Vantage: Primitive Survival Game

Vantage: Primitive Survival Game

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Kastuk May 24 @ 12:34am
Unnamed settlement looking for settlers
I have the pot full of water and swarm fishing spot nearby.
Will try to make several dragging cart next and more of pottery for food preservation.
Useful things to share with everybody.

I'm in temperate zone at 287.0,117.0 of temperature 60F from starting locations of Server 1.
Or just spawn at character Kastook
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Kastuk May 24 @ 5:45pm 
Usefull dragcart for heavy things and full set of potterware is complete.
Now we can bring piles of wood, big corpses and save food for days.

WIth helpful Iastaniabaijan. Thanks for spear fishing!
And useful sharp tools! Really help in long butchering of carcasses.

May need to change place to South-East, land of durable palmwood, coconuts and leveled ground without much trees on the way.
Or be a nomads with several carts.
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Vantage Dev  [developer] May 24 @ 6:25pm 
Wow, very nice! Love the pics! Ill have to post some soon!
Kastuk May 26 @ 5:49am 
Feel free to use all of this, anybody. I will create more.

Still have problems with items organizing and fuel supporting.
Kastuk, toss me a friend invite-i may make a new toon just to join up with ya. Village building time :steamhappy:
Kastuk Aug 6 @ 6:16am 
Maybe at 18th August I will return.
You can spawn at my character Kastook location (even offline).
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