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How to create steam screenshots of Choice of Games, like Choice of Robots
A friend of mine recently got into Choice of Robots, after I recommended it to them a long time ago. That then prompted me to finally getting around to writing an official positive review about Choice of Robots on Steam.

My friend is now having a ball exploring through all of the Choice of Robots alternative story routes, but they were getting really frustrated at being unable to take screenshots via the Steam overlay. So I reminded them of the "prt-sc + paste in paint" method that existed long before the lazy man's F12 came along.

Today he contacted me again, this time having trouble uploading it into the Choice of Robots screenshots tab, and after what seemed like forever I was able to talk them through the process.

Before today, I thought the process for uploading screenshots for a game that doesn't support the Steam overlay was simple and straightforward. However, as my friend pointed out to me, the screenshot tabs on all Choice of Games titles are bereft of uploaded screenshots, with most not even having any at all.

So, now I'm thinking maybe the process isn't quite as simple, or straightforward as I thought it was. So I decided that I would go create a Guide for Choice of Robots, explaining how to upload screenshots to display on the hub tab. However, as I often do before creating a Guide from scratch, I search the web to see if it already exists.

What I initially found was a lot of people, and I mean A LOT of people desperately looking for a way to upload COG titles on to steam. Their desperation was quite palpable, and it spoke volumes to the amount of love people feel for the studio, and the games that they produce, and how much they want to share their experience with others. While also highlighting again, how "actually" difficult the screenshot upload process must be to people who are unfamiliar with modding.

However, just as my searches were getting downright restrictive with the selective keywords, stumbled upon this hidden gem of a Guide created by StealthMomo almost 6 and half years ago.

I may still create my Guide own anyways, or maybe contact StealthMomo to see if they wouldn't mind re-posting their Guide in the Choice of Robots Guides tab. Just so that the Choice of Games Community has it's own Guide, one that can be found quickly, and with ease, using relative keywords.