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vodkins Jan 3, 2015 @ 8:30am
1920x1200 resolution?
Please add 1920x1200 resolution! My monitor has native 1920x1200 resolution (and this resolution is not so rare). For what reason i must see onto those black lines on top and bottom of the screen with that 1920x1080 as maximum res?
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Raff Jan 3, 2015 @ 3:46pm 
The game's technology might be extraordinary and ahead of it's time, but also old and software-based. The developers stated that 1080p is the max. res because of some engine limitations. You need a very fast machine to get 30 fps in every situation.

But you can activate 1.920×1.200 in the config.ini, located in X:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Outcast 1.1\userdata - if you dare. ;-) Please have a look at the picture. It works but you'll experience some problems like invisible ground with some camera perspectives (mostly dialogues). And the fps are even lower than in 1080p, of course ...


Greetrings from Germany
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Appeal Jan 4, 2015 @ 12:53am 
Hi there, there's indeed a limitation of the vertical resolution due to the fact that the renderer is using fixedpoint for encoding the zbuffer and it impacts some screen based post treatment.

To avoid beeing overwhelme by people complaining on the artifacts, we decided few days after the release to limit the vertical resolution to 1080p. Actually we find out that it is better to invest our time on supporting hardware polygons since it would be a real nightmare to fix this properly.

Thus, at some point, this limitation might disappear when the whole game will be be hardware accelerated :)

As Raft mentionned, you could try to change the config.ini to setup resolutions up to 2048 but obviously you might come up with some artefacts and framerate drop. Be also aware that it could be overwritten by the launcher.

I'll check out if I could add a "debug" or "experimental" checkbox on the launcher to unlock such kind feature.
Raff Jan 4, 2015 @ 5:35am 
So there is no chance to get rid of the problems using a workaround (or at least pushing them further)? Ultra HD won't run fluently on current and future machines but a bit more could come in handy. I imagine playing Outcast in 2.560×1.440 or even 2.880×1.620 pixels - downsampled to native resolution. That would be awesome (Supersample-AA!). =)

Greetings from Germany,
vodkins Jan 4, 2015 @ 11:55am 
Too many words, guys:) If that is so complicated - ok, i will be fine to play this masterpiece peboot in any possible res you can! Thanks for it again, but if you can do it better - nice!
Planetdune Jan 4, 2015 @ 11:24pm 
Using 1920x1200 myself as well but if 1920x1080 is highest and it doesn't stretch but has 2 black bars im all fine with it to be honest. I would prefer general bugfixes first as this game deserves a proper second chance.
vodkins Jan 5, 2015 @ 3:38am 
Yes, just tried to set 1200 in config.ini - and as you guys said - game became buggy - floors/terrain and even walls are disappeared... I don't want 1200 anymore:) Thanks again for advices!
P.S. In first person view that almost not happening, but on some angles it happens sometime.
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