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ops Jun 27 @ 9:08pm
staff, roads, structures
skull cooled off/cooler. try game again.

way, way too many bad unintended undesirable interactions.

pre-warp, united colonies, science vessel.

begin/early game, staff limited. first priority, research, build road, build artifact excavation. second priority, food, build road, build autofarm. third priority, energy, build road, build fossil fuel power plant. fourth priority, ore, build road, build ore refinery. essentially invarient. boring. repetitive.

if 'lucky' two ancient sites available, not enough staff. major demoralising offputting shackling restriction.

if 'lucky', developed sites boundary two hexes from city centre. structure built on that hex no longer required (too much food/energy/ore/not enough staff). need to build road to a different site from city hex closest to that boundary. road automatically joins to un-needed structure. unless of course player WASTES MAJOR METAL destroying said structure !!! Why not unstaff/mothball and allow valuable scarce commodities (staff/road/hex) to be reallocated ?!?!?!

why when destroying single road hex, simply in order to destaff/mothball a facility or to gain right of way for new road to different structure, does the ENTIRE ROAD get metal wasted ?!?!?!

So many BAD game design decisions !!! skull boiling. AGAIN !!!

This player off to play Concealed Intent (3D(!!!) tactical space combat) and Children of a DEAD Earth (hard/real science 'near' future version of Concealed Intent).
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