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b00 15.3.2013 kello 12.57
More like Udon'tPlay
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kozec 15.3.2013 kello 13.28 
Thnx for info, I came here just to check.
I already "experienced" UPlay w/ another game. No cash from me, dear Ubisoft.
Same, it probably is a good game too but I will not support this.
b00 15.3.2013 kello 13.33 
Mexicutioner lähetti viestin:
Same, it probably is a good game too but I will not support this.

Mongo 15.3.2013 kello 13.46 
Same, very sluggish and unreliable system.
Psycho 15.3.2013 kello 14.01 
Same. Looks nice, but there is no way in hell I am installing malware on my system. Remove the DRM and we'll talk.
Zuomot 15.3.2013 kello 14.09 
Thanks for the info.
I sooo want to play this game, but not with this DRM. Thanks but no, thanks.
+1 to this. Will never touch UPlay again for any game.

Also not buying this because of U-Play. Which moron actually thinks that a system like this will improve Ubisofts profits? The only people profiting from this are the security companies which sell that crap to the publishers. Oh well, I wish you a nice journey downwards, Ubisoft. It's been nice knowing ya.
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Space Cowboy; 15.3.2013 kello 14.51

I installed this game and unstalled it because the game sucks ! Big Lags. I try to adjust the rate resfresh and now I cant launch the game, the game freese in the first advertising...

An idea ?
Tigtor 15.3.2013 kello 15.18 
Same here, was happy for the good offer by I also do not want UPlay games
Maxson 15.3.2013 kello 15.43 
Likewise - this DRM is a deal breaker for me too; a shame
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Maxson; 15.3.2013 kello 15.47
AraGhast 15.3.2013 kello 15.43 
But What About Farcry 3 ? it Uplay and is a Top Seller ? will people Deny the 1,000,000 copy sold with AMD Never Settle For No Games Programs ?
Viimeisin muokkaaja on AraGhast; 15.3.2013 kello 15.43
Thanks for the warning.
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Näytetään 1-15 / 330 kommentista
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