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Maui May 27 @ 10:12am
How the heck do you cook? Can't level cooking...can't place items in the fire, I can farm, fish, hunt, and make clay cups, but can't cook a fish?
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Kastuk May 27 @ 10:16am 
Need to raise Constitution slighty be eating raws to invent idea of hot food.
Vantage Dev  [developer] May 27 @ 10:23am 
Cooking is a skill that you unlock relatively early in the game. You need a constitution of 13 or 14 to unlock it. If you hover over your constitution skill in your skill list, it will show you what you earn next in your skill for constitution.

You can increase this skill by regularly eating and drinking. In time your stomach will adapt to the food you eat, and you will want to improve the type of food you eat, thus realizing how to cook food.

Remember that you start off as a "very unintelligent" caveman. You must slowly come to realize that you can place food near a fire and it makes the food better!

You can also improve your constitution by fighting tigers and mammoths and taking massive damage during the battle, but I DO NOT recommend that :)

As I add more content to the game, there will be other ways to improve all your skills. So you will have other ways to improve the specific skills you want to increase.
Maui May 27 @ 12:00pm 
Something I hate the most....posting a question like this....and then, going into game, taking a drink of water, raising your constitution to 13, and learning the very skill I was asking about!! (about 40 seconds after I posted) LOL!! Thank you for replying!
Looks like i need to start munching on that pile of perch i killed & collected! Was afraid to eat them raw. Thanks for the info#
Vantage Dev  [developer] Jun 5 @ 2:03pm 
You're welcome :)
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