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Disciples III: Renaissance

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Campaign Level Designer, why you doing this??!
I've never criticised this game before, and I had my respect of the Disciples franchise. Till I reached the Act V of Legion's of the Damn's campaign, which were where my limits are.

I have absolutely no idea and any further thoughts to the developers of their epic level designs which made me so confused which I believed not many games in this planet I've played before made me feel this way.

Why you reset all my most admirable hero's attributes, skill points, leaving him completely naked and leading another miserable faction in the heart of the unfinished Demon campaign??!!

If they really care their storyline so much, why not finish Legions of Damn's compaign here and start a brand new Elf campaign featuring Haarhus, continuing his story with who he once was. By doing so, at least players would have a choice to think about whether they want to continue the story straight away or hold their horses, taking a break.

I personally would definitely take a break because I have no desire to play Elves' campaign simply in my opinion, Elf is the most difficult faction in use within Diciples III. Plus,the battle strategy between Elf and Legions of the Damn faction were quite different. Legions of the Damn often base on melee troops with few supportive mage units against their foes in battle. Elf focus on range troopes as their deadly cannons, but melee ceatures only falling into the supportive characters to crash their enemies that within.

I've played Disciples I, II and is a loyal servant of Legions of the Damn faction, I felt developers has no respect for my beloved LtD by doing this in Disciples III.

They celebrated what they did which was fun for themselves without caring anything about this franchise at all.

But..."Hey, hello?! I am still stuck in the heart of the Damn's campaign, why you ripped out all my hero's ability, leaving him completely naked(Alll the equipment I've collected in previous acts has gone) and filling a brunch of idiots trying to conque what?

Only if I have to play this to see the end of how the story goes...For god sake, you should at least give me a town~~??Not instead, indicated me in the very beginning of the act: "Hi, I am so sorry. You're not going to have town this time, oh, by the way, there's an enemy town on your path you may need to take care of :) "

Great! :) All my troops listen up! Jump into the river and swim, that's the current objective you're having!

"What about you, commander?" "Me? I want my money back!"
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I feel so miserable
Chronoja Mar 30, 2014 @ 6:26pm 
It's only for 1 act if I remember correctly. It is a bit jarring to be pulled out of the legions campaign I agree but you won't remain completely reset. The act is a flashback brough about from meeting the druid, so yeah, keep playing, the demon campaign isn't unfinished, consider it an interlude at most.

(I haven't played it in a while, if I'm inaccurate pay me no attenion)
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Thank you for your kindly demonstration! I guess I need to take some time and regain my strength see if I can continue this. But, I hate playing elf lol

Anyways, thanx again :)
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