Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Keep Modding and Nobody Explodes
Welcome to the Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes workshop! Try out new modules, rooms, sounds, models, and more! Or try your hand at creating mods of your own using our modding tool kit.
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Manage Steam Workshop Content In-Game!
Mod Manager Details:
  • Browse, install, and manage mods directly in-game
  • Explore new missions, modules, bombs, sound effects and game environments
  • Vote for your favorite mods

If you have questions about mods, please visit our Support Page[].

Modding Resources
Mod Kit[]: Interested in making mods? Check our mod kit on GitHub
Community Discord[]: Join fellow fans and modders on the community Discord server
Timwi's Repository of Manual Pages[]: This fan made site is an excellent resource for information about modded content

Update 1.6.0 Patch Notes:
  • Added Mod Manager with Steam Workshop browser to browse/download mods and collections. Easily find and download mods from within the game!
  • Added ability to disable/enable mods in-game without unsubscribing from Workshop items
  • Added mod loading screen so you can tell what's happening
  • Improved usability with motion controls by not closing menus they are no longer held
  • Fixed occasional issue that could cause incorrect player height in room scale VR
  • Added mod support for creating Selectables dynamically
  • Added mod support for creating holdables
  • Added mod support for specifying widget count
  • Added mod support for querying the number of front face module positions
  • Added mod support for custom freeplay missions
  • Added mod support for spawning new bombs during gameplay
  • Fixed timer rate getting too fast for mod bombs with more than 3 strikes
  • Fixed issue with highlight sizes on scaled mod bombs
  • Added unique id to module logging for modders to be able to differentiate between instances of modules
  • Added ability to disable mouse lock in playerSettings.xml
  • Other small bug fixes

Steam Workshop Support + Expanded Soundtrack!
Steam Workshop & Mod Support:
The Steam Workshop is now open for business! New modules, new missions, new widgets, a huge bomb with up to 23 modules on it, a driveable bus, even a controller for your Hue lights, and more! Check out some of the great mods that have already been created:

You can try these out for yourself by subscribing to items in the workshop and then running the game.

If you want to try your hand at making a mod yourself, check out our modding tool kit[]

You can chat about mods here in the Steam Workshop discussion forum.

Big thanks to all the mod-makers so far and to all the testers who tried out the mod beta preview!

New Soundtrack:
We’re thrilled to be including seven brand new tracks from Liam Sauvé in this update. Liam’s new tunes follow up on his original work to deliver more tension-building fuel for your bomb defusing exploits as well as some much needed relief during those brief moments of downtime between missions.

The new tracks are included in the game for free in today’s update and we hope you like them! If you’re interested in supporting Liam and his work, you can also purchase the soundtrack right here on Steam. Save 10% for the first week!

Update Notes:
  • Mod and Steam Workshop support added
  • New soundtrack added
  • Hardware cursor acceleration to reduce mouse latency when playing with v-sync enabled
  • Improved “second screen” manual functionality when playing in VR with zooming, panning, and two-page view
  • Updated Oculus support to version 1.6
  • Fix double cursor on OS X
  • Fix ‘bounce’ when rotating bomb
  • Fix timer overlay not appearing when mirroring VR view