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Les  [developer] Apr 8, 2017 @ 8:00pm
Modding FAQ
Hi all,

Modding Guide is available in game. Please start Workshop Manager and click on Guide button. Game will always have the latest guide.

Alternatively, guide is available here:

Please post all questions here. I will answer them in once place.

1. I want to add a campaign level with random-encounter foes, is there a way to edit it in the campaign XML file? (for example, give an XML node as <ai-gold> in the campaign level file, the AI will use the gold amount to generate the troop, as it works in multiplayer)This will make the battle worths playing again as every time I play it, I will get different enemies.

No such feature yet.
Currently AI can select its own team only in multiplayer.
Multiplayer battles have specified starting unit positions in a different way than normal battles.

We are thinking of procedurally generated battles, but it will take some time.
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Has anyone made some mods for this game yet?
Les  [developer] Jan 24 @ 3:07am 
Originally posted by Dongus Flotterdale:
Has anyone made some mods for this game yet?

Not for this part of series.
There are two mods for AOF1 and AOF3:
Is there a way to make and test a mod prior to uploading, or is the only way to get any working mods is to upload then download it to test?
Les  [developer] Feb 23 @ 3:59am 
You don't need to upload it at all! There are two ways:

1) Easy:
Just create mod from Workshop Manager and it will create an item and also a item folder (open it via 'Open Folder'). Everything there will work as part of game. When you decide you want to upload it, just click upload and that's it - mod will be updated in Steam.

IMPORTANT: mod folder is managed by Steam client - if Valve decides the mod content needs to be updated or something, then they might wipe out this folder.

2) Harder (more configuration required):
In Modding Guide there is a instruction how to configure & use 'lookup folder' which works the same way as mod folder, i.e. game will load assets from lookup folder as well.
In the Modding Guide Section 5.2, there is a note to only use existing units. At the same time the section seems to be showing how to create new units. Is this note to avoid messing with in development units?
Les  [developer] Jul 30 @ 6:17pm 
Unite modding is very fun and actually most modders are very creative there :-)
I will rephrase that.
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