Nyphur  [developer] Feb 4, 2015 @ 1:46pm
Official Alpha Feedback Thread
Hey guys,

Thanks so much for your support in picking up the Predestination Early Access alpha. With your help, we'll develop this game together into the best 4X game ever seen!

Please use this thread for any feedback you have on the beta and to suggest any ideas or improvements.

Kickstarter backers:
A special welcome also to our Kickstarter backers, who have supported us from the very start and already helped with feedback! If you're reading this as a Kickstarter backer or pre-order customer and would like a steam key for the Predestination alpha, email with the email address you used and we'll send you out a Steam key.

For reporting bugs and issues with the game, please head over to the official Bug Reporting thread.

EDIT: Unpinned this thread as we're now almost into the official Beta stage and it seems more useful if people continue to start their own threads for specific issues and get focused discussion and dev attention.

-- Brendan, Lead Developer
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spellbook23 Feb 4, 2015 @ 8:19pm 
It would be really helpful if when a resource is not usable it would say why in a tooltip or something.

Being able to select a hex and get some information on it would also be nice.

Lastly is there a way to cancel a building selection when you decide not to build an infrastructure. It just seems to stay on my cursor until I end the turn.
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Nyphur  [developer] Feb 4, 2015 @ 9:05pm 
Pressing Escape should currently cancel the infrastructure placement. This used to be on the right mouse button, but that caused problems because you often want to rotate the map while placing infrastructure and we put that on the right mouse button recently. If this is bugged and not responding to the escape key, please let me know and I'll add it to the bug list.

Great feedback! Being able to get a tooltip on a random empty hex by left clicking on it would be great, and very easy to implement. It could contain info on its environment, wind activity, and maybe what technology you need to build cities and infrastructure there? The resource tooltip should have something similar to explain why something isn't usable, that's a nice simple change that will help new players figure the game out.

-- Brendan, Lead Developer
spellbook23 Feb 4, 2015 @ 9:52pm 
The escape key works, and that answers my question. Although I had a bit of confusion with other keys as well. Is there a place I can see the full list of key bindings? If not that would be a useful thing to add.

Environment and wind activity is exactly what I would like to see in a terrain tooltip. Giving the exact tech needed as well might be helpful, but I don't think it would be strictly necessary. Just the fact that you need another technology would be enough in my opinion.

faijeya Feb 5, 2015 @ 6:22am 
At the moment:

- the pre-warp phase has a lot of dead-ends, as it is too easy to run out of money or metal and be not able to fix anything
- the limit on cities per planet is too low and cramming space-age buildings (a starbase is a must) into your existing infrastructure complex is infuriating at times
- non-renewable energy sources have a lot of techs dedicated to them, but are not worth using, as:
-- renewables provide all energy you need
-- non-renewables will bite you once you move on to colonizing other planets

- the 3D galaxy map is, I'm really sorry, horrible:
-- there's no easy way to see if a star is within the range bubble
-- there's no easy way even to navigate it (though even Ascendancy level should suffice)
- it is very hard to select a system if a fleet is orbiting it, the fleet icon overlaps the star almost completely
- the new colony main city is not self-sustaining, forcing the player to run through the same pre-warp steps, only with more micro (the same new techs popping up, crises to solve on previous colonies, fleet management)

Overall at this moment I don't see the ability to leave old colonies behind and to boldly go somewhere.
In fact, the pre-warp stage is so long and the colonization is so repetitive, that I wasn't able to force myself to even contact an another empire, not to mention battle it.
It's a shame, as I really liked the combat demo.
spellbook23 Feb 5, 2015 @ 7:46am 
To add onto what faijeya said, because I saw some of the same things.

-I wouldn't say it's easy to run out of money or metal, but it is definitly possible. I managed to delete all my ore refineries once and not have enough metal to build another one, or a factory.

-The city limit is an issue. If you know ahead of time that all the space age stuff is going to require large amounts of room you can plan around it. But if you don't, then you are faced with the descision of what you want to delete to make room. Which is slightly frustrating.

-I just dropped wind farms next to my cities. It pretty much covered all my needs, and made non renewable power obsolete. I admit I haven't had time to get all that far, but at the start at least there is no real need for fossil fuel plants.

-You can press B to remove all stars that aren't within your range. This is really useful, but I wouldn't have realized if I hadn't played through the tutorial a second time.

-There are no mouse control to rotate the star map only to move it around. You can use wasd, but this is nonintuitive after using my mouse on the planet map.

-I would agree that making the new colony city give a little bit of each resource would be helpful. It doesn't have to be for every city, just the first city on each world. Call it the capital building or something.

-I belive the blueprints should solve the micromanaging. At least I didn't have any isues with just assigning each of my cities a blueprint and leaving them to run. But again I have not played all that far yet.
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boolybooly Feb 8, 2015 @ 8:46am 
I am in a bind where I have two cites and a food processor and one farm in a New Game playing as Renegades but I cannot build a second farm for love nor money and every time I try I lose the 50 BC without getting a farm. There is nowhere on the map I can place it where the costs do not show red, though I have the resources without doubt.

Just so you know :)

EDIT OK I have figured out this was related to having the auto road/rail build disabled, it wouldnt build the farm and let me connect it... I thinik...!

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Dopax Feb 9, 2015 @ 3:01am 
Greetings :

Currently there is little time to issue more opinions about the game:

-It would be appropriate for stats of existing buildings show the values of energy consumed as negative heats in the same way as shown in the pool of buildings to be constructed.

-Another thing that I think will be needed ( in my opinion ) in the future as the multiplayer is implemented is that can be played via PBEM .

Good luck , I wish you well ........ this game has great potential
F😈CK HOPE Feb 11, 2015 @ 3:30am 
Things I love:
-game ostensibly set in space acts on interstellar level. I love it that I am not playing a normal game on a planet but with black space instead of oceans. I love it that the star map is 3d, as well.

Things I don't like:
-click detection, it takes ages to click on the right technology sometimes
-clicking on words doesn't work. If I click the name of my planet the game selects a star I can't even see that is in the same place as the letter I clicked on.
-click and drag to move, its fine but the click detection is punchy so it can be frustrating sometimes
-different windows or actions close/cancel with different buttons. this is really silly, if ESC is cancel then it always should be, etc
-is the UI a placeholder or final? I ask because it's functional while being horrible looking, so hopefully there

-combat tutorial, I finished the walk through part of the tut and am apparently several phases of the game away from actual combat. That's totally fine, but (esp. as this is Early Access) I'd love to be able to find out what combat is before turn 100 or whatever, and I think lots of other people would too

e: I just now noticed there are no resolution options or a way to run in windowed mode, so I'd like that too :p
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HR Feb 12, 2015 @ 12:52pm 
If the discovered space is curved, it's sometimes tricky to send a ship from one end to the other. The game plots a strait route to the target system. But since the route touches unknown space, the ship will bounce at the barrier. So I have to send it step by step. It would be nice, if the game could find a route by itself.
zhukov Feb 14, 2015 @ 6:20pm 
I mistakenly built a city. I was able to delete all buildings except city center and now it won't let me delete it or when I go back even give the city screen again.
Darloth Feb 15, 2015 @ 7:10am 
Autosave didn't (one autosave on turn 1000.2, no more after about 20 years game time), I actually didn't find the save menu before clicking quickload either, so... that was the end of that game.

The automatic road building is nice but it would be great to have a way to switch the auto-roads to another city.

I agree with comments that city limit seems too low given the amount of pre-warp then initial-warp infrastructure that needs to be built.

It's also really hard to tell whether a city has enough city-specific infrastructure like police stations and hospitals? Are these city-specific? I think so, but it doesn't really say for sure in the tooltip...

Overall though, looking good.
Desozy Feb 19, 2015 @ 2:19am 
Played the game now for a few hours and as first feedback, i think this one is very promising.
I love the idea to start in a pre-warp age and move through different ages of space civilization.

Some ideas for improvements:
* Add the possibility to add an enemy player of the same faction, starting on the same planet.
So you have some AI to compare with at the start of the game and it makes pre warp era
more interesting. Should be configurable, for folks that don't want someone to start on the
same planet.
* System Colonization while pre-warp era: Make it possible to build non-lightspeed ships, that
can be used to explore the other planets of your system and allow buiding of specified
outposts (only 1 per planet, not as large as a city) on the other planets of your home system.
So there would be some space-faring in pre-warp era too.
* I often thought about a game like this one, i would add another era between pre-warp and warp
era. Would call it stargate era, where you can't build ships with warpdrives but there's the
possibility to build stargates (massive project) to connect another star system.
* Perhaps that's already planned, but planet blueprints would be great in the later gameplay.

Hope this game has a bright future.
CypherLH Feb 21, 2015 @ 5:00pm 
Just purchased and played through the tutorial. My first thoughts...

-- very raw but VERY promising

-- The pre-warp phase would be more interesting with a start scenario in which a competing faction starts somewhere else on the planet with its own crashed ship.

-- two or more factions controlling a single planet would be AWESOME, and would be required for the "two factions start on the same planet" scenario. Maybe this is already possible? I've only just finished the tutorial

-- the plantary surface system and blueprint system for cities is revolutionary IMHO, if fully fleshed out it could really set this game apart from the crowd of other 4X games out there

-- this game MUST have fleshed out tactical ground combat to take advantage of the detailed surface, it just MUST :)

-- more types of rare resources for special bonuses and trading would be cool

-- the galaxy and system maps need to be completely redione IMHO. They are very rough and very awkward
Caelus Feb 24, 2015 @ 10:26am 
ok feedback time.

whole section on research as its bugged to hell:

- research screen feels unresponsive at times, sometimes i literally have to hammer my mouse button around 12 times for it to acknowledge what i want to click on

- alot of the times the research screen wont let me click anything, not even when i hammer the button and wont show research info when i hover over the research, i then click another section to go away like construction then it exits research screen and has 1 on research time for the past thing i researched, to get around this at the moment i have to keep re opening research and try hammering another section, eventually it lets me change to another section and it works after that. that really needs fixing

basically all that is unresponsive research screen, and clunky research screen requiring hammering mouse and kinda makes me dread having to use it each time i have to set new research.


- 3d map is a bit confusing, its hard to see were the stars are and you have to spend a while rotating map to figure out if the star your looking at is the one you want to click on

more to follow, gotta go now, but your doing good, just need to iron out the research tree mainly as thats the most infuriating part when it wont respond to clicks very easy! lol
Caelus Feb 24, 2015 @ 10:29am 
oh, one last thing, i sent bug report when game crashed but clicked send before i could detail it

i had 2 new colonies on planets, income was low so was in deficit and founding the 2 new colonies on 2 seperate planets fixed my income back..... but then i didnt build anything on the colonies and noticed they were dieing of hunger and was too late to stop as they had no pop to work the farm i then build..... so after a few more turns one of the new cities disapear from losing all population and thats when the game crashed and gave me the report screen :)
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