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Nyphur  [developer] Feb 4, 2015 @ 1:40pm
Official Bug Reporting Thread
Hey guys!

Please use this thread to report any bugs, crashes, performance issues, or graphical glitches you find in the Early Access release. Please include the following in your report:

  • A brief description of the issue.
  • What were you doing at the time the issue occurred? Full reproduction steps would be extremely useful, but even a general description of your actions just prior to the issue occurring will help us narrow it down.
  • For performance issues, please post your Frame Rate and system specs (particularly processor, graphics card, RAM, and version of Windows). Use Fraps or a similar tool to get an accurate frame rate reading.
  • For graphical issues, please include or link to a screenshot if possible.
  • If the game crashes, it will automatically open a crash report dialog. Please hit the submit button to send it to us, as this will help us find and correct the bug.
  • We will investigate all reported bugs, try to reproduce them, and then add all confirmed bugs to the Known Bugs list in this post.

    Current version:
    List last updated: 21 June 2018

    Reported Bugs:
    These are bugs that have been reported, but not yet confirmed or replicated. If we can confirm and replicate a bug here, it will go to the Confirmed Bugs section.

  • Right clicking when setting up a trade route cancels it when it should move the map.
  • Advanced City Planning doesn't work as intended.
  • The Waste Management Tech may not be stacking correctly with improved road techs.
  • Free ships from a temporal rift that head home via a wormhole stop after going through the wormhole and get stuck.
  • Zloq can start on land, breaking the game.
  • Deep core coral deposits don't change icon when you get the deep core tech. They harvest normally though. This is not fixed by visiting other planets.
  • If you build a new road before demolishing the old one, the new one won't connect.
  • Typing a save game name also moves the map
  • Nuclear Meltdown can happen even if you have the tech that prevents it.
  • Zloq homeworld can reportedly still generate without roads. Need to test newest version.
  • Autosave may not be working correctly.

    Confirmed Bugs:
    These are bugs we've managed to recreate and can confirm. Bugs have to be recreated before we can diagnose the problem and fix it. Once fixed, bugs will move from here to the Recently Fixed Bugs list.

  • Crops and animals spawn in desert environments
  • Ancient ruins or crashed ships outside the homeworld don't seem to result in ancient techs.
  • The scroll bar isn't displaying on the Blueprint window, but the mouse scrollwheel does work.
  • Seismic Excavation can hit hexes that are already hit or contain ore, stacking deposits on one spot.
  • Seismic Excavation says "miss" when it doesn't produce ore instead of something more appropriate.
  • Fossil Fuel Power Plant tooltip doesn't account for the Fossil Fuel Efficiency technology.
  • Reactive strike works on unspawned ships from rifts. (RETEST with revenants). Additionally, you can shoot at unspawned ships.
  • The recycling plant's description is different between the research screen and tooltip. Others may too.
  • It's possible to have a popup window and tutorial window open at the same time, which hides one window behind the other. If both are opened in the same frame, it can happen.
  • It's possible to select a city blueprint and then select the same blueprint again, triggering a popup asking if you want to upgrade even though it's the same blueprint.
  • You cannot "claim" your starting star system yet AI can colonize planets in it. You should be able to claim star systems you've already colonised, and the AI should know that your home system is off-limits.

    Recently Fixed Bugs:
    These are a few of the recently fixed bugs. After a few updates, we'll take bugs off this list.
  • Fixed a bug causing Revenant fleets to automatically attack the player if they don't find a military threat worth attacking.
  • Fixed a bug causing the tutorial to sometimes not reset fully if you exited during the times where you have no popup on the screen to prevent you from quitting.
  • Fixed a bug causing the map options to get stuck to weird defaults after you launch or load a singleplayetr mission or the tutorial. This now correctly only saves the options for your Sandbox games.
  • Fixed a tutorial bug causing the game to sometimes skip over the check to see if you have a colony ship if your game was running slowly enough.
  • Fixed a bug causing the music to get stuck on if you set the volume from full to zero inside one frame.
  • Fixed a Fleet Combat bug causing the Plasma Mine Layer to lay mines off to the side of your ship instead of where the firing pattern shows it should be.
  • Fixed a bug making Kazzir missiles invisible.
  • Fixed the scale of asteroids in Temporal Rift investigations
  • Fixed a missing United Colonies satellite model that could rarely cause a crash
  • Fixed a text bug in the first Kazzir mission - It said to build a Scout ship but really you select what ship to build.
  • Fixed a number of text mistakes in the technology files. All of the ship hull technologies were displaying the wrong amount of power grid.
  • Fixed a number of new bugs with the tutorial that only started happening on our test rigs after we switched to Monogame. These bugs may have affected a number of other players, causing the tutorial to get stuck at various points.
  • Fixed a certain tooltip staying open when you enter fleet combat.
  • Fixed a scrolling defect on the Research panel.
  • Fixed a major bug with the research panel that allowed tech trees to be held over from one game to the next, causing problems with missions like the new challenge map that have unique tech trees.
  • Fixed several rendering bugs with the 3D ship designer and with 2D representations of ships on the UI.
  • Ships now correctly re-cloak when starting a new fleet combat with a cloaking device active or ending turn inside a Cloaking Field.
  • Bonuses from Planet Leaders that affect Fleet Combat now correctly apply during Fleet Combat. Previously, a few bonuses applied 100 times larger than they were supposed to or didn't apply at all.
  • The game should no longer sometimes crash when a planet switches owners or is destroyed while the Planet Screen is open.
  • Fixed the game accidentally designing some ships with multiple copies of "One Per Ship" technologies.
  • Fixed several bugs with the totalling up and display of research points in the top right of the screen not matching the actual output of your empire.
  • Fixed the display of tax stats from planets sometimes not matching up with the amount of net tax being made.
  • Fixed a bug in the ship designer when editing a starbase designt hat was in use elsewhere in the galaxy. It previously wouldn't work out the cost to upgrade all of them correctly.
  • Fixed a few display bugs resulting from the font switch
  • Fixed the lighting graphics on the Recycling Plant, Apartment Complex, Humanoid City, Energy Market, Industrial Market etc.
  • Tutorial does not allow you to click on the terran planet to colonise. System is using a 4K display and windows 10.
  • Infrastructure biospheres may not allow you to build on the Barren portions of Molten/Toxic planets without the Barren Biospheres tech.
  • Opening a planet can sometimes cause a HandleRadialMenus crash. Cause unknown.
  • The AI can crash when calculating the value of the new threats and coercions. Cause unknown, and difficult to replicate.
  • There's an unusual and rare crash when calculating whether a piece of infrastructure needs a biosphere. Seemed to happen early in the game. Cause unknown.
  • Extremely rare and odd crash on selecting a new technology. Happened in the kazzir mission, cause unknown.
  • The money icon on the shipyard screen should turn red on ships you can't afford.
  • The dragging function on some of the scroll bars isn't working
  • The Plasma Field ship part isn't implemented!
  • When starting a new singleplayer mission, the turn 0 autosave doesn't contain the activated mission and doesn't trigger the start sequence. We should put in an automatic autosave after every mission conversation sequence to correct this.

  • The Hardy humanoid race trait isn't working
  • The Asteroid model isn't showing in Fleet Combat (RETEST with temporal rift)
  • The United Colonies War Cruiser doesn't work! It's mis-named "Combat Cruiser" and the game can't find it.
  • If you exit the planet screen while placing a colony and enter another planet, you'll still be placing a colony. You can also use this to get a colony for free because the colony ship isn't consumed if it's in another star system.
  • When the AI catches your spy and you're already at war, it will no longer tell you that war has been declared. Also, when the AI catches your spy it now always shows one of the new CaughtSpy lines rather than the angry diplomat busy line.
  • Fixed crash when a ship has no model. This can happen rarely when you build a ship and then save and re-load before it's completed. It doesn't happen every time, making it a difficult bug to diagnose but now the game will at least no longer crash when it happens.
  • Fixed a bug where dragging the planet screen map during a long end turn could make roads draw in the wrong place. This was a temporary hack to fix a crash, which has now been fixed in a cleaner way.
  • Fixed a crash when you used an illegal character in a ship design name and saved the game. Illegal characters are now stripped out of the .ship file names.
  • Fixed a crash when you used an illegal character in a save game file, for a similar reason.
  • Fixed a number of rare crashes that could happen if you continued to play the game while waiting on End Turn to resolve. We've solved this by blocking the handle input code during End Turn, with the exception of moving the map. We may improve this in the future by checking if other parts of the code such as opening and closing the dropdown menus can be allowed during a long EndTurn without causing bugs. Thanks to the guy who sent in a bajillion crash reports on all of the weird bugs this causes!
  • Fixed a rare thread desynchronisation crash where the AI could be designing a new ship while the main game thread is updating the tech lookup for that race.
  • Fixed a crash when sending ships from one star to another when you have the Star Gate technology or there's a wormhole in between
  • Fixed a crash that happened every time you're in Fleet Combat and fire a weapon after the Galactic Council is established and at least one resolution is passed.
  • Fixed a major Fleet Combat bug caused by the latest patch that made all tactical nebulae and temporal rift graphics persist into future Fleet Combats once you've explored a rift.
  • The Hardy race trait (from the Renegades) now correctly eliminates the need to use biospheres on habitable worlds. We may modify this so that the City Biospheres and Infrastructure biospheres technology are not a total waste.
  • The AI now correctly builds farms on coffee beans if it finds them.
  • Fixed a crash with the Research Panel draw code. No idea how it actually happened but we got a crash report on it and have now built in some sanity testing to prevent it.
  • Attempted a fix for a rare Main menu crash when exiting from the game back to the main menu.
  • Fixed a number of merge fleet bugs that could leave empty fleets in the game code when the AI is thinking.
  • Fixed a Captain mismatch crash
  • Fixed ModularShipPart.DrawWithShader null pointer crash
  • Refactored the Threat update code to help better diagnose crashes
  • Attempted a fix to a reported RenderBiospheres crash. We couldn't replicate this crash but have built in safeguards that should prevent it.
  • Fixed a crash when you clicked on buttons on the main screeen (e.g. Options) during the game pre-load sequence.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when switching back to the galaxy screen with the star window open if the star window was last open at a temporal rift that is now gone.
  • Fixed a rare crash in the planet screen's draw code involving infrastructure that seemed to be placed outside the bounds of the game map. This may be a rare timing issue with end game code and may still cause a visual glitch, but we've now built in checks to ensure it never crashes and haven't noticed any glitches.
  • Fixed a bug where the popup queue and diplomacy queue could persist from one game into the next if you win the game and then start another immediately.
  • Fixed a bug causing the game to get stuck in an infinite loop trying to find a ship linked to planet defense.
  • Fixed a bug in the AI surrender code
  • Fixed a bug in the Modular Ship save code that caused it to not save sometimes
  • Fixed a crash caused by the races' TechLookups not being regenerated after loading the game.
  • Fixed a crash caused by fleet cleanup happening during map generation or regeneration.
  • Fixed the United Colonies cruiser being called Combat Cruiser instead of War Cruiser. This broke the game when you picked the War Cruiser crashed ship.

  • The Galaxy creation settings are currently now correctly saved to the ini file.
  • When the diplomacy counter offer AI attempts to change an offer and it's not acceptable, it no longer leaves the changes in place.
  • Exploring a conquered enemy homeworld should no longer allow you to find free cargo and escape pods. This is intended to be something a race finds as it explores its homeworld in the Pre-Warp era.
  • Fixed bugs causing a number of Robotic technologies to be labled as non-racial.
  • Fixed a bug allowing the AI to trade away the endgame technologies that lead up to the scientific victory. These technologies must be researched by the player.
  • Fixed a number of text errors in the Research trees and diplomacy text
  • Fixed several Strategic Resource popups that had their text cut off because it was too long.
  • Added some automatic memory recovery to the Fleet Combat explosion code so that it should no longer crash with an Out Of Memory error and will instead stall for a few seconds when it runs out of memory. This is a temporary fix, and more rigorous solution is in the works for a future update.
  • Fixed a bug causing Ship Captains and Planet Leaders to be stuck at level 9 and never make it to level 10.
  • Fixed a bug causing Ship Captains and Planet Leaders with diplomacy bonuses to provide massively over-inflated bonuses.
  • Fixed some galaxy generation bugs causing too many stars to generate on Tiny maps and the gaps between stars to be too large on the Large and Huge maps.
  • Fixed a bug causing ship designs to not be deleted from the save game files when you save over an old slot. In rare cases, this could cause an obscure crash.
  • Fixed an incredibly unlikely crash that could happen if you rapidly clicked on the Music volume slider a whole bunch of times. Seriously.
  • Fixed a bug with the sliders in the options menu that caused the notch to be drawn in the wrong place if you used the scrollwheel to change the slider rather than clicking.
  • Fixed a serious Planet AI bug that could cause the AI to build too much of one thing or another when there's a lack of staff to run all the infrastructure on a planet or buildings haven't finished building. The AI now examines the planet as if everything is built and working before making its move. This results in more consistent behaviour, and planets should no longer fail to become established due to overproduction of food or energy.
  • Fixed a bug causing the completion status of your singleplayer missions to not be saved. This wasn't noticeable because we didn't have any way to see the completion status, but now we've added the Bronze / Silver / Gold icons on the main game screen.
  • Fixed a bug with the system window's scrollbar being the wrong height for the number of ships in the system sometimes.
  • Fixed a display bug where some menus would disappear while opening and closing the System window.
  • Fixed a bug where starbases wouldn't build ships that cost 0 command points when at the command point limit, and wouldn't build ships that use 1 point when they have 1 left.
  • Fixed a display bug on the Planet Screen in the city stats window where you can see the infrastructure attached to a city. Shipyards were accidentally drawing 100 times larger on this panel than they should have.
  • Fixed a bug where you could see the cloaked Revenant planet using the Planet dropdown menu's Exploration tab before it decloaked and revealed itself.
  • Fixed a bug in the United Colonies diplomacy text where it never replaced %latestweapontech% with the name of their latest weapons technology.
  • Fixed a bug where the coloured segments for colonised star systems could become misaligned because it was measuring them as non-bold text but displaying them as bold text.
  • The System window should now correctly update when you hit End Turn and a new ship is built. Previously it didn't update until closed and opened again
  • Attempted a fix for the problem where the AI fires weapons that are on cooldown in Fleet Combat. Didn't seem to work, more testing required.
  • Fixed a bug where the Auto button in Fleet Combat could start switched on if the previous combat ended with it switched on.
  • Fixed a bug where tooltips could draw on the First Contact diplomacy screen and wouldn't disappear until you left the screen.
  • When the Diplomacy AI fails to form a counter-proposal after rejecting one of your proposals, the offer is now properly reset back to a blank deal. Previously the AI would add elements to the offer to attempt to form a counter-offer and then reject your deal if it wasn't good enough, but the added elements remained on-screen.
  • The Diplomacy AI now correctly decides to cut off contact due to you repeatedly contacting them with poor deals. Previously it would decide to cut off contact but not actually end the current diplomatic session until you clicked on the Treaties tab.
  • Fixed a bug causing mouse clicks to go through the popup dialog box with the new mouse handler.
  • The Soldier Hatchery now correctly provides +10 security (enough for 2000 population) rather than +2.
  • Fixed a bug with some missing diplomacy text for the Z'loq
  • Fixed the robotic technology Bytanium Battle Armour being put in the wrong place in the research trees.
  • Fixed a number of file exceptions when loading images that don't have any corresponding mouseover image. This should speed up some of the screen loading.

  • Fixed a bug causing the population of a planet to always reset to 2,000 when you built a new city.
  • Fixed a long-standing bug with the System window moving planets offscreen when players played in resolutions larger than 1920 x 1080. This screen now zooms in and out to compensate for the screen resolution being used.
  • Fixed a display bug with the backgrounds and characters in the Singleplayer Mission Conversation system when playing in resolutions larger than 1920 x 1080.
  • Fixed a similar display bug on the Diplomacy screen when resolutions larger than 1920 x 1080 were used.
  • Fixed a number of cosmetic bugs with dropdown menu elements not fading out as you close the menu.
  • Fixed a bug where playing the singleplayer mission and then creating a new game would make the new game limited to the Pre-Warp era.
  • Fixed a display bug on popup dialogs with images in the top left. The text gets cut into an upper and lower portion for display, and often the gap between the two portions was wrong.
  • Fixed a bug throughout the game causing text in boxes to automatically move down one line if the first word is too long to fit into the box. This should fix some text alignment errors in the game.
  • Fixed a crash on the Victory Screen caused by clicking too quickly through parts of it. We could not replicate this but a player noticed this happened in his game and sent in the report, and we've fixed the most likely candidate for this bug.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Sauros crashed ships to overlap with other resources near the city on rare occasions. Now they just get a bonus +1 crashed ship near the city rather than two right next to each other.
  • Fixed a bug in the diplomacy screen where the contents of a diplomatic offer or counter-offer would remain on the screen after you've already accepted it.
  • Fixed several bugs with infrastructure not going offline when it should (e.g. when there's a power cut or your population is killed and there aren't enough to staff it). Also fixed the reverse happening when you used a weapon like the empulsor bomb, which caused all infrastructure to remain offline indefinitely.
  • Orbital infrastructure is now given higher priority for staff and power than general infrastructure like ore refineries. This now includes any infrastructure that generates a ship in fleet combat and any starbase, so the starbase shouldn't go offline first in a power cut when there are ore refineries that could take the hit.
  • Possibly fixed a crash with any disasters that cause the planet environment to change such as solar flares, global warming, and nuclear meltdown.
  • Fixed a bizarre bug causing fleets to instantly reach their destination after exiting a wormhole when using the auto-wormhole shortcuts.
  • Fixed a crash when loading a game that has special racial tech overrides or weapons/modules. e.g. any game with the kazzir in it since the latest update, as they get Broadcast Towers instead of Entertainment Centres.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Uranium Handling technology to fail to correctly stop the Nuclear Meltdown disaster event.
  • Fixed a bug where Forge Improvement techs researched for robotic races would spill over into the next game you create.
  • All existing roads in your empire will now automatically upgrade to Railways when you research the technology. This also happens for Underground Tunnels and Planetary Transporters. Note that the roads system is due for a balance pass to make the road upgrades more appealing, especially toward the end of the game.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Underground Tunnels technology to actually increase staff requirements by 50 rather than decreasing them.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Planetary Transporters tech to not give any bonuses. It now gives the same bonuses as Underground Tunnels.
  • Changed how ship names are drawn on the ship design panel and shipyard screen. They should no longer extend out of the bounds of the box.
  • All ship metal and money prices above 999 which were being rounded to the nearest thousand and displayed in thousands will now round up to the nearest 100 e.g. 12345 becomes 12.35k. This is to ensure the text always fits within the assigned area.
  • The Morale / Security / Health readouts now just display a percentage. e.g. it used to display "74 / 100 %" and now simply displays "74%"
  • Changed the Diplomacy Screen to display a single column of items in the offer and demands sections rather than two very narrow columns. This opens up more space for the full names of technologies, but means that the list becomes truncated with half as many items.
  • Fixed a mistake in the text for the Scout Speed technology to clarify that it increases scout speed from 3 hexes per turn to 6 rather than from 2 to 3.
  • Made the mouseover/clickable area around planets in the system window much larger, and scaled it larger for larger resolutions so planets should now be easier to click on regardless of your resolution.

  • The tooltips should no longer sometimes stop working until you reset the game. The game was previously using the wrong timer variable for this, and has now been fixed.
  • If you select an uninhabited planet, the morale tab no longer warns you about a rebellion.
  • The Scientist Hatchery technology should now be connected to the tech tree correctly.
  • The Auxiliary Forge should now be working correctly.
  • The Improved Forge Power technology is now working correctly.
  • The Agricultural Market has been replaced on the Robotic tech tree with a new tech.
  • The Support Center was broken, and has now been redesigned as a morale mechanic
  • Tax Policies don't work with Robotic races and have been replaced with another tech.
  • The road algorithm now recognises when it's reached a different hex of the infrastructure than the one it's looking for, and so no longer produces huge windy roads.
  • Fixed a bug causing tooltips to get stuck in a loop of rapidly opening and closing sometimes.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the Upgrade button from appearing on tiered buildings when zoomed into the city.
  • Fixed a bug with tutorial popups sometimes getting stuck on the diplomacy screen
  • Fixed a bug causing planet mineral deposits to be re-rolled differently depending on when you first open the planet. It was accidentally using the global random number generator rather than the planet seed.
  • Fixed a related bug causing extra Fertile Soil and Fish deposits to be generated on a planet using the global number generator rather than the planet seed.
  • Fixed a bug causing Gas Harvesters to get research points from gas other than Xenon.
  • Fixed a bug with the food bonuses from technologies not always applying if you have a racial bonus (e.g. Renegades)
  • Fixed a bug causing the planet's stats to not update immediately when you demolished a building.
  • Modified the nebular graphics to prevent a strange washed out effect that could sometimes be seen in the middle of some of them.
  • Fixed a bug causing ship weapons with ammo to magically refill on entering fleet combat or performing any action that refreshed its stats such as saving and loading. Ammo status is now maintained across weapon refreshes.
  • Fixed a bug where certain galaxy parameters were being set on a temporary galaxy during map creation rather than the actual galaxy being generated. This didn't cause any noticeable effects on gameplay, but was spotted when it caused problems for singleplayer missions using non-default options for some galaxy parameters.
  • Stars that visibly appear to be inside a nebula should now correctly recognise that they are in a nebula. This mostly affected Primordial age maps with their giant nebulae.
  • Fixed a number of instances of text misalignment in dialog boxes.
  • Fixed a rare bug that could happen after the Victory sequence played that caused the screen to just go black rather than quitting back to the main menu.
  • Fixed a small bug with the height of the Trade Route window, which would make it so you couldn't scroll down the whole list in the System Window for a star system with a large number of trade routes.
  • Fixed a crash if you attempted to sve a new ship design with the Save button instead of Save As. The Save button should be grayed out, but sometimes was not.
  • The AI will no longer attack your planets if the attack fleet was in transit when a peace agreement was reached.
  • Fixed a small bug causing the Revenant ships to sometimes get stuck in a star system because something happened to the planet they were on their way to attack.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Food starbase to use the Energy starbase design.
  • Fixed robotic AI accidentally setting a tax rate
  • Race-specific technologies are no longer considered equivalent to a technology which is functionally identical but belongs to another race. E.G. All races have a tech that gives +10 Spy Bonus but for Robotic races it's called Predictive Algorithms and for organic races it's called Psionics. Previously the game thought these were the same tech and allowed you to trade Predictive Algorithms to a humanoid race, grant them Psionics. This is no longer possible.
  • Fixed bug preventing the plural demonym of races from being loaded. Functionally, this made no difference as it wasn't used anywhere until now.
  • Fixed a bug causing some technologies to be incorrectly classified as race-locked techs just because they had been moved around in the race's tech override files.
  • Fixed a number of small mistakes in the tutorials, and updated a few of the tutorial text files with new information.
  • Fixed a bug in the Robotic tech trees where Bytanium Battle Armour didn't link to one of the techs it was supposed to.
  • Fixed one of the premade frigate ship designs having Asteroid Miners attached instead of fake cosmetic ones.
  • Fixed a bug where tooltips would display for elements that are currently invisible. Sprites drawn with an alpha of over 0 were being drawn even if the supplied colour had an alpha of 0, which caused the game to think they were still visible and pop up tooltips on mouseover.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen if a singleplayer mission limited the tech eras to pre-warp only.
  • Fixed a bug where clicks could go through the Diplomacy screen and into the Galaxy screen behind it in rare circumstances, allowing you to hit the End Turn button accidentally.
  • Fixed a strange bug that could allow the diplomacy event queue to persist through load game calls and even new level creation, leading to some strange effects and even crashes. This was extremely rare, and I'd be surprised if anyone encountered this bug in the wild.
  • Fixed bug where the AI wouldn't evaluate all races until the 2nd turn after creating or loading the game.
  • Fixed bug causing the game to only attempt to save or load the game once. Now it retries a few times if something goes wrong rather than just crashing immediately.

  • The text in the planet special popups should no longer get cut off.
  • Solved several crashes that can happen when ending turn while on the Shipyard screen
  • Shipyards no longer accidentally use metal and build capacity from enemy planets in the system
  • Natural disasters such as the Solar Flare will no longer make you declare war on yourself (lol)
  • Shipyards will now pause when their owner has insufficient command points remaining to build the ship.
  • The GalaxyAI now correctly re-initialises after creating or loading a level. Previously it didn't start making decisions for 1-2 turns.
  • Robotic race AIs will no longer sometimes accidentally set a tax rate and ruin their income.
  • The galaxy AI is now executed before the rest of the end turn code, so races can no longer dispatch ships on the same turn that they arrive (an ability the player can't have).
  • Fixed a bug in the code that checks treaties between two races. This had no effect before this patch because all treaties previously came from your race, but we noticed it when we made the AI able to declare war.
  • Fixed several crashes that could happen when ending turn due to changing ship numbers in the system window.
  • Fixed potential crashes in the code that dispatches fleets.
  • Fixed bugs in the Merge Fleets code, previously sometimes fleets belonging to the same race didn't merge correctly when idle at the same star system.
  • Fixed a crash that could rarely occur when a popup appeared during the level creation process that caused the game to play a music jingle before it loaded the music.
  • Fixed a visual bug with one of the United Colonies ship parts
  • It should no longer be possible to accidentally open two fleet combats at once by responding to two attack popup boxes in a row. The popup dialog queue is now saved when you open fleet combat and restored after combat ends to prevent this problem.
  • Revenants now correctly attack enemy fleets, bomb enemy planets and self-destruct after the bombing run. Previously they would just arrive in the system and stay there quietly for the rest of the game.
  • Fixed a bug where you could get the Revenant threat message when the Revenants were dispatched to attack an enemy planet. (Note: We may actually put in a separate message when the Revenants attack another race as it's good to know when it happens)
  • Fixed a bug with farms sometimes getting bonuses from the wrong hexes and missing bonuses from others.
  • Fixed a bug where certain untradeable technologies were making their way into the trade list for diplomacy.
  • Fixed a bug with certain planetary disasters that caused them not to activate. That red giant you're colonising can now correctly throw off a solar flare and cook your planet. Enjoy :D
  • Fixed a bug with the Bio-toxin bomb that prevented it from being fired.
  • Fixed a bug with ships going through wormholes they hadn't discovered yet or taking shortcuts through wormholes even if they can't reach the other side normally.
  • Fixed a bug with ship captains that would cause anyone giving an armour HP bonus to give 100 times the expected bonus.
  • Fixed a bug in the shipyard window causing ship design 0 to be non-modifiable. This should never happen unless you're modding the game.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the "Upgrading to Blueprint" message from being drawn from the city view
  • Weapon stats from weapons.txt are no longer case sensitive. This fixed a small bug with one of the weapons, and ensures we don't get a repeat of that error in future, and it'll be easier for modders.
  • Fixed a bug with disaster immunity not applying correctly. We are going to drastically increase disaster immunity turns in a future update when we add more disasters
  • Fixed bug causing planets not to update after a disaster if you happen to be at the planet when it occurs.
  • Planetary defenses will no longer prevent you from bombing the planet on their own, as this would lead to a fleet combat that ended immediately.
  • The AI will no longer accidentally attack a planet even if the owners have changed since the fleet was dispatched to attack it.
  • Fixed a series of bugs with the planet screen code that caused various mechanics to mis-calculate areas near the planetary seam. This led to some strange behaviours all across the game, from the AI code and bombing to resource generation.
  • Fixed a bug where the AI wouldn't realise the planet maps wrapped around and would screw up placement on the planetary seam. This is a separate issue than the previous one.
  • Fixed a number of End Turn crashes when you're on the planet screen.
  • The Fighter Squadron Cruiser ship design will no longer have multiple augmented engines. It should only be possible to have one of these per ship.
  • Fixed various Fleet Combat bugs causing ships to move or fire at the wrong time or target.
  • Fixed a crash in Fleet Combat caused by the game thinking a ship is moving but it actually has 0 moves in its movement queue
  • Fixed a visual bug and related crash in Fleet Combat caused by the game using the wrong variable to draw the laser for reactive strikes
  • Fixed a bug with the display of star system names when multiple races colonised the same star system.
  • Fixed a bug with the display of the number of turns for a fleet to reach its new selected destination
  • Fixed a bug with auto-resolving fleet combat that caused the victory window not to have anything to salvage.
  • Fixed a bug with the fleet combat wrap-up code that destroys starbases etc that were knocked out during the battle. When starbases are destroyed, the star system will correctly update to reflect this immediately instead of waiting until the next time you click End Turn.
  • When an AI fleet attacks a planet, all combat ships belonging to that race that are stationed in the system (and may be performing a trade route blockade) will now join the fleet combat. This makes the AI-spawned fleet combats consistent with player-spawned ones when attacking a planet.
  • Fixed a bug with how the AI valued the military force of ships using missiles and drones. Now your best warhead damage is used in the calculation for missiles, and your best beam weapon damage is used for fighters.
  • Fixed missing Spy Pod module for Zloq and United Colonies.

  • Fixed the bug causing players to get trapped inside temporal rift encounters! This was a long-standing bug that never came up in testing, but I was able to find the problem based on clues from your bug reports.
  • Fixed bug where the Orbital Satellite didn't show up after researching it unless you switched to another colonised planet and back. The planet now correctly refreshes the infrastructure lsit every time you discover a new piece of infrastructure tech.
  • When a road is demolished, the infrastructure it was connected to is now correctly disconnected from the city. This allows you to re-connect it via a different road type if you're using the advanced roads option.
  • Ships that travel through wormholes will no longer attempt to immediately turn around and go home during the End Turn code, and should no longer disappear or get stuck in an infinite loop of being dispatched through the wormhole every turn but not actually moving.
  • Increased the map drag distances in fleet combat to allow you to drag the grid further offscreen, as the previous limits made getting a good view on some battles difficult.
  • Added in a "X Blocked" message in fleet combat to show when damage is 100% blocked by the shield. This happens if you fire laser cannons at temporal shields, for example, as they block 100% of the damage.
  • Mines from the Orbital Minefield tech are no longer cloaked. These caused some confusion and frustration in fleet combat as they couldn't be avoided and would blow up on your own ships. We are currently considering replacing this with a different technology as the minefield isn't that useful.

  • Fixed a bug causing the scroll bar on the planet screen to not reach down far enough when you researched the space telescope/orbital satellite.
  • Fixed an unexpected Predestination.GameOptions.SaveSettingsToFile crash.
  • Implemented a save and load retry system for the settings file. The game will now re-try the failed GameOptions save or load process three times before actually crashing. This should make it so that the game doesn't crash if it somehow tries to save the file twice in quick succession.
  • Increased the size of the large tooltips by 25%, fixing several bugs where the text didn't fit in the tooltip box and giving us more space to work with for future tooltips.
  • Attempted a fix for a rare UpdateFleetLinesSubConstructLines crash possibly caused by ships going through wormholes. Please keep sending in these crash reports if you experience this crash!

  • Fixed warp missiles being destroyed when you fired a single bomb from them. Now they are only destroyed once all bombs are destroyed.
  • Fixed multiple cases where warp missiles could "restock" ammo now they they don't get destroyed on the first bomb hit.
  • Fixed a lockup that could happen in the fleet code.
  • Fixed ShipyardScreen.Activate crash when you have a shipyard that isn't attached to the city yet and you click on the model.
  • Fixed Genesis Device crash
  • Fixed GalaxyBillboardHandler.Build crash caused by spawning Temporal Rift code. The rift graphics were being accidentally re-generated every time a rift spawned, now they are generated once and simply moved to their final locations.
  • Fixed bug causing backer star names to not be selected by the galaxy generator
  • Fixed UpdateFleetLines crash
  • Fixed WorkOutStarsWithinSensorRange crash
  • Fixed bug with Genesis Device where the planet textures didn't swap after firing the device
  • Fixed bug where warp missiles remained on the planet screen UI after being destroyed
  • Fixed bug where United Colonies colony ship didn't have an actual colony module
  • Fixed a rare ScreenManager crash caused by the victory/diplomacy screen triggering in the middle of the wrong piece of code.
  • Fixed race name being used instead of demonym on New Game screen tooltips, causing text such as "The The Starforged"

  • Fixed bug where the crashed ship wasn't showing up
  • Fixed issue where the galaxy AI executed during the tutorial, causing the Sauros to colonise a planet in their system.
  • Fixed bug with fleet combat ships during the tutorial
  • Fixed several scale problems with ship shaders
  • Fixed an orientation problem with the lighting on ship parts that are rotated via the data.txt file
  • Fixed scaling issues on 2D renders of ships
  • Removed ship rotation on 2D renders of ship to fix some aliasing issues.
  • Fixed bug where weapons would always load as if they were being mounted on a frigate if you selected "Best Beam" etc. This would prevent weapons over 50mw from being used on a larger ship for some reason
  • Fixed bug where missile ships were just crammed full of missiles and no modules
  • Made it so the AI will no longer destroy orbital infrastructure in order to build other orbital infrastructure e.g. destroy a starbase to build a telescope. This could get caught in an infinite loop.
  • Fixed a bug with the code that merged identical fleets which could cause a crash
  • Fixed a bug with circular weapon arcs taking far too long to calculate when the range is greater than 6.
  • Modified the ships in the tutorial so that the fleet combat can definitely not be lost. Your ships now have dragonium armour plating.
  • Fleets can no longer accidentally attack their own planet. This could happen extremely rarely when the AI dispatched ships to attack a planet but conquered the planet before the fleet arrived.
  • Fixed a few crashes and hangs in Temporal Rift generation.
  • Starbases now correctly add command points to your empire. This was broken when we switched starbases from buildings to infrastructure, but is now working correctly.
  • Fixed a duplicate "the" on the diplomacy screen when drawing the race's leader name etc.
  • Fixed ship self destructing code. Races with the Self-Destruct Device will now correctly self-destruct when their ship is captured, and the explosion size will be larger.
  • Fixed bug causing sensor range to get limited to 25ly
  • Fixed a crash caused by an uninitialised list of races sharing sensor range

  • The Tax Office should now be working correctly
  • The Jingle music now correctly plays after you increase the music volume from 0
  • Fixed Shipyards not being detected in the System window after saving and re-loading the game.
  • Fixed crash when clicking on a shipyard on the planet screen after saving and re-loading the game.
  • Fixed crash when the Shipyard screen is open when a ship build completes
  • Added thread locking code to protect shipyard build queues, which should prevent any remaining crashes with shipyards.
  • Fixed diplomacy string crashes with the Kazzir caused by the wrong character being used for quote marks
  • Fixed diplomacy first contact accidentally being reversed, causing the alien race to incorrectly identify the type of ship you made contact with.
  • Fixed typo in modules.txt causing Neutronium armour plating to add 24hp instead of 240
  • Fixed crash with audio when no sound device is available. Now the game will just mute audio if no device is detected rather than crashing.
  • Fixed bug where the tooltip on the Research icon in the top left corner of the screen could crash if opened while research completed.
  • Fixed crash with the Research dropdown panel if you clicked on it while ending turn. This menu can no longer be interacted with when the end turn thread is running.
  • Fixed crash relating to the bonus research points from the Airponics Bay.
  • Fixed crash when a bomber tries to refill ammo at a star with no starbases (this shouldn't happen, but could trigger in certain rare circumstances. These are now handled).
  • Fixed Ship memory leak with ending sound by making ships reference the sound effect by name and having the sound effect system handle instances.
  • Fixed bug with Planet AI building shipyards immediately on colonising new planets, even before basic needs are met
  • Fixed bug with Planet AI not building shipyards on some planets
  • The Planet AI will now attempt to build other orbital infrastructure such as the Weather Control Satellite and Orbital Telescope when they are available, and will eliminate a non-essential piece of infrastructure to do this.
  • Fixed bug with Planet AI not correctly destroying and replacing infrastructure.
  • Fixed bug with Galaxy AI not selecting the optimum shipyard to build ships in. Now it looks for an empty one with the highest build rate first, then an occupied one with the highest build rate next.
  • Fixed bug with Aquatic race archetypes where the Galaxy AI would try to colonise desert planets. Without oceans to sustain them, the colony would then immediately fail.
  • Fixed bug with popups on Data Disk finds on planets not returning the correct response if you got enough RP to complete your research job.
  • Added thread locking code to the Road system to prevent crashes when roads change during the End Turn process while the planet screen is open. This happens when looking at the AI's planets and they build something.
  • Fixed bug where the Planet AI would sometimes build cities on top of roads, causing some road hexes to be wasted and ruining the city's output.
  • Fixed bug where the Planet AI wouldn't recognise excavated ruins and ships as scientific resources and wouldn't bother rebuilding a destroyed artifact excavation infrastructure.
  • Fixed bug where ships in a shipyard's build queue could be lost when saving and reloading the game.
  • Fixed bugs where ships outside your sensor range can become visible if they get near a wormhole, even if you haven't visited the other end of the wormhole.
  • Fixed display bugs with planetary scouts. Their lines now always go the correct way around the planet and are always curved. Also included a small optimisation here where all planets share the same scout graphics instead of each planet having its own.
  • Fixed the zoom level and orientation when zoomed into a city in some resolutions, which caused buildings to go outside the visible screen area. This has been tested in 1920x1080, 1024x768, 1600x1200 and a few other resolutions.
  • Fixed a bug where the Salvage button wasn't correctly highlighting when ships were/weren't selected.
  • Fixed system window bug where ship selection could persist through end turn sometimes.

  • The planet radial menus for the System window now appear at the correct position on screen under large resolutions
  • The planets on the System window now appear correctly at large resolutions, and no longer push them offscreen.
  • Ending turn while zoomed into a city no longer kicks you out to orbital view.
  • Fixed bug where the Galaxy AI wouldn't exclude eliminated races
  • Fixed bug with Biomorphic Fungi causing it to generate too much food/turn for aquatic races and not working in non-habitable environments.
  • Fixed bug with the continent graphics that caused squares on terrain at low sea levels
  • Fixed bug with Aquatic races tech tree (Infrastructure Biospheres didn't unlock the next techs correctly)
  • Fixed bug with the tooltip on the research hex
  • Fixed text alignment bug in research screen
  • Fixed serious bug with Ocean homeworld planet generation where land could spawn under the starting colony
  • Fixed bug where you get kicked out to orbital view when the AI colonises a planet while you're zoomed in.
  • Fixed water colour problem with partially Desert planets. Desert water now looks clearer and as the planet is terraformed away from Desert it gets deeper and bluer.
  • Fixed a crash caused by sharing sensor ranges with a sensor treaty
  • Fixed bug with display of tooltips on infrastructure that can use more than 4 types of resource (e.g. ore refinery)
  • Auto-updating blueprints now use the new upgrade mechanics to update, so they will no longer demolish a building for several turns.
  • Fixed a bug where explosions would try to play on the planet screen if bombs were dropped on other planets.
  • Fixed bug where the Engage Enemy Forces button could be clicked even if it wasn't being displayed.
  • Fixed bug with the diplomacy window first contact and revenant threats sometimes having the left and right windows blur effect even though the windows themselves don't show.
  • Fixed a rare fleet combat AI crash
  • Fixed bugs causing all ground cannons and fighters to use prototype tier 1 weapons instead of your best weapon when fired from a planet.
  • Homeworlds can no longer be destroyed by TimeExpand temporal rifts.
  • Fixed bug causing the AI to sometimes build cities on top of existing roads
  • Some Infrastructures now require a specific race archetype to function. For example, Robot fuel factories require robotic inhabitants. This only matters if you annhilate all cities on a planet and then re-colonise it. Captured colonies retain the original race's abilities and requirements.
  • Fixed bug causing a "Planet" item to be in the ship designer cosmetic item list. This was supposed to be a dummy item used in the game engine to identify planets in fleet combat.
  • Fixed "satelite" typo in multiple places in the game
  • Fixed bug causing player designed ships to be saved in blank files, in some cases saving over each other.
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong infrastructure details could appear on the popup when you excavated an ancient ruin that turned into a building.
  • Fixed a bug causing all fighters and starbases to spawn with prototype beams
  • Fixed a shipdesigner crash caused by losing a reference to the currently picked up part
  • Fixed bug with Reptilian races having two Brood Hatchery buildings and no Research Lab
  • Fixed bug with Titan Hull technology unlocking randomly
  • Fixed bug with Robotic races not having a Research lab sometimes

  • Fixed bug causing starting city to not have any research labs
  • Fixed bug causing the colony window not to switch to the building list when you zoomed in on a city (this broke the tutorial, among other things)
  • Fixed bug causing the right click buttons on the System window to be displayed in the wrong place. They would open too far to the right (even offscreen) when playing in resolutions below 1920x1080, this has been fixed.
  • Fixed display bug with checkboxes in the menu causing them to be too close together and the text to be misaligned
  • Fixed bug in Tutorial where fleet wouldn't reach the middle star system in time but the tutorial continued on like it had

  • Fixed PlanetScreenHostileWindow.DrawStatsList crash caused by opening the Intelligence tab on a planet where all the cities have been destroyed.
  • Fixed PlanetScreen.RefreshMap crash caused by destroying the last city on a planet with active planet scouts.
  • Fixed bug with planet resources surviving the destruction of the last city.
  • Fixed bug with trade routes surviving the destruction of the last city on a planet.
  • Fixed bug with trade routes not being removed when a planet is conquered.
  • Fixed bug with planet imports and exports not being immediately updated when a trade route is removed via some mechanisms.
  • Fixed bug where blockaded trade routes don't appear in the stats list for a star or a planet
  • The AI can now travel via wormholes.
  • Fixed bug causing roads to cost 10 money and 1 metal per hex instead of the other way around
  • Fixed bug where after loading a game you can get ships from the previous game appearing. It was caused by ships being queued for dispatch and the dispatch queue not being cleared when the game is loaded.
  • Fixed bug where excavated ruins show as minus 2 billion % excavated.
  • When placing roads using Advanced Roads, if you run out of metal or money the road will be de-selected.
  • The game now correctly identifies city specialisations (e.g. research city), so you can place artifact excavations reliably.
  • Fixed bug causing a duplicate Research Lab (Tier 1) to appear in the building list.
  • Fixed a rare stall in generating the game with wormholes.
  • Ships returning home after a rift closes produce inconsistent results. Sometimes they return to the nearest planet, and sometimes to the homeworld.
  • Deposits are reportedly not being revealed on conquered planets and scans of the planets are returning "unknown" for deposits
  • When trying to select a planet to trade with, the blue dot is off centre and can't be selected when it's to the right of its star.
  • Ship designs will no longer delete themselves when you research a new technology without saving.

  • All homeworlds now start with full population, metal, energy, and food reserves. Previously there was a bug when you started with more than 2 enemy races that caused the homeworlds to start with low population and ruin your game start.
  • The area taken up by 2D maps has now been reduced to eliminate the possibility of races spawning cut off from the rest of the galaxy.
  • When you move a building in a city, it no longer accidentally pops up the tooltip
  • Tooltips are now disabled when placing a building to stop accidental tooltip popups
  • Tax Office isn't increasing the Economy of a city. *Note: Fixed for next version
  • something in the New Game screen that is resetting the music volume.
  • Resources may still be overlapping the starting area due to the deposit splat code.

  • Fixed crash when firing missiles
  • Fixed bug where fiddling with trade routes would cause RP from commanders and ships to be added to the current project again
  • Fixed errors with incorrect figures on the Research hex.
  • Fixed a bug causing RP per turn to not be added from Research Stations.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Airponics Bay bonus RP per organic planet found to be applied even if visiting a star system you've explored before.
  • Fixed it so you can't scan a planet that is already 100% scanned by your race.
  • Fixed the Genesis Device so that it actually terraforms the planet
  • Fixed a bug causing the Revenants to not attack enemy planets if there are defenders.
  • Fixed a crash with ship captains who had FTL Speed as one of their perks.
  • Attempted a crash fix for GenerateDefenseFleet code.
  • Fixed a rare crash with Building.LoadContent trying to load a building that doesn't exist but that the directory exists for. This shouldn't be possible, but I got a crash report of it.
  • Attempted a fix for a common colonisation crash.
  • Attempted a fix for a reported ProcessInfrastructureDepletion crash.
  • Attempted a fix for a reported ShipyardScreen crash
  • Attempted a fix for a reported LearnRandomRuinsArtifact crash during map generation
  • Fixed a crash when you tried to load the game from an empty slot
  • Fixed GenerateDefenseFleet crash

  • You can no longer drop troops when the hostile planet window is closed.
  • The Planet UI now correctly switches from hostile to non-hostile when you conquer a planet while the planet screen is open.
  • Fixed a bug with the rendering of the Farm infrastructure.
  • Fixed a bug with the rotation of infrastructure models on the planet's surface
  • Fixed a bug with Biosphere models turning the terrain black with FXAA enabled.
  • Fixed infrastructure models on the right hand menu jiggling when you rotated the planet. FXAA is still currently not used on these.
  • Deposits are now correctly revealed on conquered planets
  • The blue/red hexes over the planets when setting up a trade route now displays in the correct position and at the correct size on screen resolutions other than 1920*1080.
  • If you're looking at a ship design in the Ship Info window and you don't have the base hull researched, the armour HP figure now displays the correct figure.
  • Custom ship designs are no longer lost upon researching new modules and weapons.
  • Fixed a crash with Music.Initialise (previous fix was incomplete)
  • Reduced video memory usage of starfield, may fix a reported crash
  • Fixed a rare crash with SystemWindow HandleInput code
  • Fixed a crash when hitting escape while placing a city (thanks to the players who reported this with descriptions of what they were doing).
  • Implemented a potential fix for a rare bug causing the game to try to load content files from the System32 directory. This may have been the root cause of the Music Initialise crash.
  • Fixed a rare Planet RefreshMap crash.
  • Fixed a crash with ModularShip Clone code
  • Fixed a crash with Music Initialisation
  • Starbases and offensive buildings will now be correctly destroyed if blown up during fleet combat.
  • "New" galaxy type on New Game Screen correctly renamed to "Young"
  • Fixed the Tax Policies technology to work correctly.
  • Fixed a crash with the new FXAA building rendering code
  • Fixed a rare crash with the ConquerPlanet code
  • Fixed a minor bug with how the game creates ship designs.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when the game is creating a Revenant fleet for a temporal rift encounter
  • Fixed a bug that could cause ships to spawn in Fleet Combat with multiple sets of their weapons and modules attached.
  • Fixed a bug causing all starbases to generate with double sets of weapons and modules
  • Fixed a bug with recharge rate of shields causing all shields to recharge twice what they should have.
  • Fixed a bug causing the bonus two data disks from Astronomical Research to be given even if the combat wasn't at a rift.
  • Tax Policies are broken for all races.

  • Fixed an obscure bug where ships in Fleet Combat fired backwards, but only if they were controlled by AI or the player selected Auto.
  • Fixed a bug where some of the AI didn't get star systems generated near their homeworld, causing them to get stuck.
  • The player can no longer repair roads belonging to enemy planets.
  • Fixed a bug with the AI retreating from Fleet Combat not triggering victory
  • Space stations will no longer sometimes leave a fleet combat scenario with you as FTL-capable ships (seriously, this happened!)
  • Auxillary Geothermal Pumps were erroneously consuming 1 energy instead of producing it and seemed to ignore connected geothermal power plants. This has now been fixed so that they generate 1 energy per geothermal plant connected and 2 per plant on a vent
  • The Fuel Pellet Conservation tech for the Starforged will now correctly give +25% pellet production. It was erroneously giving only +0.25%
  • Fixed an infinite loop crash that could happen when the Starforged researched Bytanium Battle Armour
  • The Auxiliary Forge building will now correctly show up in the building list when researched.
  • You can no longer click end turn when the popupqueue has items in it but they haven't started opening yet. This could give you an extra turn on some things like revenant attacks.
  • You can click end turn when the popupqueue has items in it but they haven't started opening yet. This gives you an extra turn on some things like revenant attacks.
  • Fixed models not showing up on victory window
  • Fixed salvage returning blank with no message on the victory window
  • Fixed a number of crashes with the Victory window
  • Fixed asteroids spawning in fleet combat (they previously appeared all at coordinates 0, 0.
  • Fixed asteroid model size in fleet combat. Large asteroids now correctly appear larger.
  • Fixed several bugs with dialog popups not appearing correctly for Temporal Rifts.
  • Fixed a rare crash with dying temporal rifts where the star would sometimes remain in the game.
  • Fixed a persistent crash with loading maps that contained temporal rifts. The rift would hold a copy of its star instead of a pointer to it in the galaxy. This is now fixed in the level regeneration code.
  • Fixed a bug where the galaxy map would rotate when you exit a temporal rift fleet combat scenario
  • Added a new tutorial popup for the new Victory screen so that it makes sense again

    If you have any general feedback, ideas, or suggestions, please head over to the General Feedback thread and let us know!

    -- Brendan, Lead Developer
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Nyphur  [developer] Feb 4, 2015 @ 4:47pm 
I've just deployed a quick fix for the NVidia GPU problem on the galaxy map. Also fixed right clicking cancelling various things on the planet screen since that's now used for scrolling the planet. Now if you're placing infrastructure or a city or bombing etc, you should be able to cancel it by hitting escape or clicking the button that activated it.

Please let me know if any parts of the game don't perform this way or gets stuck in an activated state, as that's a quick fix if I can find it.

For refernece, we're now on V 0.8.13

-- Brendan, Lead Developer
spellbook23 Feb 4, 2015 @ 7:55pm 
I don't know if this is a bug or not, but it seems like it so I'll put it here.

I have built a research city near two ancient ruins. As far as I can tell I have researched the appropriate technologies, but both of them are still red and I can't excavate them.

I know it's not a resource isue, because there is a third ruin on the other side of the world which I can connect to the same city with no problem.

There is a big ore deposit on the same continent which is similarly inaccessible.

Also I found that when I select an infrastructure, then right click on the map and try to change to another layer like the resource map, then the game crashes. I sent in a crash report about this, but I thought I would mention it again here.
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spellbook23 Feb 4, 2015 @ 8:17pm 
Nevermind about the inaccesible resources. I managed to research literally everything but the biodomes and they were in a desert environment.

The crash is definitly repeatable though.
Plurk Feb 4, 2015 @ 8:28pm 
I just got my steam key and launched it on my laptop. This isn't a gaming laptop by any stretch of the imagination, but I was curious to see how well it would (or wouldn't) run. I didn't get past launching the game before I ran into a showstopper. In essence, the game launched with 3/4 of it off the screen. I've encountered this before; the high res screen (in particular, the system DPI) mucks things up.

Screenshot here:

This is a Lenovo X1 Carbon (2014) Laptop.

Specs from DXDiag:
Operating System: Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit (6.3, Build 9600) (9600.winblue_r3.140827-1500)
System Manufacturer: LENOVO
System Model: 20A7CTO1WW
BIOS: GRET40WW (1.17 )
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4600U CPU @ 2.10GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.7GHz
Memory: 8192MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 8072MB RAM
DirectX Version: DirectX 11
System DPI Setting: 192 DPI (200 percent)
Card name: Intel(R) HD [4400] Graphics Family
Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
Display Memory: 1792 MB
Current Mode: 2560 x 1440 (32 bit) (60Hz)
Monitor Name: Wide viewing angle & High density FlexView Display 2560x1440
Native Mode: 2560 x 1440(p) (60.004Hz)

Figured since this is an early alpha, anything that looks like a bug is worth reporting.
Nyphur  [developer] Feb 4, 2015 @ 8:52pm 
@Plurk: I've definitely seen this before! One of our backers reported that it was caused by a windows setting labled "make text and other items larger or smaller". He had it at 150% and had the same resolution as you. Resetting it to 100% size fixed the problem for him. It's likely a bug in XNA that was never fixed, so I'll add this bug to the list and work on a solution that sets the window size appropriately. Thanks!
Plurk Feb 4, 2015 @ 8:57pm 
Yup, that was definitely it. So it was the System DPI.
Wolfinn M'Down Feb 7, 2015 @ 8:22am 
when I went from planet techs to universe techs it didn't change the tech tree so stuck on the turn and can't continue... I am playing the tutorial btw when it happened i'll see what goes on in the normal game
Wolfinn M'Down Feb 7, 2015 @ 8:26am 
never mind I would guess pressing the up arrow to go up would have been a bit better design instead of the down arrow
ttavoc Feb 7, 2015 @ 12:52pm 
The game crashes occasionally when you send a probe to scan the surface of a planet. In my game it always happens on the same planet.
echoplex Feb 8, 2015 @ 3:19am 
I can't open toterial or a new game. Please help!

System information report is Turkish but I wrote some notes ( //x// ) would be useful.


Bilgisayar Türü ACPI x64 tabanlı kişisel bilgisayar //PC// (Mobile)
İşletim Sistemi Microsoft Windows 8.1 Single Language //OS//
DirectX DirectX 11.0

Anakart //MAINBOARD//
CPU Türü Mobile QuadCore Intel Core i7-4700MQ, 3300 MHz (33 x 100)
Anakart Adı MSI MegaBook GE60 (MS-16GC)
Anakart Çipseti Intel Lynx Point HM87, Intel Haswell
Sistem Belleği 8112 MB (DDR3-1600 DDR3 SDRAM)
DIMM1: Kingston 99U5428-053.A00LF 8 GB DDR3-1600 DDR3 SDRAM (11-11-11-28 @ 800 MHz) (10-10-10-27 @ 761 MHz) (9-9-9-24 @ 685 MHz) (8-8-8-22 @ 609 MHz) (7-7-7-19 @ 533 MHz) (6-6-6-16 @ 457 MHz)
BIOS Türü Unknown (12/18/2013)

Görüntü Birimi //Game doesn't work with both of them// //GPU//
Görüntü Bağdaştırıcısı Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 (1 GB)
Görüntü Bağdaştırıcısı NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M (2 GB) //GPU//
3D-Hızlandırıcı Intel HD Graphics 4600
Monitör LG Philips LP156WF1-TLF3 [15.6" LCD]

Ses Bağdaştırıcı Intel Lynx Point HDMI @ Intel Haswell - Mini HD Audio Controller
Ses Bağdaştırıcı Realtek ALC892 @ Intel Lynx Point PCH - High Definition Audio Controller [C-2]

IDE denetleyici Intel(R) 8 Series Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller
IDE denetleyici Realtek PCIE CardReader
Depolama denetleyici Microsoft Depolama Alanları Denetleyicisi
Disk Sürücüsü HGST HTS721010A9E630 (1000 GB, 7200 RPM, SATA-III)
Disk Sürücüsü KINGSTON SMS200S3120G (120 GB, SATA-III)
Disk Sürücüsü KINGSTON SMS200S3120G (120 GB, SATA-III)
Optik Sürücü DTSOFT Virtual CdRom Device
SMART Sabit Disk Durumu OK

C: (NTFS) 111.4 GB (8.4 GB boş)
D: (NTFS) 931.5 GB (411.6 GB boş)
E: (NTFS) 57110 MB (11677 MB boş)
Toplam Boyut 1098.7 GB (431.4 GB boş)

Birincil IP Adresi
Birincil MAC Adresi 6C-71-D9-B6-2A-87
Ağ Bağdaştırıcısı Killer e2200 Gigabit Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.30)
Ağ Bağdaştırıcısı Microsoft Wi-Fi Doğrudan Sanal Bağdaştırıcısı
Ağ Bağdaştırıcısı Realtek RTL8723AE Kablosuz LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC (
Ağ Bağdaştırıcısı TAP-Windows Adapter V9 (
Ağ Bağdaştırıcısı TunnelBear Adapter V9

DMI BIOS Sağlayıcısı American Megatrends Inc.
DMI BIOS Sürümü E16GCIF8.717
DMI Sistem Üreticisi
DMI Sistem Ürün Adı
DMI Sistem Sürümü REV:1.0
DMI Sistem Seri Numarası FFFFFFFF
DMI Sistem UUID 00000000-00000000-0000448A-5B4013CA
DMI Anakart Üreticisi Micro-Star International Co., Ltd.
DMI Anakart Ürün Adı MS-16GC
DMI Anakart Sürümü REV:0.B
DMI Anakart Seri Numarası BSS-0123456789
DMI Kasa Üretiçisi Micro-Star International Co., Ltd.
DMI Kasa Sürümü N/A
DMI Kasa Seri Numarası None
DMI Kasa Fiyat Etiketi No Asset Tag
DMI Kasa Türü Notebook

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Nyphur  [developer] Feb 8, 2015 @ 5:18am 
Have you tried disabling the Intel GPU? Steps for that would be:
- Press Win + Pause to open your System info
- Click Device Manager on the left hand side of the window
- Open the Display Adapters
- Right Click on the Intel GPU and click Disable
- Restart your computer and try the game again.
Prison Pony Feb 8, 2015 @ 6:21am 
Sending scouts is buggy. If i select to send a scout somewhere and change my mind there's no way to unselect the option except selecting scout again in the menu. This isn't intuative. If i right click somewhere else it does nothing. This goes for selecting buildings too but i cant deselect in the menu.

I can select to send a scout while selecting where to put a building down, Selecting anything should deselect everything before it. Right clicking when placing an object should not do anything else except cancel the selection.

Also the tutorial is buggy with the dialog boxes. Sometimes one will not dismiss until the other has dismissed first.
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Indomidable Feb 8, 2015 @ 6:27am 
Anyway the actual issue is with the racial selection screen. The screen is not centered it's off position to the Left by a decent amount, I can't read the first bits of racial descriptions.

e Renegades are a low-technology faction that broke off from the United Colonies after the Revenant

ace stats and starting technologies will be added here once we're finished implementing them.)

Well I'm playing on an 2560x1440 Asus PB278, GPU R9 290X, CPU i7-5820K, 16 GB DDR4 2133MHz, X99S MSI Motherboard, Plextor m2 256GB SSD, 2x 2TB WD RED's in RAID 1, Blue Ray Burner.

OS Windows 7 - 64 bit Pro
-edit Verified my Default DPI is 100% not 125, 150

Other than that one... everything else seems to be working well.
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echoplex Feb 8, 2015 @ 7:07am 
Originally posted by Nyphur:
Have you tried disabling the Intel GPU? Steps for that would be:
- Press Win + Pause to open your System info
- Click Device Manager on the left hand side of the window
- Open the Display Adapters
- Right Click on the Intel GPU and click Disable
- Restart your computer and try the game again.

I have tried both of them one by one and it still doesn't work. :/
Nyphur  [developer] Feb 8, 2015 @ 7:24am 
Originally posted by IMAMINORDUSU:
I have tried both of them one by one and it still doesn't work. :/
Did you submit a crash report, and is it the "The character 'İ' (0x0130) is not available in this SpriteFont." error one? If it is, please update your game and try again. I've just released V with a potential fix for this.
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