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Suggestions for new lands
In the latest HyperRogue blog, zeno mentioned sending suggestions for new lands. Well, I've been sitting around doodling in the gameboard mode, so here are a few ideas. (For lands. I don't have any ideas for what orbs or monsters would go in them.)

Feel free to post your ideas here as well.

Flower Garden



Not really much to say. It's a flower garden. There might be interesting stuff to find down some of the paths.

Boulders and Fissures


I was thinking that you could push the boulders into the fissures to create unstable bridges.



A mostly empty (at least obstacle-wise) area, except for these abandoned towns. Whatever monsters live in the wasteland would probably come out in force when you disturb the town. (You can probably guess I'm thinking of zombies here.)

Islands and Bridges



I was trying to work out a way of making an infinite series of islands and bridges. I think I like the first style better, but I'm not sure it'd be easy enough to generate infinitely. The second might be, but it doesn't seem as interesting. (I did see a way to use the symmetry mode to make something like this, but it involved using one color as a big island and a second for bridges, leaving the other two mostly empty.)

The Town of Citysville


Well, it looks neat, but I have no idea if you could generate it.

Random Interesting Patterns


A bunch of straight lines intersecting at right angles looks pretty interesting. They need three colors to distinguish everything, but you only need a few of the third color. I have no idea how to turn this into a playable land though.


Another collection of straight lines. This time, they just touch in a fairly regular pattern. The three colors are perfectly balanced here. (Again though, no idea what to do with it.)


More straight (in a sense) lines. This time, they all just avoid touching. This one actually reminds me a bit of a cathedral for some reason.


Finally, some packed circles. The orientation of the green triangles is random since they won't fit together regularly.

(I may have hit a pictures-per-post limit, or at least that's my guess as to why that last picture won't show up. It still works fine if you click on it though.)
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If you try that, the gate would just close on the Skeleton, forcing it to leave the closed gate during its turn.

To crush a Skeleton by closing a door, you have to stun it first, or it will walk away unharmed.
tricosahedron の投稿を引用:
If you try that, the gate would just close on the Skeleton, forcing it to leave the closed gate during its turn.

To crush a Skeleton by closing a door, you have to stun it first, or it will walk away unharmed.

I think that rule only works for yourself -- otherwise you couldn't crush enemies by stepping on a red pressure plate...
No, that rule applies to monsters as well. I just confirmed it again to be sure.
I see, ok then.
Idea: Puzzle Land

The cells in this land are randomly colored Puzzle Tiles. No Treasures are generated.
When you move, nothing happens. However, if you don't move, all Puzzle Tiles around you will move two cells clockwise around you. (Two cells so if you stand on a hexagon, each Tile will move to cell of the same type.)
If you create a configuration where a cell is surrounded only by cells of the same color, all Puzzle Tiles forming this pattern are destroyed and Treasure appears on the central cell.
The more Treasures you collect, the more different colors appear.

Monsters include Painters which randomly change color of tiles they step onto and Dervishes who cause rotation on every tile they step onto.
The puzzle idea could turn out interesting! :)
If there are a lot of enemies, you'd have to synchronize combat and puzzle solving in order to get treasure at a decent pace. Another enemy type could switch the source cell with the target cell everytime it moves between hexagons. Also: How about letting the painter cycle through the colours in a defined order (maybe make it some kind of wheel, instead)?

However, like some other ideas posted here (including my chess idea), it could be hard to implement it into the game world in a thematically consistent way. This should by no means be an argument against it, since even the minesweeper land was explained by introducing a species with a wicked survival strategy, but a simple implementation without an explanation may feel inconsistent.
It could be an offshoot from the Alchemists' Slime technology.
Speaking of - what if a Slime Beast enters the land and explodes there? Does that count as colouring all cells around a cell in a single colour? :P
tricosahedron の投稿を引用:
Speaking of - what if a Slime Beast enters the land and explodes there? Does that count as colouring all cells around a cell in a single colour? :P

If the land gets a reasonable chance of being implemented, then we can work out the details :)
Zeno asked on the Hyperrogue blog if we have any ideas where Air and Fire Elementals could appear:

How about a sky level with Air Elementals, that can be reached by climbing the Ivory Tower? Maybe another platform level, where some platforms dissolve when stepping on them, just like in the Land of Eternal Motion.
(I just checked: Air Elementals below you in the Tower allow you to hover - I'm impressed!)
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That sky land could also border on a land representing some kind of "astral plane", just like the Beach lands border on the Ocean. That plane could be filled with circles that represent planets without an atmosphere, with their own gravitational force. Those planets could be small or large, and be arranged in a random way or in a tesselation. Some bordering sky lands may also lead to a different world, maybe even with an entirely different setting.

Of course everything was artifically created by those wizards, so there's no need to explain anything. :yellowwizard: :wizard: :greenwizard: :bluewizard:
Land idea: Subterranean (Hyperbolic Dig Dug)

In a sense this is like a reverse Ivory Tower in that there's gravity, but you start at the top. Most of the land is packed soil, which you can move on top of (removing the soil), although there are giant rocks, some of which contain treasure. Giant rocks are also subject to gravity and can fall and kill you (as well as other monsters)

Collect treasure by breaking treasure rocks - every time a treasure rock falls, it takes damage depending on how high it fell. Once it's broken you can then collect the treasure. Deeper rocks are generally harder!

Enemies: Spider - They are unimpeded by gravity. Generic move-to monster. Cannot pass through soil.
Miner (= Emerald Mine) - Impeded by gravity. Moves every turn but excavating soil makes them move twice as slowly. Killing them releases the soil in a radius 2 area.
Earthworm - Like the Desert Sandworm (moves every other turn, is a worm), can eat soil. Has a fixed length equal to its HP, which is relatively small (~4-5). You can drop this by falling rocks on it.

Orb: Orb of Grappling: Expend some charges and target a wall-like thing (includes packed soil, doesn't include say fire or water); if you can draw a line without hitting any wall, move to the square just before it. Additionally, gravity no longer affects you if you are next to a wall.
I like the idea of a subterranean land! However, I see 2 problems:

1) It's often ambigous where a rock will fall. And how should we explain that here, rocks will fall on characters, while this is not the case with defeated Gargoyles in the Ivory Tower?

2) The Ivory Tower was built in the plane by wizards, who applied artificial gravity to it. This explanation makes sense for a tower, but probably less for such a subterranean land. And explaining it as an actual underground level would mean that gravity is linear (fall x cells per turn), equally strong everywhere (x = 1), and perpendicular to the Hyperrogue plane, with a constant direction (so the plane is not a source of gravity). I don't know if this is what Zeno wants, who even wanted to leave open whether the 3rd dimension is hyperbolic, Euclidean, or elliptic.

This doesn't mean I'm against it, I just want to point out possible problems / inconsistencies. ;)
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After having a theme in mind for a while, I finally came up with a geometric layout/gameplay concept for a land worthy of being the native land of Fire Elementals! :) It's a bit complicated, but I think it's thematically coherent.

The Volcanic Fields are superficially similar to the Carribean, albeit with the water replaced with lava; as it is unfit for boats, wooden bridges are used to pass between islands. Rocks and eternal flames serve as the walls on the islands, though they are sparse; the islands are generally fairly open areas. However, the underlying geometry is actually much more varied than the Carribean...

There are three types of rocky islands in the Volcanic Plains. The first, equidistants, are used to enter and exit the land; the lines that they are equidistant from are great walls. They have no treasure in them. The second, horocycles, are more like the Carribean islands in that they go infinitely deep; treasure (obsidian) is found deep within them. The third, circles, also contain treasure, but are potentially dangerous; if you near the center, then they erupt, turning into lava from the inside out. You've got to leave! (Luckily, though, if there's any erupting lava onscreen, enemies care more about getting off of the island than attacking you.)

Because increasingly large circles and increasingly distant equidistants approach horocycles, it's not really possible to distinguish the three types of islands from outside. You need to investigate them - and even that wouldn't be possible if the land's features didn't help you. Rocks only form in short line segments perpendicular to their island's curves; you can therefore follow them inwards. This makes inwards travel easier than Camelot or the Carribean, but harder than the Temple of Cthulhu (where guiding horocycles are always present) or the Coast (where distance can be checked by mousing over a tile, and the tides push you in anyway).

Enemies include the aforementioned Fire Elementals and Firebirds (the old version of Eagles that move on their second turn even if their first turn already put them next to you; they also drop a fire when they die like Fire Fairies do).
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Fulgur14 2015年10月15日 13時29分 
The circles look a bit like my old idea of Volcanic Island deep in this thread. Overall, it looks pretty fun.

As for the Air Elementals, one option would be a chasm-filled land comprised of circular "islands" joined by long bridges of constant width bordered by mirrored equidistants.The structure would be mostly tree-like.
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