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Other Turn Based Strategies
Expect this post to be edited, but please post your suggestions below.

Other TSB games that are nice and niche:

Battle of Wesnoth


- Rouge Planet (simple story, but nice sci-fi game, no magic though)

- Drums of War

- Chronotrigger (it's more RPG but battles are TSB and skills are interesting)

- Warlords 3

Games I have to try yet:
- Blackguard
- Mordheim
- Divinity: Original Sin
- Hard West
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You are missing all those shadowrun titles, also the series 'The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the sky'

D:OS got replaced by D:OS Enhanced Edition and there is Wasteland 2 Directors Cut aswell as Blackguards 2 :)

Oh, and a stealth turn based: Invisible Inc.
Автор останньої редакції: =AJSA= Big Mad Wolf; 16 гру 2015 о 15:36
Free to play mmorpgs with turn based combat:
Each is well worth a look.

The turn timer coupled with odd design and java makes Wakfu annoying at australian latencies. Can be installed through steam. The art has a nice touch of Asterix.

I haven't played Atlantica for ages. Has a turn timer and latency sometimes matters. I loved the corrupted history theme, but it's windows only.
Les  [розробник] 17 гру 2015 о 0:43 
Thabk guys!

Windows is usually not a problem - just install VirtualBox. Usually works well with older games
Cool, I'll complement this list with a copy paste from the original thread, but I'll skip provide the Steam links.

OP is a good list, some aren't/wasn't really niche as Chronotrigger, X-com, Blackguard, Mordheim, so I won't stick to pure niche games.

About morale, Enemy (search on Steam, on Internet with such name badly chosen it can't work) has also a major morale element and with an original approach, need play it more felt it a bit rude, but it is original and have some depth, it borrows also a bit to minecraft with everything destructible. As it is randomly generated and sort of open world, the combats tend lack of the depth of a human design, but the result is interesting anyway.

For purely good TB combats there's also:
- King's Bounty The Legend (I know it's different but for tactical depth it's one of the best I think, Telepath Tactics could have grab the crown but I failed enjoy play it because of some weird design choice)
- Temple of Elemental Evil (interesting to check and play to see a rather faithful implementation of Dungeon & Dragon v3.5 system and fairly good design of each combat, not a really good CRPG but worth it for the combats)
- Invisible, Inc (on base a surprising Stealth TB, but the whole system feels more than pure stealth due to the stunning and lethal options, my 2015 goty)
- New XCOM (what a bizarre and original design of TB combats, many points irritate me but the result is surprising)
- Massive Chalice (tried get influence from new XCOM without cloning it and end be totally different, great combats, the general management is more questionable but not bad, not at all, my second goty 2015, very weird the game suffered an anti hype campaign against the publisher/dev)
- Hard West (succeed grab the bizarre new XCOM approach without cloning it)
- Wasteland 2 Director"s Cut (nice tuning of each combat, for having the best combats it's better not use a party based on long range that is maximum of one Assault Rifle and one Sniper Riffle, on this base there's a great positioning gameplay)
- Dragonfall (solid system with a very good polished design of each combat, result is great combats all along)
- Divinity Original Sin (good system alas not all combats have a tuned design at least in Vanilla)
- Jagged Alliance Flashback (the game get bashed a lot for various reasons but I had a ton of fun with the combats that had some interesting points. Alas some more updates broke stuff, for example many players complained at entrance of a map enemies move a lot and surprise the player during a short real time period, that's right but that was generating a great random diversity of combats largely lost after this change. Another example, players complained there was no real stealth system, that's right but when they added it, they mainly added a tempting tool to break the combats fun. Another example, players complained the game hadn't special ammo, so they added them, but they only added tedious excessive ammo management and some OP holes, and added nothing to combats depth)
- Antharion (the combats are rather uncommon, it's rare I never get bored few times by some combats in a CRPG, it's a counter example, both fast paced and with a fair depth, also the depth is partly based on AI weaknesses and enemy aggro to make enemies lost turns).
- Steam Marines (a Roguelike but party based which is very rare, gameplay of combats is heavily based on overwatch with a funny Space Hulk mood)
- Avadon series, despite just a party of 3 it's solid good TB combats.
- Heroes of Steel (with good and bad, get tired by this too huge CRPG and an excess of combats to fill it, but there's many interesting points in the combats)
- Telepath RPG: Servants of God (not as developed than Telepath Tactics but interesting anyway and in fact rather different)
- The Banner Saga (original system but it ends be a bit repetitive because of the limits from terrain design)
- Renowned Explorers: International Society (if you stick to the TB combats it's good stuff with many original elements, if you take the whole it's rather deep)
- Expeditions: Conquistador (solid good combats with some original points)
- Bionic Dues (quote it because it seems party based but isn't really, there's a single unit with 4 modes, still despite single character based, a fair depth and diversity of combats, in my opinion the game suffer of requiring specialize this limiting more and more the number of tactics as the game progress)
- Enemy (quite original, need play it more)
- Chroma Squad (first steps in game are rather weird, but as the game progress it shows much better "combats", need play it more)
- Xenonauts (a fairly good remake attempt of the old X-COM, got the feeling of combats chained that are a bit too much the same routine even if their depth compensate, need play it more)
- Space Hulk (an attempt of a faithful translation of the table board, very special, played it a bit but wondered, at a point the difficulty of a map stop me and hadn't enough appeal to come back, need play it more)
- Space Hulk Ascension (gave up be to faithful to the table board and they tried make it more adapted to computer single player playing, and integrate the players feedback about Space Hulk, made only a quick try, need play it more)
- Arma Tactics (need play it more)
- Warhammer Quest (need play it more)
- Warmachine Tactics (that's complex and based on the table board, but zero save for rather long missions is a bit rude, need play it more)

In turn based combats the very special face to face party combats worth be quoted, the first from what I know is Wizardry that influenced a lot JRPG, I'll quote some:
- Loren The Amazon Princess (from a CRPG point of view a surprisingly good CRPG despite the light erotic approach quite well done with finesse and humor, good combats with a ton of mechanisms added to the genre, ended have only fairly good combats but it's possible the cause is I played at a too low difficulty level without realize it)
- Lords of Xulima (another attempt to add many mechanisms to this party combats sub genre, in fact most was already in Loren The Amazon Princess but both systems are rather different anyway, it's a CRPG that get me tired of being filled too much by combats, good combats but eventually I didn't gave them their full chance and stopped play too soon)
- Might & Magic X (for me the best I played of this combats sub genre, plenty combats involving multiple fronts and they are the best, an example is some combats are like a sniping in shooters pack of enemies coming from multiple side and you hurry kill from far a group of them to start better the multi front combats, ha ha)
- There's obviously the classics too, many JRPG, Wizardry series, Might & Magic series. For now I always failed play any of the Wizardry series for more than few first parts, between an awful character creation and randomly hard first steps, I never get appealed enough, and I regret because some of them could have the best combats of this sub genre.

For TB combats there's also the SWAT games with a we-go system, I'll skip list any because even if some have an obvious depth, I failed enjoy any. There's also the 4X genre, which is the only genre where TB seems more popular than in any other genre. There's plenty TB and many very good to great so I'll skip. I'll also skip the classic TB Roguelike genre, often combats are just an element and managing combats is a lot managing resources and opportunities. Still a few have pure combats design deeper but I'll skip make the sublist.

And obviously there's the niche sub genre of wargames, and if you don't dig you don't know the mass of TB games available. I'll just quote some key names, Slitherine, Hunted Cow, Battle Academy, Unity of Command, Ancient Battle, many more including many older classics still quite playable as Panzer General, Perfect General and many more. It must be quote that since recently this wargame domain is invading slowly Steam.

But I'd like quote a very special approach, the Battle Isle series, it's very different than any other, it's a sort of TB elder of the RTS genre, those rising RTS killed this specific TB subgenre. It's not really an elder of RTS with a similar approach, I think it's they are more or less contemporary. Anyway I can't bear the classic RTS but BI was a fav. I failed replay it a lot because of the UI, but I had a lot of fun with its modern reimplementation attempt, Battle World Kronos. They didn't tried make a remake of BI but use the general base approach to make their own game, they suffered a lot of bashing because of not being a clone of BI but it's still a very fun game with two cool campaigns.

I apologize for this biggest post ever posted but make lists is a bizarre hobby I have. :-P
Автор останньої редакції: Dorok; 30 гру 2015 о 7:15
Les  [розробник] 30 гру 2015 о 11:20 
Holy♥♥♥♥♥♥ That's a treasure list of yours!

I know only about half of those titles - I will need to reserve a day to read through your list.

Thanks a lot!
I have just finished playing Battlelore: Command

Very nice game, although battle system at first looks overly complex and not intuitive to learn (as for me at leaast). You just need to spend few rounds to understand and be comfortable with it.

Principles are very AOF-alike - there are just few rules, some randomness, but complexity and depth mainly comes from their interactions.

They have global-skill system (called lores), that are given randomly so it's more luck-dependent than AOF. But, because battles are fast, it works quite well. Lores are charged as a side effect of attacking, thus most of time you want to be aggressive.

Turns are quite fast, but there is lots of depth and ways how to play.
Most of game is about damaging enemy as much as possible - especially, combos are important (couple of skills used together for lots of damage) and sometimes can wipe out 3+ enemies in one turn.

It's Early Relase and there is one campaign, so it's only like 6-7 hours, but they are doing another one. There is also DLC, but as of today it does not offer much.

IMHO, definitely worth a try. Even for full price (10 USD) it is a steal.
Автор останньої редакції: Les; 2 січ 2016 о 3:07

Most of game is about carefully positioning your 5 or 10 guys (depends on mission) in long corridors and putting them to overwatch mode. At the same time continuously spawning band of gene-stealers tries to overwhelm you (watch the corners!)

Depends on which difficulty you play game is different:
- On Easy bolter does not jam and it's quite smooth as soon as you learn not to do silly mistakes.
- On Normal and Hard bolter randomly jams and game is much slower (you need to save command points at the end of turn, otherwise you use them to move little bit faster)

There are some melee weapons in game, but generally melee should be avoided.

Not a bad game, IMHO. It's quite unique gameplay, mostly about risk management. Your troops will die frequently and mission is most important.

There is also a sequel (which I haven't played, but it introduced unit leveling).
Автор останньої редакції: Les; 31 січ 2016 о 6:48
I've been enjoying this game.
Автор останньої редакції: Companion Cube; 2 кві 2016 о 14:49
not sure if mentioned yet:

-classics like Baldur's Gate and the sequels (new remade versions from indie devs)
-The Icewind Dale series
-the Avadon series (from Spiderweb software - even has versions for android now)
-Planescape Torment
-the original fallout series (1 and 2)
-if you can still find it, temple of elemental evil
-the Order of Battle series (if you like historical turn-based strategy with rpg elements)
-Pillars of Eternity (great game with lots of depth... just came out last year).
-Age of Decadence
Les  [розробник] 16 лип 2016 о 17:16

it's more like simplified strategic game in fantasy setting.
You are hiring heroes, getting gold, countering more land (to increase army size), upgrade land and try to eliminate enemy. On top of that there is card system, where cards can affect gameplay in interesting ways.

Player can control 4 heroes that have one action per turn. There are 3 factions with variety of units, but I don't find many differences between units or factions themselves.

Battles are played automatically (ranged, then melee) and can be played over a couple of turns (that's quite interesting feature actually!). Same goes for sieges (couple of turns),

Overall I like this design - looks simple, but offers many options and tactics. If AOF ever gets strategic view it will be something similar to that.

Game is not free to play. After first mission, you need to activate game for 25USD.
Автор останньої редакції: Les; 16 лип 2016 о 17:20
One enjoyable missing on this thread:

And I just love Jagged Alliance 2 and
Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire (standalone/sold modded version of JA2. Bigger, harder, but not as complicated as the JA2 1.13 community update)
From the games mentioned here I can recommend:
Valkyria Chronicles
Bionic Dues
Expeditions: Conquistador

This thread gives some good ideas should I ever be on the lookout for an interesting tactics game.
Автор останньої редакції: sePL80; 11 вер 2016 о 14:13
King's Bounty: Legends
King's Bounty: Crossroads
King's Bounty: Warrior of the North
King's Bounty: Dark Side
Les  [розробник] 26 жов 2016 о 4:35 
There is something for iOS users:

The Pantheon Cycle: Shrouded Aspect

It's very similar game to AOF - small group of expendable heroes (which still can be upgraded and carried over), items, multiple of interesting skills and turn combat (obviously!).
Story is not bad either.

I would gladly recommend it to every strategy lover with iPhone.

Apple Store:

Developer page:
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