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Create, share and play levels for Paint the Town Red. Check out the easy to use in-game Level Editor to quickly create your own unique scenarios and play hundreds of levels created by other players.
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Version 0.8.4 Changes
Patch Info

Update 0.8.4 is available now and adds support for Custom Music packs for use in Workshop levels as well as a lot of other improvements.

The Music Packs work very similarly to the Texture Packs and can be created from their own menu accessible in the Level Editor sub-menu options in the game's main menu. Packs can include up to 14 songs with a combined maximum size of 100MB and up to 4 packs you have subscribed to on the Workshop can be used in your levels. A new logic prop will allow you to change the music based on triggers in your levels.

A current limitation of the music files used in the packs is that they currently must be either .wav file or .ogg files. This is due to licensing and engine restrictions, but you can easily convert to .ogg files from .mp3 files or other using software like VLC or online converters. This is the site I used in testing to convert MP3 files to OGG files:

A full changelist is at the bottom of this post, but some of the new changes include:

Collision based damage to enemies
From minor damage...

... to major damage on extreme impacts

Shockwave affects props, bodies, etc

Sharp weapons can stick into the environment

... and some can pin enemies to walls

Bullets and liquid will create decals

Many of these new additions will continue to be improved upon in upcoming releases.

Due to the large number of changes in this update there may be some new bugs. Please let us know if you encounter any major new bugs on the Discord server or via email to

Version 0.8.4
  • Custom Music Packs can now be setup and added to the Workshop
  • Knocked down/out enemies are now damaged when colliding with the environment
  • Bullets now move unused weapons they hit
  • Bullets now break some weapons like bottles
  • Weak unused weapons can break when hit
  • Bullets now leave impact decals in the environment
  • Spilled liquid now leaves decals in the environment
  • Added some slight variation to blood decal colour
  • Arterial spray will no longer occur when hitting dead bodies
  • Enemies voxels now show some burn damage
  • Shockwave now moves weapons and props
  • Shockwave now moves dead and unconscious bodies
  • Sharp thrown weapons can now stick into static environment geometry
  • Spears and similar weapons can now temporarily pin enemies to walls
  • Changed block position of guns to actually look like they're blocking
  • Improved thrown weapon torque
  • Weapons can now break when thrown or hit into objects depending on weapon type and impact
  • Level Editor: Custom Music Packs can be used
  • Level Editor: Added invisible paint
  • Level Editor: Logic Zones can be set to kill enemies
  • Level Editor: Logic Zones can be set to kill players
  • Level Editor: Added optional fall damage for the player
  • Level Editor: Added new triggerable Logic prop to change Music
  • Level Editor: Added level setting to disable fall/collision damage for enemies
  • Level Editor: Added ability to duplicate rooms
  • Level Editor: Enemies will prioritise targets at the same height as them in multi-story areas
  • Level Editor: Added checkbox on upload to approve your level for use on other platforms
  • Level Editor: Fixed enemies that fall outside play area being reset to invalid position
  • Level Editor: Fixed prop position property being incorrect after creation
  • Level Editor: Fixed platforms not being included in calculation of navmesh extents
  • Fixed enemies recovering from KO while in the air
  • Fixed bullets being destroyed before completing their full damage potential
  • Fixed cigar box cigars being tethered to box
  • Fixed enemies recovering from ragdoll upside-down

Custom Texture Support - Version 0.8.35 Changes
Patch Info

The ability to create texture packs with your own character texture replacements is now available. These texture packs can be used by you and other map creators in the Level Editor.

To create a texture pack, select 'Level Editor' > 'Texture Pack Creator' in the main menu. From there you can setup packs with textures you've created. Use the 'Create Example Textures' button and create example and guide textures and view them and a readme file with information on texture requirements by using the 'Open Texture Folder' button.

You can upload texture packs with 1 to 5 heads and 1 to 5 bodies. Note that inappropriate texture packs with offensive content will be removed.

When in the Level Editor in the Settings menu you'll find a 'Setup Custom Textures' button which will bring you to the menu where you can setup up to 12 custom appearances using up to 4 different texture packs you've subscribed to. Custom appearances have a fallback appearance which will be used when players do not have the texture packs downloaded.

If you subscribe to a level that uses texture packs you don't have, they should be automatically subscribed to and downloaded for you. If you're playing a level when the texture pack downloads, the textures will be dynamically changed from the fallback to the custom textures while you're playing.

A full list of changes for this build and the build from late last week focused on fixes is below.

Version 0.8.35
  • Ability to upload custom character textures for use in Workshop levels
  • Level Editor: Custom character textures can be set from Workshop
  • Level Editor: Increased quality of level preview screenshots
  • Fixed memory leaks related to Workshop level preview images
  • Fixed Modifiers from Level Editor testing not being disabled

Version 0.8.341
  • Fixed animation loop bugs
  • Fixed not being able to create a full length GIF
  • Fixed pirate cove chair material issue when static
  • Fixed Smite counting down before being able to shoot
  • Fixed Smite camera effects fading in backwards
  • Fixed right elbow and knee on enemies being rotated incorrectly
  • Fixed punching bag material error
  • Fixed mirror ball shader on OpenGL & Vulkan