wipe, you can "revert" your world to an earlier backup save file.

- Fixed several spelling errors.

- Items are now properly consumed when building a pull cart.

- Watering plants, and other crafts requiring liquid, will now correctly use up that liquid.

- Fixed several crafts where you were not getting the resource use experience ( for example, using a sharp bone to harvest clay will now give you boneworking experience).

- Seaweed is now compostible and edible.

- You now get a confirmation when destroying an item.

- When crafting, you now have the option to select to auto-fill your craft items with the highest or lowest quality items!

- Tule reeds will now be spawned in colder areas of the world (but in less numbers), also you will not see them in already explored areas. you can also "soft wipe" your world to have them spawn as well.

- All containers now work on premade characters!

- Premade characters have gotten an overhaul and update! Starting items and skills have been adjusted! (NOTE: I am aware of an issue where food is not being spawned on some premade characters)

- You can now move with the arrow keys on the key board as well.

Update EA 1.0.7 ( August 2, 2018 )

- HOTFIX ( August 4, 2018 ) - Fixed a major client crashing issue when being close the edge of the world where it begins to "wrap". Hopefully this was the client crash most people were experience and it has been fixed. I will continue to test and monitor this issue of course.

- HOTFIX - Fixed many bugs and added extra safeguards to the character creation process so players could not make mistakes which may cause the creation process to not work correctly. Also you will now only see the character "playing" message when the character is actually in the game playing (not when it is beginning in character creation ).

- Extracting attached parts from items that are containers ( skull caps with brains ) should now work correctly.

- Updated key controls

- Attempted another fix for the "loading mouse cursor" issue when alt-tabbing in and out of the game. Again, I appreciate any input on this as I cannot re-create this issue.

- Some other small UI optimizations and fixes.

- This update includes a "Soft Wipe" option for your server program. (PLEASE NOTE:
This is is Work in Progress, even though no issues have been found). This process will "reset" the areas of the world that have not altered by players, while preserving all player crafted items, and the surrounding areas also. And as of this patch (1.0.7) it will also preserve any items you drop, and their surrounding areas as well.

Update EA 1.0.6

- HOTFIX - Fixed an issue where fish were spawning out of control! (This was causing massive amounts of fish to be spawned, which is slowing down the frame rate of many players. The fish should no longer spawn out of control ). And hopefully next week I will have way to remove these fish, though I have been "cleaning up" the main server of fish :)

- Possibly fixed an issue that was causing a client crash ( I will continue to look into this however, this issue of course takes top priority )

- Possible fix for some users who experience a "loading cursor" when alt-tabbing into the game. I will continue to test this and hotfix this as necessary. Feedback on whether this worked or not is appreciated as I cannot re-create the issue myself.

- The farming soil values have been completely reworked. When creating tilled soil the values should be better reflected based on their optimal planting area. Also, soil decay values have been greatly lowered. Even in the worst climate you should have at least 24 real-life hours before your soil dies.

- Players should now be able to walk into their huts again.

- The hot desert areas no longer apply the sweltering heat buff at night.

- You can now counter the "cold chill" debuff in cold parts of the world by wearing a tunic!

- You can now take lake water and put it in containers again.

- UI improvments: Right clicking to bring up the right click menu should hopefully work every time now.

- UI Improvments: Middle-mouse clicking to go in between look and mouse mode should also work every time.

- Players can now type "/loc" in their chat to get their current location in the world. You can use this to help find others.

- Primitive Fire's rate of wood burning has been slowed down a little ( primitive fires take longer to burn wood ).

Update EA 1.0.5

- HOTFIX 7/25/18: Fixed an issue where the main game server was causing frequent timeouts. Updated the client to help prevent timeouts that are not actually occurring, but the messages appear anyways.

- HOTFIX 7/24/18: Increased the timeout for connecting to the single player server (It should connect to the server more reliably now instead of needing to connect to it manually)

- HOTFIX 7/24/18: Updated the IP address of the main server as it seems it was changed overnight ( sorry about that ), you should now be able to connect to it again.

- Added tutorial to explain fire management

- Added the functionality to allow server administrators to select server options to turn off tutorial characters, and to allow only realism characters on their servers.

Update EA 1.0.4

- Lighting torches both in the world and in your inventory should now work again.

- Fixes some issues with sound volumes when changing the sound level in the options screen.

- Fixed some UI issues during character creation.

- Other framework implementations for future content additions.

Update EA 1.0.3

- Environmental 3D sounds are re-enabled! I did not realize that these were not running. You will be hearing a lot of interesting sound effects while walking around the world now!

- Updated a few existing sound effects.

- Fixed some sound issues with changing the sound volume in the options screen.

- Updated the Buff/Debuff system in the game to allow for more complex game mechanics in the future.

- Deserts are now "hotter"! In very hot and dry areas of the world you will be hit with a "Sweltering heat" debuff which will make you lose health and thirst. Wearing a hat will counter the effect.

- Campfires and lit torches in the world now keep animals away! No more pesky animals roaming in your camp!

- Swimming uses a little more stamina.

Update EA 1.0.2

- HOTFIX 6/27/18: Fixed an issue that could cause a server crash when purchasing items in character creation mode, and also fixed a few other bugs relating to purchasing items in the character creation screen.

- HOTFIX: Potentially fixed a MASSIVE performance issue with the game relating to animal movement that was doing large amounts of file accessing. This may give you a very large boost in your frame rate.

- Female sound effects added!

- The item inventory management system has had a large overhaul. This was to fix many issues with interacting and organizing containers, and moving items around containers, and containers within containers. (Please note: I have tested this for a while and I have had no problems. However if you experience any issues please let me know, and let me know how you produced the problem, thanks ).

- Animal brains are now attached to the skulls, and have to be removed the same as all other animal parts. There is also "brain liquid" as well. You can eat the brains, and drink the liquid or use it for crafts.

- The in-game music soundtrack is now randomized.

- I have moved the initial server database file to a new name and it is now copies over if the main network database does not exist in the "Accounts" directory. This is to help prevent accidental overwriting of server account information for people's personal servers if they decide to manually copy files to another location. (Please note: It is ALWAYS suggested you back up files before moving/copying/updating files of course ).

- The player now auto-reloads their character when "wrapping" around the world (when a character moves beyond the size the world, and appears on the other side to continue). This will solve any issues people may experience when doing this. Later in development, this transition is designed to be seamless, but for now this is a interim solution.

- The mouse will now appear when the Main Menu appears.

- Some text corrections for craft and item descriptions.

- The desert brush sticks now have a 3D model and icon.

- Message of the Day now only appears once.

Update EA 1.0.1

- HOTFIX 6/13/18 - Fixed the issue with realism characters losing health and dying very quickly!

Lots of small bug fixes, the option to reset your world, and a new table! Read below for more.

- You now have the option to RESET your world! You can do this on the server program while it is running by selecting the "World" tab and pressing the "Clear all World Data" button. Pressing the button will give you more information about what will happen if you decide to reset your world.

- New Item and Craft! "primitive wood table" You unlock this at woodworking level 2, it creates a table from a log, which you can place items on, and adds to decorating your little part of the world.

- Removed "server logging" from release clients to improve performance on personal servers.
- You can now see the latest client version number on the login screen, and on the main menu window in-game.
- All animal and cave people corpses now stay much longer before they disappear.
- All spawning animals in the game should no longer spawn out of control. No more animal overpopulation should occur.
- Bananas and coconuts on trees should no longer spawn as "attached".
- Tilled Soil for farming should now last much longer before drying out.
- The chance of animals making sounds has been greatly reduced.
- The durability of medium and large bones (for example femurs, sabretooth tiger teeth) has been increased.
- You can now use billet items to create sharpened wood.
- The dead cavewoman model has been added.
- Fixed an issue where the music would start playing again even in the music was turned off.
- The loss of health in "Explore" mode has been reduced, it was originally using the "Realism" setting.
- You can now cook corn, and cook/eat brains!
- Brain is no longer a liquid( I will be working on this more in the next patch)

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veriszg Jul 24, 2018 @ 5:42pm 
Bug in first tutorial reccomended instead of recommended.
Vantage Dev  [developer] Jul 24, 2018 @ 7:57pm 
Thank you! I will fix this for the next update.
Aaron G Jul 29, 2018 @ 1:22am 
i hope this game is a bit like unreazl world in the sense of is each animal unique in the sense of do they have different weights so you could kill large one example 150 pounds and ge tmore meat and hdie from it than a smaller oen or are all animals generic same?
Vantage Dev  [developer] Jul 29, 2018 @ 1:55am 
I answered this question in your separate thread you created for your question:
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Shing Lo Aug 9, 2018 @ 3:07pm 
Hi - i just bought the game and cannot login. I created an account succesfully for a private offline game and then tried to log on and it just stays saying attempting to login. I restarted Steam and no change. I created an account for the test server, same thing. Can you please help? I dont want to give up on the game that fast. Thanks
Vantage Dev  [developer] Aug 10, 2018 @ 12:30am 
That is very strange! There is no online connection for logging into your offline server. Are you going through a router perhaps? You may have to make sure that you are gong through port 39245 correctly. However, if you were able to create your account then there should be no problems! Make sure your caps lock was not turned on? I'll try to think of other ideas but I cant think of any :)
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