Vantage: Primitive Survival Game

Vantage: Primitive Survival Game

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Vantage Dev  [developer] Jun 5 @ 6:57am
[Update 1.0.2] Early Access Patch Notes
Update EA 1.0.2

- HOTFIX: Potentially fixed a MASSIVE performance issue with the game relating to animal movement that was doing large amounts of file accessing. This may give you a very large boost in your frame rate.

- Female sound effects added!

- The item inventory management system has had a large overhaul. This was to fix many issues with interacting and organizing containers, and moving items around containers, and containers within containers. (Please note: I have tested this for a while and I have had no problems. However if you experience any issues please let me know, and let me know how you produced the problem, thanks ).

- Animal brains are now attached to the skulls, and have to be removed the same as all other animal parts. There is also "brain liquid" as well. You can eat the brains, and drink the liquid or use it for crafts.

- The in-game music soundtrack is now randomized.

- I have moved the initial server database file to a new name and it is now copies over if the main network database does not exist in the "Accounts" directory. This is to help prevent accidental overwriting of server account information for people's personal servers if they decide to manually copy files to another location. (Please note: It is ALWAYS suggested you back up files before moving/copying/updating files of course ).

- The player now auto-reloads their character when "wrapping" around the world (when a character moves beyond the size the world, and appears on the other side to continue). This will solve any issues people may experience when doing this. Later in development, this transition is designed to be seamless, but for now this is a interim solution.

- The mouse will now appear when the Main Menu appears.

- Some text corrections for craft and item descriptions.

- The desert brush sticks now have a 3D model and icon.

- Message of the Day now only appears once.

Update EA 1.0.1

- HOTFIX 6/13/18 - Fixed the issue with realism characters losing health and dying very quickly!

Lots of small bug fixes, the option to reset your world, and a new table! Read below for more.

- You now have the option to RESET your world! You can do this on the server program while it is running by selecting the "World" tab and pressing the "Clear all World Data" button. Pressing the button will give you more information about what will happen if you decide to reset your world.

- New Item and Craft! "primitive wood table" You unlock this at woodworking level 2, it creates a table from a log, which you can place items on, and adds to decorating your little part of the world.

- Removed "server logging" from release clients to improve performance on personal servers.
- You can now see the latest client version number on the login screen, and on the main menu window in-game.
- All animal and cave people corpses now stay much longer before they disappear.
- All spawning animals in the game should no longer spawn out of control. No more animal overpopulation should occur.
- Bananas and coconuts on trees should no longer spawn as "attached".
- Tilled Soil for farming should now last much longer before drying out.
- The chance of animals making sounds has been greatly reduced.
- The durability of medium and large bones (for example femurs, sabretooth tiger teeth) has been increased.
- You can now use billet items to create sharpened wood.
- The dead cavewoman model has been added.
- Fixed an issue where the music would start playing again even in the music was turned off.
- The loss of health in "Explore" mode has been reduced, it was originally using the "Realism" setting.
- You can now cook corn, and cook/eat brains!
- Brain is no longer a liquid( I will be working on this more in the next patch)

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