Vantage: Primitive Survival Game

Vantage: Primitive Survival Game

I made a small fire but it wouldn't let me put a large stick in for fuel. What can I use to keep my fire burning?

Also, I can only remove Yellow Banannas from the tree, not the Red ones, is this normal?
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Kastuk May 26 @ 6:00pm 
Is it not fit or something in message about big stick?
Huh, colourful bananas on palm, didn't know it, always take what on ground.

Good long-time fuel is to put entire log into.
Without travois cart you can drag it with take and place far.
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Vantage Dev  [developer] May 27 @ 2:40am 
All pieces of raw rood should be able to be placed in a fire. That is strange that only large sticks would not fit in the fire. If you can explain more about it I will look into to the issue.

And red items means that they are attached to the tree. However, bananas should never be attached to a tree. This is something that I need to look into as well if this actually happened.

Next week I will begin the squashing of all of these small bugs :)
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Showing 1-2 of 2 comments
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