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ops Jun 6 @ 8:47pm
Liking this game less and less
Ops really really wants to like this game but pre-warp sandbox gameplay is incredibly frustrating. Gameplay mechanism after gameplay mechanism throws uncomfortable, unavoidable and insoluble consequents that leave this player distinctly enraged and very disinclined to continue play.

Just off the top of an overheated skull ...

I realise this is a 'space' 4x but, playing pre-warp, why, given the novel gameplay of city development, restrict a player to four cities per planet. Why cripple city development to a handless handfull of major developments and so restrict the hexes available for minor developments as to make researching techs almost pointless.

Overproduction and the consequent total wastage of resources is a total total major turnoff for this player. As instance I have taken to not developing farms until food storage is almost exhausted simply to avoid wastage. I am forced to build roads/railways to resources I am unable to exploit simply to deplete metal inventory simply to destroy metal storage structures simply to free up city hexes simply to build newly researched structures.

Why are cities unable to produce enough 'staff' to utilise/exploit extant resources. Why is the assignation of staff not under player control !!! Overproduction is a major problem yet a player cannot simply mothball/'destaff' or reassign staff amongst structures.

Species/factions are minimally differentiated, primarily by their research path through the tech trees. The tech trees are very sparse. Once a player has chosen a branch of research, for all but one of the species/factions, they are then locked out of researching any of the other branches of that particular tree. This makes the "United Colonies" faction the only viable player choice.

Given that the ONE time I have played (as United Colonies, normal difficulty) long enough to be contacted by another faction I discover that faction had more than thirty tradable techs to my two seems to imply that, unless the a.i. is absolutely and totally incompetent, the a.i. will always have absolute technological superiority. So whats the point.

And I havn't even begun to explore the 3D space and colonisation gameplays yet !!!
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