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NevermindGame Dec 16, 2015 @ 5:57pm
December (v.1.01.57) Update FAQ
Q: Are the NeuroSpa areas new levels?
A: No, not quite. These are “single room” experiences that are intended to help you relax as needed during the game.

Q: Why didn’t you just use the resources you had to make the NeuroSpa rooms to make a new level instead?
A: The NeuroSpa rooms have far less developmental demands to create than a new level (even a small, new level). Mini-experiences like the NeuroSpas is something that we have been thinking about for a long time in order to give players a peaceful place to go after enduring the intensity of a full level.

Creating a full level demands significantly more time and resources, including (but not limited to) additional production and resource costs such as voice over, localization, etc - and additional pre-production and coordination for in-game puzzles, events, and dynamic biofeedback responses. Rest assured, we’re as eager as many of you to build a new level (if not more so), and we’re committed to doing everything we can to make that happen.

Q: Are you ever going to make new levels?
A: We hope so. We’re working very hard every day to fulfill our initial crowdfunding commitments to bring Nevermind to VR, Xbox One, support new sensors and, of course, hopefully be able to offer more levels.

Q: The TableSim seems to have a very flippant tone - is that appropriate for a game like Nevermind?
A: Nevermind is, in many ways, an opportunity to confront your fears and anxieties and a way to get in touch with what calms you down during moments of stress. We’ve found that laughter and humor can be a powerful de-stressor. We’d also like to think that the Neuroprobers of the Neurostalgia Institute would need a place to blow off some steam and enjoy themselves after experiencing a particularly intense session. As such, we felt that a more light-hearted room would be something that the Institute would offer to its employees and something we wanted to offer to our players.

Q: The game looks different. If you’re still working on it, shouldn’t it still be in Early Access?
A: We’re currently working on bringing the current scope of Nevermind to Xbox One and VR. As we optimize the game for those platforms, we have come across a variety of ways to make all versions of the game (i.e. Win/Mac) even better. Our philosophy is that if you have an opportunity to make a game better, then you owe it to yourselves and your players to do so!

Q: Does the game now support any new sensors.
A: Not quite yet - but keep an eye out for an update in the new year with some very exciting advancements on this front. We’ll announce more as soon as we can!

Q: I have more questions or concerns!
A: Great! Feel free to post them as a reply here or email us anytime at
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