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Vantage: Primitive Survival Game

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Badges and emoticons
Hi. Is there any way you could share how the badges and emoticons look like?

Thanks in advance!
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Vantage Dev  [developer] May 23 @ 6:35am 
Sorry for the delay, here you go! (Sorry for the poor quality, the Artwork Steam section seems to stretch images).
Actually, you replied faster than I thought. And the image is fine as it is.

One more question: are the emoticons related to the animals? is one of them the rabbit from the cards?

Thank you for answering!
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Vantage Dev  [developer] May 23 @ 10:23am 
My apologies, you asked for emoticons too. I updated the picture to show emoticons too.

Yes, the other cards are pictures of other animals in the game. Also, one is a primitive fire, and another is a primitive hut.
Joseadrian May 23 @ 10:31am 
I see them now. I collect badges / emoticons of bunnies? and I had an eye on your game since it appeared on the steam card exchange site because of the bunny trading card haha.

Thank you for your time and the info! I appreciate it.

Good luck!
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