Rastro Jun 25, 2017 @ 9:27pm
Notes thus far
I like the game, it's really interesting, more civilization building without being toothless, and a focus on exploration.

My issues are mostly with the UI and the city mechanics.

My biggest complain-and one I noticed right away-is that trying to scroll around a planet is both slow and limited latitude-wise. You can't see the polar regions clearly, and its more guesstimating where stuff is.

The limitation of city development is a double-whammy; you can only have 6 developments per city, the developments are small (except for the Z'loc, lucky fish), the city proper is dominated by the few dedicated facilites and a handful of support, and you can only have a few cities per planet, claiming perhaps a fraction of the resources there.
Which seems counter-intuitive, if there are tons of resources, there should be tons of cities and settlements. To make that world worth fighting for.

I was kind of expecting some sort of race creator, and the setting would be perfect for that, but I can see how it would be absent at this stage, I'll wait and see.

I really like the invasion mechanics, with the choice between bombardment and invasion.