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Guard Barracks Bug
For whatever reason, placing a guard barracks in a building as not the first part will either close the editor instantly or get rid of every single GUI element including the mouse.

update: this actually happens with everything that has "barracks" in it's name. Player buildings are now extremely handicapped.

update 2: from my testing, it looks like the effect that the placement of the barracks has is dependent on how many other objects are currently placed.
no other objects = no effect
tiny amount of objects = gun aiming indicators completely erased in every form until barracks is removed, some other small effects gone
medium amount of objects = game closes to main menu
large amount of objects = entire GUI and mouse gone

additionally, clicking on any saved blueprint that has had barracks or guard barracks placed in it since the bug started, even if said barracks were deleted = game crash, sometimes I need to hard restart my PC to get out of it. Clicking on one of the two autosaves also = game crash.

update 3: it is now affecting small bunks and berths as well. The game is now 100% unplayable.
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Zarkonnen  [developer] Apr 23 @ 1:55am 
That is very strange. Are you using any mods? Have you tried reinstalling the game?
Kirbcake Apr 23 @ 6:22am 
Originally posted by Zarkonnen:
That is very strange. Are you using any mods? Have you tried reinstalling the game?
I experimented with it with mods off and mods on and it still has the same effect. I also tried validating the files and reinstalled the game a couple times.
Zarkonnen  [developer] Apr 24 @ 7:30am 
Wow, very strange. I will see if I can reproduce this. Can you try it with sound effects off and simple graphics enabled?
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